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Maniac's new framework for executing pickups and lays!

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Subject: Strategy Report: Maniac runs new plan! [long..detailed]
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Strategy Report: Maniac's new plan! [long..detailed]

This is a very fucking long post and summarizes alot of work I have
been doing
recently. This is why I havent been on ASF these days.. Here's the
result of it all, looking for your thoughts on it guys/ladies..

Recently I have been trying to assemble everything I have been learning
on ASF and elsewhere into a plan, or framework I can use in PU.
Below are the results so far, comments appreciated.

It incorporates a bit of SS, but more "storytelling". I learned this
from Taro san & MrSex4uNYC, who have suggested the idea of using
stories to get
things going.. he is right. I found that SS on its own didn't work
real well for me (too abstract), but SS, combined with effective
storytelling, works far far better (and also I am able to do this
in Japanese).

The results of this in the last few weeks of trying it are
70% Kiss/tonguedown closes, and one fuck close (within 4 hours
of meeting the chick) so far and 2 that are a given the next time
I meet the chick.

I will post the strategy below, and then explain it line by line
after as it won't make much sense on its own.

The strategy of this is to first get basic info about the chick,
elicit her values and then "perform" (as mystery would put it)
stories and games that will elicit responses in the chick to get
her to admire you (I found a chick must admire you for *something*
before deciding to fuck you, be it looks, intelligence, money,
social skill, sexual skill, or whatever), followed by a lots of
sexual accelerators.

Following mystery's FMAC (Find, Meet, Attract, Close), this most
likely fits the "Attract, Close" parts of the PU. I will work on
Find and Meet later, as this is more complicated I think.

Also, as the below is very structured, it is easy for guys like
me to remember and if you memorize the basic structure, you
can talk for about 4 hours on this, so you will never run out
of things to say again (actually, naninani inspired me to write
this after he said he didnt know what to say on a meeting with
a chick, so here is TONS to say, and elicit a chicks responses).

OK, here it is, and then we go in depth after! It is a work in
progress, it may change, ideas are welcome!

It is easy to remember:

Section headers are:
B (Before you start)
B (Basics)
V (Values)
G (Guys/gals)
A (Admiration)

D (Deeper values)
M (Man)
H (Hentai -- the wierd stuff)
O (Our World)
S (Sex accelerators)

Maniac PU beta sheet 001025

{The first part B-BV is to sufficiently 'interview' the
 chick so you know which stories to perform/not perform later
 on, and to get an idea what excites this chick/what are
 values are, so you can do the rest of PU properly}

-->(B)EFORE you Start:
-remember to mirror (you can get away with really alot!)
-sit in place where kino is possible (ie. side to her)
-kino..kino kino!
-get her laughing, admiration stories & laugh yourself
-meet her somewhat near your place
-GOAL: to take her on an intense emotional journey & to travel
 with her..not to lay her  (that is just the bonus round)
-find out if she likes to drink {so you know where to take her next}

If you are meeting her as date again:
-open the "British friend" and what HB Afro did to him (played
 him) just for now say, something happened to my friend, I met
 at lunch regarding a girl I will say later)
 {this is basically the HB afro breakup story (she was playing
 several guys and I found out, applied to 'my friend'.. it is a
 sad story, and draws sympathy right at the start)

-where live?     {so you know if you can go to her place/when she
                  has to go}
-parents/alone?  {BF? can arrange to get to her place?}
-job type/hours? {Know when you can call her/how available is she}
-job location?   {Know good places to meet her/not go with other

(V)ALUES: Now find her values: (do this so you know what is
 important to her so you know which stories to tell later}

-what is most challenging things about her work {open some
 emotional states now}
 -perform a story that reflects states that she just said
-find out how she spends her free time/hobbies
-what those make her feel (emotional states
 (ie honest (means) -->"secure" (ends))
-Now age regress to see what they missed out on so you can give
 to her now: {ie. if you could re-do your life, what would you
 do differently?}
 -perform age regression/what did you miss out/want story
 -in 5 years time, what does she want to be/do?
 -perform a story that reflects states that she just said
-find out her favorite movie {to see what things are important to
-find out if she is a romantic type (for hand/arm gag later)
 {this gag is that when you then leave the coffee shop, you then
  say "oh, so you are the romantic type you said" and then hold
  out your arm a-la french style.. when you cross a street,
  take 'care' of her and grab her hand!}
-find out if she likes to cook (for cook gag later)
 {this gag is the 'I'm hungry, lets cook something' and take
 her to the grocery and back home to cook it (or for next date)}
-perform favorite izakaya story (for next meeting gag)
 {tell her about "your favourite old style beer hall, and how
  you want to take her to it next time" (it happens to be right
  near your place!)}
-find out if she ever feels alone {then tell her what it would
 be like if she found that 'someone special'}
-find out if she ever wishes she could hug someone
-find out if she is 'adventurous type' (for kiss gag later)
 {kiss gag is at end of the routine, 'well, you said you are
 adventurous type and you have never kissed at the end of a first
 date, so lets kiss!... usually they go for it in this context}

(G)UY/GAL -- find out her ideal guy (you), and ideal girl (herself)
{this tells you what she likes in a guy, and how she sees herself,
 so now you know how to lead your stories later from step (A) below}

-find out her favorite actor {tells you what she likes in a guy}
-find out why she likes him/how he makes her feel
 {now you know what you have to do!}
-find out her favorite actress {probably she wants to be like this
 person, so now you know what to say about things you like in a
-find out why she likes him/how he makes her feel
-find out what she likes in a guy/BF
 {and follow what she says Buckwheat!}

(A)DMIRATION -- Now get her to admire *you*:. At this stage
 the 'interview' questions are over, and now you just tell stories
 bawsed on info from the questions,, to get her to want to fuck you.
'..all the rest of the steps from this one are the same way (stories/
questions designed to excite the chick to fuck you, right up to the

{I learned this from Mystery. He tells these stories that basically
 are universal ways to make a chick ADMIRE you. I found a chick
 must admire you at some level (any level) before she is willing to
 fuck you (running from the bear, rock climing with a broken rope..}

 -perform life is an adventure story
  {my life is like adventure, I travel all over the world, and
   want to always discover new things, you only live life once, and
   this is the one chance which you get!}
 -perform dance story/feeling story
  {dance is like a communication between two people at a different
   level.. it is the body expression of communication, a deep
   relationship between the music, and your partner through movement..}
 -perform investing/internet company/stocks story
  {for playing a gold digger! I make more through my stocks than I
   do my salary (I laid a chick with this line!, and no I didnt buy
   her anything!!)}
 -perform so much but so hard story (for kiss
  cheek gag later).. {I work so hard dont I! then smile and gesture
  a cheek kiss. Everytime I say something right in japanese do it..
  after a few times, say "I want a real one!, that was a hard one!"
  ..laid Nursebabe this way!
 -perform how I found dance group in Tokyo, first months and lost
  trains story {I couldnt read anything.. always took the wrong
    train, was always
 -perform ordering a pizza story
  {the hard time I had the first time I ordered a pizza in Japanese,
   'ijou' & the coupon!}
 -perform mystery's bear chasing him at camp story
 -perform mystery's breaking rope during rock climbing story
 -perform mystery's ant farm story

(D)EEPER -- Now lets get her to a deeper level: elicit deeper
emotions..make her access more deeply

-perform ghosts in the thai office story
 {did you know that in the Thailand office, there are supposed to
  be ghosts, and that already 10 people quit when seeing a ghost
  while working late at night!}
  -find out if she believes in ghosts/esp
-perform Craig's 4 questions game
  {1: white room (death)
   2: favorite color (self view)
   3: favorite animal (friends view of you)
   4: beach/sand/surf; how you feel/what do (passion/sex)
 -tell her my answers to the same questions
   {1: lonely
    2: yellow: noticable/gets attention
    3: bird: sees everything and can adventure far
    4: walk in the sand and wade in the water (some girls say
       they jump in!}
-you are on the beach, which is the strongest sensation for you,
 the sound of the ocean, seeing the blueness of it, and the sky,
 or feeling the sand and water on your feet (find out if she is
 auto/kino/visual".. tell her that is the piint of the quesiton
 after you perfom it, and then ask her if that is what she thinks
 (whichever she chose) [kino, audo, visual test..from here now
  you know how to direct the rest of your stories]

-PsychicBabe question:
   -start by lead into now my British friend who got played (HB Afro
    story used on Karatebabe)
    -leadin to above.. I was with my Brit friend at lunch today..
   -"Find out if she is kind of person that always wants to know
     complete truth or if it hurts, or you cant do anything about
     it, you don't want to know {point is to see how much she will
     question your other GFs}"
-perform HBSalsa's 3 questions game
   -pick 3 aniimals and why you like them;
    first animal really is how you want to be
    second animal is how people see you
    third animal is how you really are

(M)AN -- Now get her to know you are a man and can do a woman:
{tell stories of how you are around women, and what happens when
a woman gets near you (this fixes the problem I had with Ms.
Sparkles in that fuckup report on my webpage}

-perform 24yo nani nani and his first street kiss story
 (see ASF)
  -lead in, my friends friend last week we went to Roppongi
   because.. (then into naninani story)
-perform karatebabe PU on street story in Sao Paolo
  -lead in.. my own street PU..
?perform story about Mr. Smooth and how he & I many years ago
 did 5 KC's & 14 nums, he can KC every 20 minutes
 {only do this one if she is reacting well, as it might make her
  thing you are a playboy, so just watch her reaction before doing
-perform HB blitz attack me story during dance & how I felt
 {I was with HB ass, and HB blitz start grabbing me and wanting me.
  but I couldnt}
-perform HB blitz wants to see me night I meet a girl
 {I had a date with energizer at my place, 9pm, HB blitz calls
  at 6pm wants to see me/fuck.. I couldnt, otherone was coming so
  I had to throw her out..bummer.. she was a 10}
-perform energizer babe's kiss at the house story
  {meet her, get her to my place, close door, stare in eyes, and
   then 5 minutes of passionate kissing, strip & fuck right on the
   inside doorway of the house! most passionate first date}

(H)ENTAI -- Perform the wierd kinky stuff
-perform HB Charlotte story, how she is a closet bi-chick and
  likes girls/lead in to Alle TV story
 -lead in, I was talking to a good J-friend in the US last weekend
  {This is from "Ally my love" a US TV program..
   when that Asian chick confesses she is
   bi and then goes to a bar with Ally? and says "the best way to
   really excite a guy but frustate him at the same time is for them
   to see 2 girls really get into each other, and then they do, and
   then Ally? really wants to kiss the asian chick even though she
   isnt bi.. then she goes to her office the next day and asian
   chick says you wanted me, didnt you.. Ally? says yes, and then
   asian closes the door, gives her a fuck stare, and says, well
   you should find out, and then they tongue down... They also had
   a hilarous SM sequence... surprising how much US TV has changed
   since I left that country..
   -Ally My Love: this is a wonderful program (a rare treat from
    all the shit that is usually on US TV), and has lots of good
    stories that can be used in PU..get the them!!
    and make stories "you know what I saw on TV last week?...}

-perform HB CHarlotte's friend wants married guys "she cant
 have" story {this is about HB Charlotte's friend who would only
 fuck married chicks because single guys were too easy, but a
 married guy she was not supposed to have, so that is why she
 wanted it..
-perform: "sometimes one lives at the fringes because it
    can be so attractive" from Ally my Love (from the bi-TV
    program above").. ask her about living at the 'fringes' and
    what that might mean to her}
   -move into performing HB ass doing lots of guys story
    {from HB vamp lay report.. HB ass was out fucking lots of
     guys for fun once last year.. some girls who do that..}
-perform TokyoPUA's 3p gyaku PU roppongi story
 {two chicks PU'd him in Roppongi and did a 3p}
-perform HB Charlotte's 'other BF from the office story' (do 1/2
 of Our World) {I have my BF, but when he is gone, I have my
 secret world, this other guy (see O.W. section on my website
 for OW script}
-perform hb blitz likes her BF because he PU'd in front of her and
 treated her like shit {see HB blitz on my website for this story}
-perform HB ass told me her ex put her in micro mini and how it
 made her feel when she went out {actually, I *was* the "ex bf"
 but dont say it was me in case it scares the I just say
 her ex bf, and if she reacts well, I know to do this later..}
-perform Soubetsukai story with me & trader & girls who say they
 cosplay & want to 3p {I went to a goodbye party at work, and these
 2 girls got drunk, and said how they SM their BFs an wear costumese
 and shit.. I ask one if she ever 3p'd (3people sex), she says
 'no... but I REALLY wanted to!"
-perform office conference, and when I say 'slap her' (she
 said something stupid) and the first girl says "I do all the
 time", and the 2nd girl wispers in my ear "and I really like it!"
 other girl
-perform HB ass/sex in the park story
-perform HB ass and the window strip hotel story and how she got
 hot when she saw the movie "Tokyo decadance" {you can get it in
 US artsie video shops}
?-perform HB Afro's subway game {exhibitionist}
 {see my website, control.htm file. Only use this if the chick is
  reacting well, as this may be too much for some women..}
?perform catwoman attack story
 {also on my website}

(O)UR WORLD -- Get her ready for what to expect when she sees you
-find out what would be her best way to meet someone
-tell her what is my way as best way to meet someone (this is lead in)
-perform Taro-san's 2nd half of OW story {see my website}

(S)EX ACCELERATORS -- move on to sexy stuff since stage is set from
above stories!:
-Craig's "ask any question" game, "like truth or dare, but no dare..,
 ask same question asked to you until after 2 questions"
 -opener: how many BF's have you had?
 -mid1: ever kissed on first date?
 -mid2: ever had 1 nite stand?
 ?mid3: ever 3p?
  ..more various questions, getting deeper and deeper (see below)
 -did you ever palm read (do ONLY that the love line is deep, or other
  BS (just one or 2 points to get the KC setup)
  ..getting physically closer, hand on her chin
 -closer: I have a good question for you... would you like to kiss me
 -reply after (how did it make you feel)
 -post closer, can we do another one?

-somewhere at end of date (but not fuck yet. ie. Granniebabe) if went
 far, like tonguedown or something, then say, wow, that was really
 fast, im surprised, are you always so to pace her so she
 is not 'scared' to see you the next time.

This got you to the tongue down,now take her home!
If you need more stuff to say, here is extra filler stuff you
can use below!

{the idea of all these stories and questions is that there are
types that cover ALL areas. So tell each one, and then see what
she reacts to the most/the least. Then you know what type of
chick you got, and then know what more stories you need to tell
her so you can fuck her.. below are the 'spare' stories I have
so far..

-get stuck?, refer to brit guy getting played story..HB Afro
-time HB Ass wore chou mini-police costume for haloween and got
asked by a subway customer to "arrest" & cuff him
-pattern/story to push her (ie. veiled threat), rather than just
 pull her like all these stories do.. (like "the door" pattern)
 {I havent designed this story yet, but I have to make one. In the
 meantime, use RJ's "the door" pattern, its on ASF someplace in the
-Ms kinky like to be pinned on the ground when she was in elem.
 school, it felt good and how she turned out story..a kinky girl
-HB ass's rape fanatasy
-whoisthis's story on his chick who PU's other chicks with 'I want to
 fuck your friend' (see ASF, october 00)
-HB vamp who just wanted a casual relationship story (see my
 website, HB vamp layreport}
-story on how I find J-chicks attractive {US chicks act like men,
 they are strong, but no sexuality, no 'womanness')
*Personals chick who lost out because she didnt pay attention to me and
 surprised story {this is to scare the chick into acting.. I used this
 on karatebabe when I laid her.. this personals chick didnt pay
 to me, so I blew her out and then she was surprisesd I did..she lost
 chance, cuz she rejected kino, my other advances, then she wrote back
 and wanted to see me again.. I blew her out) {just a story.. I would
 seen her, but this does scare the chick into acting, and letting you
 fuck her, because she thinks this will be the last time she sees you
*how cultures are different.. the kiss in Sao Paolo nightclub story
 (see ASF archives.. I went to a club in S.P., and a chick grabbed me
 and started to tongue me down.. turns out in S.P., all the chicks do
 to all the guys}
*-women need attention/treated special same as guys need sex (HB ass
 disney revenge by sexing guys... she wanted disney cuz special)
 {somehow a girl wants to be feel she is 'special'..can be anything,
 her 'sweetness', her sexyness..something (anything) that distinguishes
 her from other girls
-Bossdude likes izakaya story {took my boss to a japanese bar (its
 near my place..this is the leadin to get chicks to this bar, so
 they are close to my place so I can fuck them)
-Salsa with the brazilian chick in Acaraje story
 -{I danced a sexy salsa with a brazilian chick and everyone stopped
  dancing in the bar to watch us!}
-Maniac & HB ass do the fetish party circuit
 {pics on mys' page}, this wild chick I used to (still) date
-Korea gyaku PU story. {I got Pu'd by a Korean chick in a department
 store when I was in Korea}
-whoisthis19's story about describing sex (in 00 oct ASF file)
 how its diff for a girl
-romance is woman's porn story {from ASF archives.. romance sells
 more than mens porn mags in the states.. romance is womans' porn}
-rocks & gold story (from ASF archives.. men want gold (sex), women
 want gold (relationships), both are valueable, but diamonds are
 worse than gold for a guy, and gold is worse than diamonds for a
 girl.. go on into how a girl playing a guy to LJBF for dinners is
 THE SAME as when a guy takes a girl just to fuck her and kick her
 out the next morning.. the same thing!}
-gyaku nanpa girl in the office.. what she is looking for/what she
 says story {describe what your idea of a horny girl is!!}
-never know who you meet (jetbabe, korea girl, sao paolo girl,mtl girl)
 {all met these girls by accident on trips and fucked/had fun with
  each of them}
-story on how not many guy pay attention to the woman during sex, to
 make her come..etc (link wih whoisthis19 above story somehow)
   -leadin: witches of eastwick and how he gets those girls and pays
    attention to them
-gyaku nanpa story in the convenience store
 {a girl tried to PU me in a convenience store.. but I was an
 AFC then, so fucked up a guaranteed lay}
-hb ass's story, so few guys know how to fuck a girl properly
 {HB ass says fucking a guy is easy for achick, but it is really
  hard to find a guy who can fuck her properly and make her come,
  and that she wants (till she met me!) a guy who can fuck her
-story from HB ass on why slinkyblack liked that playboy..
  {slinkybabe is a chick who showed up with a loser french guy
   at a fuckparty we held. Slinkyblackbabe and HB ass got on well,
   and they went out to a bar another time and Slinkyblack went
   for a playboy type guy. Shwe knew he was playboy but liked him
   because everytime she came, he stopped talking to the other girls
   he was talking to at the time, and would pay attention to slinky
   black. This made her feel special. He hasnt fucked her yet, but
   slinkyblack says that the next time she sees him, she wants him
  -lead into how girl wants to feel special in front of others
-girl I fucked in train station (excitement, impulsive) story
-game: there is a T shape line, make 5 triangles {I will post it
 -somehow integrate after/before 'admiration section, something
 that shows that you want to fuck her because you feel she is
 special (see mrsex4u "Re: tidbit" in Nov 2000 for details. Also
 true for HB slinkyblack story}
  -maybe something like I met lots of girls but never been attracted
   to anyone so far (then when you move on her( target), she "thinks"
   she might be special)
-story, hb afro who liked pics and making porn vids {its true!}
-story; vp finance in college, made so much money! {we started
 a college business, and made alot of money.. for the goldigger
-hiphop chick girl I met at fura, she said she was always so busy,
 and never had time, so 'keep trying to call me'.. aways with so
 many friends. made me jealousl so make a story like that about
 me too (even though that chick was UGLY, she made me jealous with
 her story!)
-make a story like tako-ocean story.. to elicit, sadness, loneliness,
 and then hapiness at the end (ie. same as mystery's admiration
 storys.. a dip, and then a jump in emotions) {stories that elicit
 emotion have a rise, then a dip, or visa versa, I will post the
 tako-ocean story is a good one}
-perform ms kinky's 'oasis' story: life is always a fight/struggle,
 and relationship should be an oasis, from that, someplace to escape
 and be comfortable away from the daily stresses and fights of
 regular life in the world/work
-I woke up in dorm of girl @ college (crazy thing I did, response
 in question game)
-story about how its guy's job to pay attention to the girl, emotion
 conneciton/commucaiton at many levels, as many guys only pay attention
 themself, and not ther pleasure, safety and comfortableness
 of the lady.. it shoud be a celebration of connection between
 2 people (move into pieces of OW from here ?) like I am dancer so I
 know.. my ex gf told me about it, and how I am so that is
 most imporamt thing in relationship.. to please the woman. thats
 the mans job.
-story: important to me that woman only does what she is
 comfortable/safe and that she doesnt have to do anything she doesnt
 feel safe..just i want her to feel good time to talk, and feel
 emotional connection with me (do this before pitch to come to myplace
 and before you reach into her panties!)..from Ms. Kinky lay report
?massage story (how I learned massage in school)?
 {only do if the chick is reacting well.. this could be too overt
 otherwise.. so in that case, say it is 'your friend' who did the
-chicks who'll fuck on the nanpa videos, ever get a nanpa like
 that? would you do it? know friends who did? why you think chicks
 find it exciting
-know friend who did telephone clubs? why you think they do it?
 excitment? (they are phone meeting/ then meet to fuck clubs}
?time it was haloween and Mr. Lager & I ran into kinky party
 {mr. lager and I went to a techno party, and nextg door was this
  kinky fetish dress party, but we didnt know because it was
  haloween, so we went in, and realized the costumes were 'extra
-time I eye fucked HB Blitz in salsa, and then she went after me
-kiss on head first as opener (forehead), then go to regular kiss
 (say in club PU)
-breakup hb ass story (how we love, cry in starbuck, picture..etc),
 ie. make the chick cry by stelling some kind of really sad story
 -broke up (then made up) with HB ass, and she cried, but then
  we made up... it was so sweet ;-) }
-gyaku girl say I am 'h' (not sukekbe, which is bad), but 'h' which
 is good, eyes maybe {only works in Japan}
-stry about having family kids someday with right girl
 {for the ones who want to get married!}
-HB gimmie story {a selfish bitch who I blew out early because I
 learned from HB hotpants the first time around.. same old shit,
 different chick..but she didnt get as far this time..see my website
 for details on HB hotpants}

-some girls like passion start and excitement, others like romance,
 which are you (for questions game?)
-have you given up on romance reln, and want casual, or still try
 romance only?
-how do you feel difference is bet guys and girls seeing
 relationship (leadin to rocks-gold)
-ques: if you had to choose between sex, or friendship only in a rel
 would you choose which, or are both imporant enough that youd get
 another guy?
-do you want friendship, sex, marriage, uncomplicated/no
-Extra question from 4 questions: "Your walking along a road when you
 come to a wall blocking your way.  What do you do?"  The answer
 reveals how she deals with dillemas or obstacles in her life.
-tell me about your first kiss (then tell her my ideal first
-when is the first time you kissed anyone and really
 liked it (then tell mine story) [then make out after she is done!]
-(when you broke up last bf, then, when was last time
 you kissed guy?)
-when was last bf (so you know how much there's to do)
-what clothes style you like for guy (do during pu so you know what to
 wear during 1st meeting)
-question, where is most exciting place you had exciting time with
 your BF
-question, where would you like most exciting time with your bf
 to be?/how (rooftop..etc?)
-did you ever kiss on first date?
-did you ever sleep with the guy on the first date?
     -describe how it happened
-sm? vibrator? 3p? (questions)

?Outstanding todo: must find a way to see right at the top if
a chick is into me right now for the fuck, and I can skip all of
the above steps.. havent figured out yet how to do this..

Re: using SS in this "Have you ever had an incredible connection...blah
blah" can work,
but not all at once.. intersperce it between the stories in light
and I find it works well. Doing just straight SS I find either loses
the chick, or she thinks you are wierd. With the stories, it all works
FAR more naturally.. D.Shade and Bishop seem to do it this way as well,
and it is effective.

-->OK, that is it, this is all I have so far. This is for AFTER
I did the original PU. This is my first attempt at structuring this
as I have never seen anything organized like this before from
start to end anywhere, so here is one.

I am looking for any constructive comments on how I can
make this better, or ideas other people have. Hopefully it
made sense even though it is so fucking long.

Naninani can use this as a template when he talks to girls,
so not he should never worry about "never anything to say"
again. Memorize B-BVGA-DMHOS (the headers of the sections)
and the stories, and it takes around 2-4 hours depending how
fast you can get the girl going, to finish the PU and tongue
down/take her home.

This works best in coffeeshop type PU settings.
No idea how it works in bars (probably not well, too loud, and
takes too long), never tried it there.

Now I am looking for TokyoPUA to make one of these for
his street PUs, and whoisthis19 to make one for his 3p
PUs, and others to make regular PU structures, if they have
any ideas (for me at least, having a clear structure like this
makes a HUGE difference for me in PU, or I just stall. Since
I have been doing this, I have never stalled in the post
'Find-Meet' situation.

Constructive ideas/comments/criticisms appreciated!

Maniac High

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