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Svengali's comments on David Shade's "The Kiss"

From Thu Nov 25 01:57:31 1999
From: Svengali 
Subject: Re: field report David Shade "the kiss" (part 1 of 2)
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 03:50:55 -0800
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Snipped to...

> >David Shade posted:
> >I have got to get this woman to take me home, and I have to do it 
> >she realizes what she is doing in this crowded night club.

> (MrSex4uNYC) wrote: 
> I TOTALLY DISAGREE!  don't discount the effects of what you are doing 
to her. 
> yes you need to get her out of the crowd... but HOME is NOT where you 
> her.
>  there are too many things for her to consider that are going to break 
> state.  make out with her.  extract her somewhere and feel her up and 
make her
> BEG to have you inside her.  I hear that shit all the time "I want you 
> me"  THAT'S what counts... NOT being in her house in a bed... the fact 
> she
> you are also making erroneous assumptions.  you are ASSUMING that she 
> not
> do this in front of people.  she TOLD YOU that she LIKES being a slut.  
> sex in public is part of her slut-persona.  maybe NOT wanting to have 
sex in
> public but being FORCED TO by a strong man is part of it.  maybe not 
> to
> have sex in public but not being able to help herself BECAUSE she is 
truly a
> slut is what turns her on.  you are assuming she will take you home at 
> what if someone is at her house like a husband or a boyfriend or her 
mother is
> visiting?  what if her neighbors are nosey and she can't AFFORD to 
have any
> random guys come to her house or they will snitch?  what if she lives 
in a
> FUCKING TRAILER and is ashamed to take you there?  you are assuming 
she would
> RATHER be fucked at home than in a bar bathroom... like... a... SLUT!  
> attention to the real-life ramifications of what she says to you WHILE 
> listen for the SS uses.  you elicited her fantasy, but didn't USE it.  
> shit about a strong man was really great.
> right here... you should have started role-playing.
> she has MADE HERSELF the slut.  she has made you HER MASTER!  be that 
man.  be
> her master.  take her.  do it.  perhaps it is easier said than done.  
I happen
> to be a chameleon.  I can change into whatever character is necessary 
> complete her fantasy.  I was cyber-sexing this chick the other day, 
and I
> realized that she was into a little ROUGHER treatment than I would use 
on a
> normal chick.  I IMMEDIATELY changed my style from descriptions of my 
> kino to descriptions of a MASTER controlling HIS SLUT!
> I had fun and she TOTALLY got off on it.  I COULD have ignored what 
> made
> her feel HOT and HORNY, but I wanted her to have the most INTENSE 
orgasm she
> could have and reflecting HER FANTASY to her was the key.  you should 
> ASSUMED THE PERSONA of a TRUE MASTER and dragged your slut off 
somewhere and
> shoved your dick in her mouth... but then again, I know you are the 
> and this may have been an emotional STRETCH for you... but I guarantee 
you it
> would have been worth it. :)
> you even SAID that she wasn't drunk.  she knows EXACTLY what she's 
doing in a
> crowded nightclub.  she GAVE her body to you to use as you pleased.  
> should have gotten into character and USED HER!

I would like to add something here that I think will help you and
everyone who reads this post.  (A little bragging.)  I've been doing
this player game since I was thirteen and my First sex experience was
with Linda (my age), Karen and Sherry (15 + 16).  {End of bragging.} 
And one of the things I was taught by my mentor, and learned from then
on was to strike while the iron is hot.  In other words, if you make
her horny now, you have sex with her now.  That means if you are
wanting to get her to a more comfortable place (a guy's idea of what
women want), you destroy the mood, the adventure, the excitement, the
fun, the trance, the experience of what was taking place within her and
you.  However, if you follow through and do it somewhere, anywhere,
right now, she Automatically associates you with fun, excitement,
adventure, good times, bravado and all the other things you are wanting
from her.

BTW, more then 70% of my First sexual encounters occur outside her home
and mine, and all it takes to do it, is, your assurance to her that
it's okay for her to do so with you, and there will be no negative
reprocussions by you from her doing so.  {Don't ever violate the
integrity of your words/assumptions about this because word about it
will spread everywhere, and the only way you'll get women in that town
again is by avoiding it for about ten years or more.  This does NOT
mean that you can't drop her after sex, it simply means that after you
have sex with her, you don't avoid her because she is a "slut",
"whore", or similiar, and worse yet, tell everyone she is.}

Coming back on topic again, once you have sex with her, she
Automatically associates you with sex, so now you are lovers.  Which
means sex with you from this point forward.  So there's nothing else
that has to be over-cummed (he, he) and the relationship can just
proceed because one thing --sex-- has been established and taken for
granted (as to what will be too) in your relationship with her.

I'm going to use another analogy because this is a very important
point, and one that damn near every "player" messes up on.

You're in a bar, and you're talking to some guy about what a great
fighter you are, and how you don't take shit from anyone.  Suddenly the
guy behind you, overhearing this, says bullshit and shoves you.  At
this point you either (a) show the talk, or (b) talk your way out of
it.  If you choose "b", talk your way out of it, and you're in the bar
again, talking to the same guy you were talking with, and are shoved by
the same guy who shoved you previously, and you demonstrate your talk
by knocking him clear across the room, that act will have impact and be
impressive.  But in no way would it have the same impact and meaning
had you done it when the event first warranted your showing what you

Has this helped in establishing the point I'm trying to make about
always going for and having sex with her now?

> > Remaining post snipped.

There's something else I see that "NYC" didn't delve into very much,
only because, I think, it's not his style (preference) at this point in
his life.

So first let me state "NYC's" preferred style, and mine:
Presently and admitedly, "NYC" desire-preference is love 'em and leave
'em, whereas mine is an ongoing, revolving collection of primary and
subsidary relationships that last days/weeks/months/years.

From what I can tell from your post, if you want an on-going
relationship with this woman, you're going to have to walk both sides
of the track with her.  By that I mean she has told you that she wants
passion, attentiveness and affection; and she has also told you how she
wants to be a directed, submissive, led, little girl slut too. 
Therefore, you Must play the role of domineering, totally controlling
authority figure who treats her like a little girl lolita slut, and the
woman who wants attention, affection, closeness, passion and
understanding too.  Most of all, you have to learn and sense when it's
time for you to play one role or the other.

To give you an example of what I mean, you could suddenly show up with
a boquet of flowers and say "this is for a very special woman who's
also smart enough to know when she should be a good little girl and get
down on her knees now and suck on my cock to show me she's a wonderful
slut", and that would be addressing both sides of her.  But some times,
because you see it's what she wants now, you're going to have to come
right out and say (like when you're in a restuarant) "I want you to be
a good little girl and crawl under this table and suck me off. 
Otherwise I'm going to have to punish you severely", and mean it. 
Other times, because you see and sense it, you're just going to have to
say "there's a closeness, a specialness about you and us that is
present because you're such a wonderful woman who knows what she

Anyway, I've been through many of these kind of relationships and they
are the most fun ride (pun and no pun intended) you can have.  The
trick is in learning and knowing which side of the track to walk.

Other things I have learned from Adult Lolita-sluts:
1) They'll want to be with other men too.
2) They'll do women too.
3) They make for great swing partners.
4) They'll do more and more of whatever you want them to do.
5) They'll do more and more of that which will surprise you too.
6) They become Very Exhibitionistic over time, and real prick teasers
with other men.  {Which can lead to one hell of a lot of fights if you
don't know what to do.}
7) The more jealous you get, the more she will disklike and want to
leave you.
8) They become tiring after awhile.  {The good news is, after you've
had your rest from one, you'll soon want another.}


If life's a bitch...
fuck her!

  'o o'