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Tom and Maniac write about an example of how to do a 
dance floor pickup without talking to the chick!

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well, I have only one thing to say : great post !

is it easy to see when she goes into trance when she's dancing ? (well,
dancing people are already in a kind of trance), but how easy is it to see
the changes ?

One thing I noticed is that when you get to connected to someone, if you act
very slow and move very slow, it seems to deepen their trance, like if they
don't know what's going on. Have you noticed that as well ?


maniac_high  wrote in message
> Kino Report! All the details of doing an awesome kino PU!
> 991010
> Hi All!
> How to do a dance floor kino pickup has been talked about
> here recently, and it turns out, that I saw an excellent
> example of this tonight in a club, while I was out with one of
> my regular chicks. I watched the PU from start to end, and
> learned A LOT about dance floor kino pickups from what this
> guy did. I will talk about what I saw below and analyze...
> Comments/opinions welcome as usual..
> Okay, first of all, the PU was done with vitually no talking at
> all, so I will try to be as descriptive as I can, even though this
> was all body motions for the PU. The setting was a disco in
> Tokyo, playing regular fast paced disco dance music. I was on
> the floor with one of my regular chicks, and the following
> happened next to me with a blond haired guy, probably in
> high school, doing an excellent PU on a J-babe wearing a
> reddress. I rate her a 7.5.. His moves were very well scripted,
> and well done, here goes.. I will just list it out, then talk more
> below. This was cool, and I will do this from now on..
> Analysis is at the end..
> -They make eye contact, and start dancing facing each other.
> -He mirrors her dance moves, making eye contact
> -This happens about 2 or 3 minutes
> -He puts his arm on her side, to her back, lightly, and is
> dancing, still following her pace
> -He puts the other arm on her other side to her back, but he
> does not pull her in.
> -Now he slowly runs both hands up her body, to her armpits,
> and then up her arms (he raises her arms up in the air)
> -Then when he reaches the tops of her hands, which are
> stretched out in the air, he (slowly), runs his hands down her
> body.
> -His hands slowly slide down till they reach her ass. He
> doesn't grope it directly, but just they are above the top of her
> buttcheeks.
> -The whole thing above (hands up to her hands, down to ass,
> is slow, takes about 1 or 2 minutes to travel the whole
> distance).
> -Also, now, he has slowed down his dancing, and is not really
> following the music anymore, and she has slowed down too,
> (he slowed her down by mirroring her pace, and then slowing
> down as his hands were running up/down).
> [3 minutes]
> -While his hands are on her ass, he moves his head in, and
> breathes softly on her neck. He does not
> try to kiss her.
> -His hands move up/down her back slowly, while his head
> moves around her neck/side of neck, him breathing slowly,
> closely.
> -The chicks eyes start to close. She is going into trance.
> [3 minutes]
> -He moves his head and hands down her body, (still facing
> her), he like crouches down, slowly, as
> his hands travel down to her legs, then slowly moves up
> again, to her ass, and he is standing again,
> and is breathing on her neck/back again.
> [3minutes]
> -He now repeats the hand up/down things above from the top
> of this list, and the breathing a couple times.
> -Each time he pulls her in closer.
> -She is going way into trance now.
> [4 minutes]
> -The last time he does the up/down hands thing, he raises his
> hands up to her hands in the air, and lets go, but leaving his
> hands up.this is her cue to now do the same thing to him,
> and she does.
> -She runs her hands up/down his body slowly now, like he did
> to her before a few times.
> -She clearly likes this, a smile is on her face..
> -He turns her around (so her back faces his chest), and he
> does the same things again with the hands,
> this time from behind..
> -(she gets confused, when he tries to turn her so he just tells
> her to turn around), loses trance state..
> -He does NOT go for her tits/cunt, etc..nothing overtly
> sexual..
> -She is back in trance again.
> -[3 minutes]
> -He turns her around again, so they are facing each other, and
> he is breathing on her neck/face.
> -Now she is mirroring him and doing the same thing,
> breathing on his face/neck.
> -This goes on a long time.he makes her wait for the kiss,
> and she is goes more into trance, she
> is just hanging on to him now..he does not rush things at all.
> [3 minutes]
> -He starts breathing more on her cheeks, face, but does not
> kiss there..
> -He continues until she is doing the same [2 minutes]..
> -She is doing the same now, and their lips are breathing on
> each others face,
> -This continues for what I thought is a really long time before
> the kiss starts [4 minutes]
> -Finally, they slowly move closer lips together from each
> others lips
> -The lips lock, they kiss, and keep kissing..
> -The kissing goes on for a really long time (15 -20 minutes)..
> Around then I leave with my chick, and don't see the rest of it
> (I suspect he just took her home ;-) )
> Okay, Maniac's analysis. First, this was a REALLY GOOD
> kino pickup. There was no talking during the whole PU
> (expect where he makes her turn around), just the way he
> touched her got her going. That was really cool. Some other
> things notable to me. Firstly, he did NOT rush things. I
> realized, watching this, that maybe I rush things too much,
> and try to tongue the chick too soon, and that scares her
> away, before her states are setup right.
> Also, it was obvious to see her states changing when he was
> doing the Kino. I know to watch for this now. He did not
> advance until her state was ready. This was obvious from
> looking at her (her eyes closing, her `hanging' on him, her
> following his dance pace, and NOT the music when he
> slowed down.). He made sure this happened before going to
> the next step. She was also helping him by following his
> `body rapport'. Some chicks will/won't in my experience.
> Also, he did nothing overtly groping/sexual, ie. He didn't kiss
> her neck/ears before the first kiss (not sure if this is good/bad
> yet..I think best to wait until she accepts you by the "real" kiss
> first, then move to those other parts), didn't grab her ass in a
> groping way until the kiss/touch tits..etc. It was all very
> smooth and passionate looking until the kiss, without sexual
> groping/kissing neck/ears.. That is good, because it didn't
> scare her.
> He also took his time..the whole kino session was like 30
> minutes from start to end. He was going REAL SLOW, even
> his dance pace didn't follow the music..very SLOW MOTION
> movements, as the chick dephased from the music rhythm, to
> his. He was very conscious too what he was doing, eyes open,
> looking like an engineer as he worked the chick into trance.
> Very very good. He'd close them though when she could see
> his face. It was clear he had done this before and was
> following the "cookbook".
> He also made her wait for the kiss a bit, longer than I
> expected or I would have. It was good, he kept on touching
> her, / breathing really close to her, and that probably made
> her even more horny, making sure there would be no kiss
> rejection. I liked this..
> All in all, I learned a lot from watching this, and will model
> my kinos from now on to what this one looked like.. basically,
> slow down my pace, and realize I dont have to follow the
> music pace if its not appropriate to my kino pace to seduce
> the chick.
> Well there you go!, Constructive opinions/comments
> welcome, as usual!
> Maniac
> [Oh, BTW, another funny thing happened at that club, while
> I was there with my chick, guess who came in with her 2
> girlfriends.yep, HB blitz! It was a cool neg, my sexy GF
> hanging all over me, when I see her at the door coming in. I
> ask her, "gee where have you been (implying to my email,
> and reply that she never answered), look at my chick and feel
> her up a little, and then turn to HB blitz and say "well, see
> you around"  and go off with my chick.. .. A beautiful neg.. I
> think it deserves a followup (get your shit together email if
> you want to be that chick in my arms)..opinions anyone how
> to structure that from here?]
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