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Ken uses 4 questions and rock/scissors paper opener that leads to a kiss close!

From Mon Oct 23 09:52:01 2000
From: (X0730)
Subject: Stupid, fun games to get kino in clubs, some questions
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Date: 17 Oct 2000 16:25:25 GMT

Here is what I have been using:

1)  4 magic questions.  I posted this a few days ago.  Usually when you tell a
chick what her responses mean you will get a good response.  I take that
opportunity to step up the kino.
2)  Rock+Paper+Scissors to get a kiss.  I used this a few days ago in a club to
get mad kino.  I can't believe this fucking worked.  I picked out the hottest
HB in the whole club and went from "hi" to making out in 5 minutes.  I am not a
master PUA or great looking guy, but I am starting to get the hang of it. 
Anyway, this is basically how I used this:

We were on the dance floor fluffing and I ask her the 4 magic questions.  She
didn't really give me anything to work with so I then try to get her to play
the questions game with me.  She can't think of anything to ask so I tell her I
want to play another game, one she will surely like.  Note: At this point we
were facing each other and I had one hand on each side of her. 

Me:  Ok, the game is rock, paper, scissors and the loser has to kiss the
HB:  I can't do that...I'm a good girl(playfully)
Me:  Ok...just kiss on the cheek then
HB:  Ok

I lose the 1st, she loses the 2nd, I lose the third one.  When I kiss her on
the cheek she turns her head a little so that I almost hit her lips.  She may
have even been trying to kiss me on the lips.  I took that as a green light so
I say:

Me: Ok, real kiss now.
HB:  I'm a good girl.  I don't kiss guys I know that well.
Me:  Well, it's a good thing we have gotten to know each have
ALREADY kissed me.

Then I kissed her and that led to a night of making out and groping everywhere.
 Throughout the evening she would keep saying stuff like, "You're so bad!  Are
you always like this?" and "You like to move fast don't you?"

How should I respond to that? She is obviously enjoying my "badness"

Also, I wanted to get her out of the club and fuck her that night, but I didn't
quite know how to do it.  She would say things like, "I don't think I should be
alone with you." so I know that she wanted me, but she was with a group of
friends, and didn't want to seem like a slut.

3)  Someone posted this a while ago as the "Toronto Shooter"  Basically you
take a shot of tequilla, you lick the girls neck, put salt on it, and put a
lime in her mouth.  You then lick her neck, take the shot, and slowly suck the
lime out of her mouth.  I used this in a club, but I reversed it.  I needed to
drive home so I didn't want to drink, but the HB that was with wanted a shot of
tequilla so I told her that I was going to show her a fun way to take the
tequilla.  I poured some salt in my hand and told her to "Lick my neck."  She
did so w/o hesitation(wow, I didn't expect this, but I was very commanding)
then I put the salt on my neck and the lime in my mouth.  She seemed to enjoy
this and took her time with the salt+lime.  Next time I see her I should put
the salt on my cock.

I'm curious to learn what other games you PUA's play to have fun+get more kino.
 I still can't believe that the rock, paper, scissors thing worked.  I think it
had to do with her not playing along with my first two games(rejection then
retreat, Cialdini) and then committment/consistency after we had already been
kissing on the cheek. We must have looked so silly playing that game in the
middle of the dance floor.  I bet I looked pretty cool a few minutes later
making out with her though!

I have only been clubbing for a little over a week(turned 21 not too long ago)
so I am not sure how to continue the seduction from #2.  I am going to see her
on Thurs, but I am not sure what route to take.  Would it be too drastic of a
change to start doing value/elicitation, SS?  I did that with a girl that I met
in a club last week.  The club PU was almost all kino, we got together the next
day and then I started value/elicitation, patterning and it seemed to work. 
She gave me head and then took me out to dinner.  She is from out of town, but
is coming to see me this weekend.  To reward her for making the effort to see
me, I rented one of those "Romantic Getaway" hotel rooms, with a whirlpool, etc
for Friday night.  It is pretty extravagant and cost me $280.  I don't care
about the $$$, but do you guys think this is too much?  Is this supplication? 
My reasoning for getting the room is because I think it would be a lot of fun,
and ironically, even though I am loaded, I still live with my parents so I
wanted a way for us to be alone together.  I am NOT doing this to buy her
affections.  Actually, I am not sure how to walk the fine line between getting
a girl to really want to be with me, yet not fall in love, get obsessed, and
try to get me to committ.  How do you guys handle this?