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Maniac talks about how/why the 'ManiacPlan' works!

Subject: Reply to Ash's post about Maniac Plan
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 16:10:07 GMT

Random thoughts and replies..

Yes, getting ADMIRATION was a key discovery. I discovered it
looking at mystery's stories, and seeing that they were all
things that universally made a chick admire you (escaping bears,
unaided rock climbing after a rope break..,etc), plus remembering
how goldigger chick got into me when I told her about my stock
investing and making money from it.

yes, admiration before sex-accels..etc, is critical..or you go
nowhere.. That was the problem with the chick I failed that other
night.. I just couldnt get her to admire me at the start for anything,
so then nothing else after worked at all..

Re; stories to get sad, then happy.. it elicicits a strong
emotional response I find, and is a good way to initiate even
more heavy kino when you are telling the story. Look at the
movie "ghost".. it is so sad, but then the end, so nice.. it
is an intense emotional reaction for chicks, and that makes them
succeptible to what you say next..

Re: Stories that work -vs dont work in seduction
All stories must have a goal in mind. When you make a story, you
must be able to say to yourself "the purpose of this story is
to make the chick feel/know/experience xxx". If you cant do that
with a given story, then change/ditch the story. This is how I
chose my stories or modified them to get the desired effect.

Just think things that you would like to tell directly to the
ie: -if you dont fuck me tonight, then you lose your chance
    -I am a good lay and you will enjoy it
    -you can trust me
    -you feel close and comfortable with me
    -you want me
    -you admire me deeply
    -I can choose from many chicks and many chicks want me, and that
     will make you want me even more, so take your chance when I make
     my move
    -me wanting you is a fulfills your selfworth..without that you
     are nothing
    -you are lonely and want someone (me) to hold you, kiss you
     touch you
    -imagine the pleasure of kissing, the excitement of touching and
     feeling each other directly

Now you cannot just say any of the above directly to a chick. She
will tell you to fuck off, hit you and then walk out of the bar..
But if you tell stories which has as their points each of those
above items, then she will internalize it and believe it. If you
look at all my stories in "Maniac Plan", you will see, that each one
has a purpose/message like the above. That is why the stories

Re: did I memorize all of that in "Maniac plan". Of course not ;-)
I only memorized where some of stories in each section go. Since they
are all my stories though, of course I didn't need to memorize the
stories themselves, with exception of mysterys, they are all part of
my life already and really happened.

Each time I do a PU, I only remember to do about 1/2 the things on
the list, and skip around alot, depending what I remember as I do
the PU.

Re: "One idea in the Maniac Plan I hadn't heard before is telling lots
of different sexual stories to try to diagnose what the girl's
kink is, if she has one.  I'm a bit surprised you tell so many of
these stories during a sarge; do you rarely get a bad reaction?    "

maniac replies:
It works because I dont do it at the start. First I do 4 questions
to get her to a deeper state & the age regression. Then I start with
the nani nani story, and move on to the karatebabe PU, and the kiss
in the Sao Paolo bar story. Now the transition is done from regular
boring fluff, to the intimate stuff, so it works. Sometimes the chicks
dont react, or react kind of bad.. when that happens, I stop, and do
more regular stories, or distance them from me (ie. my friend, rather
than me), then try again later, or wait till the question game, and then
introduce the stories as part of the questions I/her ask each other,
then it works better and is more natural..

Re: Teasing (in Ash's post)
My thoughts here are that the teasing were a good excuse to start
kino, thats all. The kino is what got the lay, and not the teasing
itself (which was just a tool to start the kino). My opinion only
though..never tried this.. Though I am in my 30s, so I dont really
go around tackling chicks often ;-)

Re: purpose of "british guy getting played by the girl".. purpose
is to defend against her calling you a playboy because you brought
it up first on the context of a girl playing a guy and how sad it
was. I started to do this because chicks would sometimes ask if
I am a play boy (huh me ;-) ). basically, this story is an

Re: will she pass me up if she is a player if I use this story?
Maniac replies:
Oh, here is the catch.. first I judge the chick.. if she looks like the
player type, I DONT use the british guy story, because this would
disqualify me as the player she is looking for. If she doesnt look
like the player type though, and looks like the type who might question
me about being a playboy, then I will use it.

Re: ourworld
This is a section on my webpage (, all details
are already there..

Re: 'best friend in the world'
This is good, I will use this too!

Maniac High