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MrSex4unyc explains how he would use rapport to do a mall PU!

From mrsex4unyc@aol.comedr4d Fri Dec  1 23:52:18 2000
Subject: Re: WARNING on relationship expectations - Saved by Our world
Date: 28 Nov 2000 21:40:50 GMT

<< Just as a hypothetical situation ... I meet a hot babe. I say 
Hi. She's carrying a box of newly purchased shoes. We're at the 
mall. This amount of information is enough for me to concoct 
something suitably positive, state-building, and seductive, if I 
have a chance to sit down with a slide-rule and calculator, full 
logarithmic tables, and have forty-five minutes of uninterrupted 
time to use the third differential extrapolation, or at least to 
make an integral approximation according to the parabolic 

How do you do it RIGHT THEN AND THERE, fast enough? Just sit and 
stare and not say much? Or use non-committals like "how did you 
feel about that? pretty good, hunh?" Or are you so good, that 
you can always come up with a sentence that moves her in the 
right direction?

I thank you for your brilliant insights ... >>

A) the chick has new shoes
B) you are standing in the mall
C) she is attractive
D) she stopped to allow you to talk to her when you greeted her

how was her day?
where did she buy the shoes?
what brand are they?
does she like that brand?  does she always buy shoes by them?
what does she like about their shoes?
what does she like about the shoes that she just bought?
what FIRST ATTRACTED her to the shoes? (VAK)
is she happy with her purchase?
what is she going to wear them with?
where is she going to wear them?
does she own something that she plans to match them to?
does she like shoes more than boots?
what brand sneakers does she like?
(if she owns sneakers) did you buy them for a sport?
do you work out?
what gym?
where is that located?
I really like this restaurant in that area, it's called...
they have the best...
have you ever tried... (food at the restaurant)
oh it's great -> describe using either V, A or K elicited above
(get her drooling)
{talk about how it feels sliding into her mouth}
{talk about how the flavor runs all over her tongue and down her throat (BJ)}
{talk up the experience until SHE says she would like to have that experience}
so... you feel you would like to go there with me sometime? (embedded command)
how can we get in contact with each other?

now... you will notice how far I got ONLY focusing on the shoes she bought. 
also, you can SEE how many tangents I COULD have taken off of virtually ANY of
the statements I made in that series.  the plan is NOT to make a plan.. the
plan is to PLAY IT WHERE IT LAYS.  if you say something that takes her out of
the state you want her in or makes it weaker, talk about the opposite OR go
back a level to the thing you were talking about BEFORE that was getting her
where you needed her to go.

also, formhandle was absolutely correct.  you have to DISAPPEAR in order to do
this.  you have to be inside her and thinking as she is thinking.  all that
shit about she is so good looking and you want to fuck her doggie-style and all
that other shit has to GO if you are going to be effective at judging her state
and how deep she is getting and when you are doing better and when you are
fucking up.

the idea is NOT to FORCE your way to inviting her to your house to suck your
dick.  the idea is to GAIN RAPPORT so that she believes that YOUR ideas are the
same as HER ideas.  pace her until you can lead her because she BELIEVES in
what you are saying.  THAT'S the goal.   once she BELIEVES in you, you can tell