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A site with more personality/PU games!

Subject: More personality tests
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 01:12:27 GMT

I found a website that has several personality tests including the "4
question" test that guys have been posting about. I looked through some
of the other tests and I think you could use at least some of these for
PUing also. (grammar check?) Especially the "lipstick" test where you
tell a chick what she's like by the shape of the tip of her lipstick.

I just found the site so I haven't tried anything yet. Let me know if
you try any of these before the weekend.

Anyway, here's the site.

Sorry this isn't hyperlinked. Any AOL guys hyperlinked on Deja before?
It won't let me drag from Favorite Places like you do for email.

Hope someone can use this,