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A scientific explanation for chick logic! (ie. those mixed up
nonsensical thinking patterns that chicks always use on guys!)

Subject: ]Brain research = Chick Logic insight!
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 05:21:54 GMT

]Brain research = Chick Logic insight!

I happened to be looking around the web, and found something regarding
left/right brain specialization and experiments that has interesting
applications to PU, and in particular, chick logic.

First I summarize this, and then relate it to PU below. Basically,
there is an operation for epileptics where you can cut the connection
between their left and right brains in their heads. This makes those
people's seizures less worse.

They found that when they do this though, that the left side of the
and right side, now function as very independent, very seperate units,
each with their own thoughts, opinions, consciousness..etc.

They found that the left side deals with speech, logic, math,
ego. They found that the right side deals with abstract, emotion, art,
kino, dreaming and imagination, and often had a lower self esteem.

For details, see this website:

Now, the interesting thing is that they also found that the right side
could not deal with language really, and thus all communications to
the 'outside' was done via the connection to the left brain, and then
to outside (generally speaking). They found this, because after the
two sides were seperated from each other via the surgery, and the
right side 'learned' to understand english again, by using earphones,
and giving questions to each ear, with reply written by the pen on the
same side, that each 'brain' had very different desires, opinions,
self feelings, as if there were really 'two people' inside.

So, how does this apply to PU? Well, firstly, it explains why NLP,
or story telling or pattern language work even though it 'makes no
when listened to logically. Because the brain normally communicates
to the outside (speaking, listening) via the left brain, and then all
the 'emotional' stuff, gets passed to the right brain for processing.

It is the 'right brain' you want to reach, to lay a chick. That is
where all those emotional and racy feelings work. If you are logical,
then your information/chatter will only get as far as the left brain,
and never make it to the right, where you need to go to lead the chick.
That is why you need stories, NLP..etc, to drive the imagination, and
activate the right side, and get IT making the decisions rather than
left side.

Finally, this also raises an interesting explanation for the phenomenon
known as 'chick logic'. Understanding the above, chick logic now makes
perfect sense (ie. chick is saying 'no sex tonight' with her mouth
while lunging her body at you. This is where the left brain (words)
and right brain (body action) are at total odds at each other, and each
is doing the opposite.. because there are really two people inside

It also explains why you want to look at what the body (right brain)
is saying and not what the words are saying. Because it is the right
brain that will decide that she wants to fuck you (unless she is doing
it for golddigging or something, in which it will be the left side,
but then it is likely to be a lousy fuck unless you get the right side
going), and it is the right side controlling the non-verbal action.

It also explains about about myself regarding moods & PU. If I am only
thinking with my left side, I will suck at PU that day, but if I do
something to 'wake up' the right side, the 'atmosphere' and everything
just goes much more smoothly..

No idea if any of this is even remotely correct or not, but it does
seem to make sense, at least to me.

Comments/opinions welcome!

Maniac High