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Laying down the law with difficult chicks, gets you the lay!

From: identity_x 
Subject: laying down the law...
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 15:38:08 GMT
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You know, it amazes me how much of an asswipe I have to be to get
anywhere with women. I don't feel bad about it, but sometimes the idea
of having to treat a woman like shit to bag her is such a turn off. Oh

Here's a story about laying down the law.

There's this girl I know. One of those real frigid/uptight/scholastic
types. Oh, BTW, whoever was saying that these chicks are real sluts in
the bedroom is damn right. I call her up and say "let's go to dinner."
she says "where?" I suggest a few places. As with most chicks, she
doesn't know where she wants to eat, what time to leave, or anything
else. I'll ask once to give her a chance for to say her piece. But the
minute I get "I don't know" than I step up to the plate. I don't have
time for that bullshit. Anyway, I set the time, place and all that. We
go out and eat. We talk for quite some time. During this time, I
completely fuck up her relationship with her borefriend, and make her
laugh all at the same time. This was partly achieved with a stew of
"boyfriend destroyer" stuff that I've read on here. I was also just
making up patterns left and right. I still don't know how to make a
real pattern...I just think about what I'm saying. When it's right, you
just know it. In this case, talking about the sky was my key. "clouds
*coming together* to create a unity that's only limited by your
imagination. Clouds are so seems close enough to reach out
and hold if you just try..." blah blah blah. I don't know where I come
up with this shit. It just starts flying out of my mouth and then they
go doggy-dinner-bowl. One of my tricks is to totally remove her from
anything real. That way you aren't restrained at all. Clouds, music
videos of the mind, dreams...all that stuff is where I'm best at
patterns. In fact, the more sexual and crazy it is, the better it works.


We decide to go...and both pay our own way.
I drive back to her place. I tell her I'm coming up...and she gives me
this funny look that's like "well, I didn't ask you, but it's
intriguing that you made the assumption, so please come fuck me." We go
up to her apartment. I try to kiss her and she pulls this "I've got a
boyfriend" shit. I just looked at her like she was an idiot. She
apologies, so I proceed. We kiss. She trys to stop me again from doing
anything else. I don't have time for THAT bullshit either, so out the
door I go. I get back to my place, pick up the phone...and go back out.
I hang out for a while, then return to my place. Sure enough, there's
the light blinking away on my machine. "Identity X, I'm sorry about
everything. Blah blah blah..." I pick up the phone and call her. She
starts trying to apologize. I say "Look. Don't apologize. I don't want
to hear apologizes. You want to be over here, and I want you to be over
here. You know it, and I know it. So spare me the words, and do
something about it. Don't talk to me again until you're at my front
door. Bye." And who do you think shows up at my door 30 minutes later?

We get to it right off the bat. This girl must've not been laid in
YEARS or something, cause she's acting like a psycho. It was like
trying to fuck an out of control wind up toy. Plus, she was into being
my personal slut. Still is, for that matter. She's about an 8 in my

The next morning, I made her breakfast and we went for a walk. That
might be a bit AFCish, I don't know. But my policy is to treat women
right until they start bullshit (95% of the time). That way they know
that they can't get away with anything, but stand to gain everything.
I've yet to be dumped,LJBF'ed, or anything from doing this.

Point is, you've gotta institute the ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for
BULLSHIT. This, of course, is old news. But I just thought I'd share
THE WAY TO THE BEDROOM. Don't put up with ANY bullshit. That's how you
pass 90% of these tests.

And, try to sarge a real intellectual frigd type. They turn RED FUCKING
HOT in the sack. Sweet Jesus...