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More games from book 'Kokology'!

Subject: More games! Kokology!
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 05:27:51 GMT

More games! Kokology!

I finally got that 'kokology' book that someone suggested here
on the NG. The book is full of fun 'psychology' games like
'strawberry fields, 4 questions..etc' that can be used in PU.

It turns out actually that the book is from Japan (it is
sold in the US, translated in English), and is based on a
popular TV show that ran here several years ago, where they would
get contestants to do the games, and then everyone laugh when
the interpretations were done.. classic J-TV really ;-)

I went through the book, and out of the 50 or so games, only
about 5 or so were directly useful in a PU situation. The summaries
of them are below. If you want the whole text, and interpretation,
and the quick summaries below arent enough, then buy the book,
it is on Amazon, and costs like $5 or something.

Strawberry fields it turns out comes from the book, so I wont
re-include it here. Here were a few other good ones:

Interpretations of the questions in the game are in '()'

Game: Roller Coasters: (fuck this is alot like RJ's D.C. pattern!,
could be used together!)

-You enter an amusement park
-You go to roller coaster line
-How long do you wait to get on? (how much time you want foreplay)
-you're on the ride, going all around, what is feeling? (your feelings
 during sex)
-your car plunges into splashpool at end, what do you shout? (what you
 say at orgasm)
-Now you go to merry go round, but horse is broken, how you feel?
 (chick's feeling when guy cant get it up)
-Now describe the perfect roller coaster ride.. shape of track,
 feeling.. (describes the ideal fuck)

Game: Web of life:
Imagine you are a spider & have a web
-How/what kinds many insects have you caught? (describe your types
 of conquests, and former lovers, excotic? unusual, many?, beautiful?
-One insect escapes and says something to you, what he says? (your
 memories of failure when you fail to catch a particular guy)

Game: Leap for life
-you are on ground, waiting your turn for first jump, watching
other divers free-falling back to earth, what are you thinking/feeling?
(describes your sexual desire)
-your turn, you are on plane, at door's edge and jump out, what do
you scream? (what you say at orgasm)
-you land safely, and instructor approaches you, what is he saying?
(what you imagine your partner tells you after sex)

There you go! I think these could be quite useful in a PU situation!

Maniac High