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From Fri Feb 25 02:21:59 2000
From: "depredador" 
Subject: maniac, everyone hereīs a kiss close first date.

I met this girl on december 30 last date of work at the company
I work for. she was talking to a friend of mine and I approch them
say hello to my friend and then to her.

when I saw her a couple of hours later alone I asked her how long
had she known my friend, I started asking her what she usually 
does on weekends, favorit type of movies,artist,music,....
she gave me her phone number and I told her that I was probably going
to the beach that weekend, but if not I would give her a call.

I gave her a call on january 1 after telling her a couple of jokes
about new yearīs day I set up the date at 6 pm (usually the sun sets at
7 here in winter and at 8 pm on summer) I met her at a shopping
center near where she lives. when i saw her i told her first "happy new
year" and hug her to start the kino. we got in my car and 
went to a coffee/bar shop. 

when we were in the car i started talking to her about last night
parties, but she looked kind of unconfortable
i started talking about music, artist she had told me se liked.
at the coffee shop i chose a four chair table and i sat next to her.
i told her how nice is to have someone to share the free time
if sheīd had a boyfriend she got along with pretty well, after hearding
her story i started telling her my favorit love story "a real one" at
my work a have a friend whoīs sister used to work there 
she went to california for some trainnig and met a guy there
they started to send e-mails to each other, he came to this company
for a month they went out in california,and went out when he came down
here. he went back and after a couple of months they decided to get
merried they got merried and went to live in california. well this is
the story, of course the way i usually tell it to girls sounds more
interesting, besides when i told them about when they went out i start
to use some ss tips from ross like: as she kept talking to her
she notice she liked the sound of his voice, she notice they have the
same likes, dislikes, about movies music, kind of the same goals and
probably thatīs why the get along with each other very well.
you know you never know when/where you can meet someone thatīs gonna
change your life. it was kind of  hard to start the kino since she had
her arms crossed. but she looked as if she were daydreaming after
hearding the story. she was wearing a couple of golden rings so i touch
them and said, there nice so she uncrossed her arms i started to hold
her hand and said your skin is real soft iīm sure you donīt do de
dishes. se laughs. l let her hand go. finish our drinks.

 we went for a walk. i stopped out side of the coffee shop. there was a
picture of gloria stefan on the wall, one of her favorite singers i
offer my arm
a la french while pointing with my other hand at the picture.
and continue walking i was wearing a collar/button bu short sleeve
shirt as she was holding my arm she started to rob it a little bit
and laid it against her tit. a took her to a souveniers shop started
looking at the things on the window, slowly raised my hand to point at
a puppet like toy that was on top so she had to let go of my arm
while i was asking her if she like that one a took her hand. and
continue walking, i head to an area near by were there are usually some
couples kissing. at that time 8-9pm. i stopped the walking and told
her. you know when i used to live in usa a friend taught me that when
they meet an special person in europe they let her know it whith
a hug and a kiss on the cheek, so i did that i was starting to get a
little nervous since this was one of my first expiriences using this
tips. after that i started to hold both her hands. and started to get
my body closed to hers. no resistence. i ask her. are you a romantic
girl? she said she was i tried to kiss her she looked to the side
avoiding the kiss. i started to kiss her cheek,neck,hear. no
resistence, i started while kissig her cheek to get closer to her
mouth, she looked to the side again, so i started to kiss the corner of
her mouth. i told her iīve have i wonderful time with you tonight.
she looked at me and lean forward so i started to kiss her passionetly.
kept walking,french kissing. it was like 10 pm
she said she had to go home know since she was going some where with
her mom early. so i took her home.
i was able to lay her two weeks later.

ok i live in guadalajara mexico the second biggest city famous for
mariachi,beautiful girls and tequila (thereīs a small town an hour away
called tequila where tequila originated. thatīs where the name comes
from) so my first language is spanish. guadalajara is four hours  from
puerto vallarta. a beach crowded all year round with turist from
usa and canada.
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