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A BDSM special!

Subject: Lay Report: HB Pink Moon Gets Monkey Spanked
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 17:12:59 GMT

Here`s a report after a dry spell that sheds light on:
1/  on-line seduction
2/  psychological control, incl SM play
3/  being accomodating - but not supplicating - on dates;
      managing a multi-month MLTR w/ limited interaction
4/  insights from a chick player on guys, incl AFC turn-offs

Perp:  Kipp, 30-something American expat in Tokyo
Subject:  HB Pink Moon (aka HB Online), a 27-yo J tart
          9 face/ 7 body (thin, boyish).  Pics available
          if I can get on lounge...
Date/Place:  Aug - Dec, Tokyo.  2 parts.

HB Pink Moon is a 27-yo, professional (computer programmer) whom I
met through expat-oriented classifieds rag.  I had placed an ad for a
`sensual woman, who enjoys play & knows what she wants`.   HB Pink Moon
lived in France for 3 yrs, has French BF, and speaks fluent English
(unlike most of my GFs, Pink Moon & I speak in English).  Pink Moon is
the handle by which the woman goes by - so hence the name. (J girls
generally like these too-cutesy monikers, BTW ;)

After a few e-mail exchanges, I find out she likes games/SM play.  She
gives me her mobile #.  We decide to meet on a Friday in late August
after work.  Day comes...I arrive at an upscale Shinjuku hotel where we
had planned. I had NOT booked a room.  I HAD done some prep work, by
planning card, drinking games related to sex, where I would start off
by asking her about her sexual history.   I also brought some toys,
including rope, blindfold & remote-controlled vibe.

Well....Friday comes & no Pink Moon at 7 as planned.  I call her...she
blows me a line about being busy at work.  I sound stern on the phone,
tell her she should have let me know b4. She apologizes.  I get the
vibe she is being semi-sincere, and we have done e-mails for about 2
weeks although I would be among the first to admit that e-mails don`t
mean shit...I ask her to reschedule that weekend.  She says Sat is bad,
but she could meet me same place on Sunday.  So a deal is done.  Why
didn`t I blow her out then?  At that time, my stable was actually
relatively full;  although it gave me great reason to say fuck you, it
also gave me more scope to be less uptight & play it by ear.  Also, it
was one of my first experiences w/ a classifieds chick so the prospect
of meeting someone sight unseen was a bit tingly.

Sunday comes, and I make a point to call her 2 hours in advance to make
sure the date is still on (normally I would consider this supplicating,
but given our track records...)  She says Yes.  I book a hotel room, so
I can rest a while, shower up, etc.  She shows up about 10 minutes
late.  Dressed to kill...WOW!...pleasantly surprised this chick is such
high-quality for the classifieds!.  Luckily, I had coordinated myself a
bit upscale that day - black, Eurostyle.   I greet her in the lobby,
and invite her up to my hotel room.

We get to the room (little kino); sit on opposite beds.  The mood is
awkward;  fluff talk for 30 minutes.  I find out she thought I was
inviting her upstairs to a bar, not my room - I thought my SOI had been
clear enough from my ad/e-mails but she was more frigid than I had
expected at this stage ;(  OK, OK I ask her if she would like to go
back down to the hotel bar.  She agrees...

We get to the bar...order wine...fluff talk for another 30 minutes.  I
find out she lives w/ her parents (Boring).  Her brother is really
straight, AFC type guy whom she wants to be closer with but they aren`t
very close.   I then ask her about her BF & BOOOOM.  I`ve never seen a
chick switch on so sexual.... she airs her cum-drenched panties:
bisexual, BF in France w/ orgies -- this guy is S, controlling to her
making her send him naked pics, etc, Aussie GF in TOkyo, Aussie master
in Tokyo, scene play w/ American guys in hotel room windows (tied up w/
vibe, ala Maniac style), etc.

She tells me her strategy on answering classifieds & meeting guys.
She answers the most bizarre, direct, hardcore ads (the more whipping &
beating, the better she tells me....) Why?  NOT necessarily cuz she is
a fucked-up perv, but because these guys are honest,no-shit, confident
guys.  She tells me of one horror story where she answered an AMerican
AFC who penned an ad for a `nasty, slut girl` but in reality was being
very incongruent in follow-up by demanding a nice girl, straight, apple
pie type?  Huhhh... Pink Moon says.  Pink Moon also tells me Americans
like to ask too many ? before/after during play - just fucking do it,
sense the mood, and shut up HB Pink Moon says.   In terms of qualifying
guys, most guys qualify themselves out through repeated e-mail (too
long, guess they lose message;  another reminder for me to keep things
congruent, brief, & to the point).  She also blows many guys out on
first date as being boring, AFC types.

I then tell her my spiel:  I am attached LTR (she`s OK with that),
seductionist w/ multiple GFs (fine) including stripper HB Cat Eyes,
some SM play but not hard core.  We swap war  stories about our
stripper GFs.... I tell her I am strong guy, she laughs, says I must
have `read  it from a manual cuz all guys say that ha ha`.   We talk
for like 2 hours, I am totally oblivious if other patrons overhear us
(although we are talking in English, so less of a concern), and I pay
the bill (semi-AFC).  I hold her hand, & we go up to hotel room for
Redux #2.

In the room, she goes by the windowsill.  I ask her to describe how she
felt being tied up & vibed w/ all the young boys watching.   She gets
turned on;  I start caressing her feet, licking her thighs (she
comments she thinks I am really M, not S ;( so I prove her otherwise by
slapping her around lightly.  She flashes her panties to me....on to
the bed, for some good, straight sex.  She is extremely trance-like,
state-like.  Nice small mouth (I hear you, TPUA).  Safe sex, she won`t
let me jizz in her mouth.  We wash up, and she suggests we go to some
rope-tying seminars.  I did not use the toys I brought in prep stage,
or play the scripted games I had planned, BTW....

After sex, I check out of the hotel.  She asks me if I have time for
dinner. We do dinner in the hotel ($$$) which I pay, but I figure she
put out for me & she clearly has this image of herself as being upscale
which she is straight with me about.  Net-net, a superior but not
fantastic date; her body is a bit too thin to get my peter-meter at
full-tilt, and I still don`t get a real strong sense on how to deal
with her fluffy, feminine, upscale professional exterior vs. fuck
slut/SM (M) slut interior.  Also, I thought the lay was too easy &
didn`t like
the classifieds angle as I think this is a cop-out for PUA.

OK, what did I learn?
1/  Girls who look totally the nicest, sweetest, professional
      feminine can be the most kinky
2/  WOmen like congruent men: it`s OK to wanna whip & spank
      but you gotta be congruent & not a player
3/  Americans blab too much
4/  Sometimes chicks do have legitimate reasons for backing down;
      be firmly persistent - not chasing - with clear timetables
      on follow-up
5/  Be well rested, well prepared (I had the room rented, my SOI
     was congruent w/ my action plan)
6/  Even fast chicks take some time to warm up (i.e., the hotel room
     right off the bat was NOT the best action plan)

We exchange a few emails after that, things die down mutually
(actually, I think she generally stopped responding but I didn`t pursue
it)...and then...

I start to have falling out w/ HB Cat Eyes, my stripper bitch, so I e-
mail HB PInk Moon in early October.  Very brief, just asking how she is
(following MrSex4UNYC`s strategy of following up w/ chicks every 2-3
months if you`re still on cordial terms, just to keep the options open
and see if anything`s changed).  Well, things HAVE changed.

Pink Moon got hit by a car like 2 days WHIRLLEE WHIRLLEEE my
BS meter is going 4-star red alarm here but...her accounts are
painfully detailed, & she later shows me pics.  Looks like I`ve caught
her on the rebound; she tells me she`s too banged up to play for a
while, so I suggest a regular dinner to get reacquainted...

Well, one month, two month passes... a few intermittent e-mails.  We
finally nail down a date in early December.  By this time, she is
healed up for play.   She starts sending me very graphic e-mails about
her SM experiences (this chick could be a writer for Penthouse Forum).
Showed one of the emails to one of the regulars on the NG here, he
(rightly) said she was really giving me a blueprint on how to fuck
her.  We exchange war stories... I test the accuracy of key tenants of
SS/Seduction theory (girls like guys who treat them not special, who
are distant but find out what makes them tick sexually, etc).  She
agrees:  players like to be aloof.

Our early December date is approaching.  By this time, I am really in
bad state w/ HB Cat EYes & concoct a plan to use HB Pink Moon as  pivot
at the strip club for jealous sparks/social proof.  I feel a bit queasy
about this though (should be OK w/ Pink Moon, was planning to tell her
I`m simply scouting for mutually compatible bi-material;  but was
really worried about running into straight professional contacts at the
strip club on this mission, also not sure that HB Cat Eyes would
respond as she often negs me big-time about being too much of a
player).  Am up to my eyeballs in I cancel out the Thursday
date w/ HB Pink Moon.  Pink Moon responds back quickly she is OK, no
problem, but she had been planning to treat me w/ pink thong or no
panties.  Wow....

OK...few more emails again, generally very graphic from Pink Moon w/
pictures attached.   I am not responding so much in terms of feedback
to her experiences, & I reinforce that I am being a playboy.  She gets
fed up...OOPS... I fuck up & have qualified myself out of the game.
She writes me back to the effect `OK, Kipp, I`ve decided we`re not
compatible.  I don`t like simple playboy type - booring - I`m looking
for real SM player...You`re not my guy ,sorry, nothing personal, no
hard feelings, no need to phone me again...`  Oh well, I think, another
one bites the dust ;(

I don`t do anything for ~1 week, then send her a brief answer back.  I
tell her explictly that I can a/ whine like an AFC in a looong e-mail
trying to tell her she`s wrong, but that`s not my style or I can b/
accept fate, thank her for her time & direct communication, and wish
her well.  I choose the latter and forget about it (really!).  Well, a
few days later I get a response back where HB Pink Moon is tryiing to
re-establish with me.  In retrospect, she is a chick who clearly wants
to be dominated, controlled and was trying to get me to either be angry
or whiny.  Since I didn`t accomodate, I re-positioned myself as a
dominant, challenge-for-her type of guy again.  Below is edited e-mail
of my response back to her...

> Merry Christmas, KIPP.
***Thank you.
> I guess I was tiny bit jealous.
> I am sorry. Are you cross with me ?  :)

***Yes.  Veeery cross with you, petite Princess.  I offered to bring
for a special
visit...but Santa`s returned to the cozy North Pole.   Now, 2001 brings
Hebi (aka Skebi) Snake...
RU ready for a nasty snake, Pink Moon?  Some snakes bite HAARD, and as
you know although they may look perfectly innocent, their bite is deadly
poisonous.   My snake says that Pink Moon`s ass needs a bit of a bite --
 do you
think so, Pink Moon?

Yeah, maybe I am 2 playboy lately...all strong guys need to play, U
But the
thrill is in the ACT of SEDUCING, conquering, & implanting desire....
as in
BSDM world.   I always smile ;) - as you say, life is short - at how
most players box themselves
into TIIINNYY little holes smaller than Pink Moon`s bright pink ass
opening:  gay men,
dyke lesbians, S, M,  playboy....well, do you think there
is a politically correct category that has to be strictly followed for
who like to stuff
3 cucumbers up their asses, lubed w/ 100% Pure Tuscan Virgin Oil?!??.
they call it
the 3-Cuke-V-Oil Club and these MACHO GUYS do not talk to members of the
2-Cuke club or Women who
are in the 3-Cuke Club   ...ha ha.... but politics & uptight labels are
boooring for me (snore...
zzzzz....snoozzze......;B  Be FREE, follow your heart, & don`t let
`label` you....

So, I think Pink Moon needs to be punished for her sassy lip to lovely
Are you trying to test my
new muscles?  This snake wants to play, sweetie (^0^)/~~....

Have you ever been tied up in a scented candle-lit room,

---> EDITED SM PLAY DETAIL ----->nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Snake will cum out at Midnight.  But only if there is no Lip, cuz this
Snake does not like angry, pouty,  Princess needs better
manners, and I`m disappointed.nnnnnnnn

When RU gonna stop disappointing me, Pink Moon?

-Flower-Arranging Master Kipp

Well, this hit the button.  To make a long story short, we met up today
at a cafe in Omotesando.  As her punishment #1, I made her meet me w/
no panties.  For punishment #2, I brought the remote-control vibe I
didn`t use last time & made her go to the Ladies` Room and insert it.
I teased her during LOOONG dinner by turning it on or off, but ofcourse
she could make no sound HA HA..  I made her drink alot also so she had
to trip to the Ladies Room again w/ the vibe in, walking very gingerly
(w/ no panties), tight-assed not to lose it.  Afterwords, straight to
love hotel for light SM, normal sex.   Wow.... I needed that as I`ve
been on a bit of  a dry spell lately.

OK, what did I learn part 2....
1/  Give a chick what she wants... if she wants to be controlled,
      control her.  So long as it`s w/in your limits, a turn-on
      for you, and you keep self-respect
2/  No doesn`t always mean No.  I couldda given up after the `Don`t
    bother to phone me again, thank you` e-mail.  But I kept my
    composure & options open
3/  It pays to keep up 6 month contact, even if casual, w/ chicks
    you might wanna do again.  My stable has thinned out - things
    are a bit slow near the holidays - but had this New Year`s Treat.

Comments (constructive) welcome.

CU, Kipp