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An excellent film to learn seduction / NLP : Witches of Eastwick

Subject: awesome movies for SS'ers 
Date: 1999/09/06 
Author: maniac_high  
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It was me that put up the original post about the Witches of Eastwick 
as an NLP/seduction resource. Its a good film, seriously, you will learn how
to apply NLP in real life from it, Jack Nicholson does a good job,
and his NLP routines are very believable and applicable in real
life situations. He's also got the attitude and tonality down 
perfect too..go watch it, personally, I keep a copy at home. ;-)

Re: list of good movies, I can put this on my site once I get a
list. I am looking for films 9 or above on the NLP scale (I agree,
Witches of Eastwich is a 10 about). I also heard Matrix is good,
but havent seen it yet (just came out in Tokyo this week... ;-(  )


On Mon, 06 Sep 1999 03:10:35 GMT
(Liberty) wrote:
> I also rented "Witches of Eastwick" after seeing it here.  I saw the movie
> years ago, but this time, approaching it from a little knowledge, I was
> very impressed!
> Don Juan DeMarco was also recently mentioned.  I rented it because of the
> recommendation, and was blown away.  There were quite a few lines from that
> one worth knowing.
> "Strapless" had some interesting stuff in it, maybe a 6-7 on the scale.
> One of the people with a web page should keep a list, or it should be added
> to the FAQ.  It has a good return for newbies, in that reading the one line
> of a title can lead to watching a whole movie with good shit.
> Liberty
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