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Why you always want to be dating several chicks at once.

From: Maniac High 
Date: May 7, 2000
Subject: HB Afro blowout! Why you should never date only one chick!

HB Afro blowout! Why you should never date only one chick!

Last week I heard that HB Afro (a J-chick I was fucking, with 
an afro haircut) was playing with other guys in a disco, and 
then this week, she cancelled our date, and basically blew me 

There are some important lessons from this guys. Firstly, had 
I been an AFC, I would have NOT had any other GFs. I 
would have been dejected, asked for her back, supplicated, 
wondered what I did wrong, and then been single probably 
for the next 6 months.. blech! As it turns out though, I just 
picked up the phone, and REPLACED her with in 5 minutes 
with another HB (HB Vamp).

That is why I dont believe in monogamous relationships (they 
put too much power to the girl, who can get a guy in 10 
minutes in a bar by wearing a super mini and smiling, versus 
a guy, who even if he has skill, it takes anywhere from a few 
days to a few weeks), I already had a few things on the go, 
and additionally, could lay 3 new chicks the last week and 
half because I was already SEEING other chicks, was 
experienced, and was not psychologically fucked up from the 
HB afro blowout. 

That is why you always want to be fucking several girls. to 
avoid exactly situations like I could have found myself in
HAD I been "faithful" as they always ask for. fuck that!

Maniac High