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Part 1 of a back to back two night lay report double feature!

From: Maniac High 
Date: May 7, 2000
Subject: Lay Report: Karate babe falls on the mat and loses it all!

Lay Report: Karate babe falls on the mat and loses it all!

This is the first half of yet another lay report double feature, 
and is about my evening with Karatebabe, a chick who is into 
karate/kickboxing..etc. She is in her early 30s, and is 
looking (pic in Nathan's lounge). 

Here is the story, and what I did:
Those of you who read my field report about Brazil a couple 
months ago will remember Karatebabe. She was the J-chick 
tourist I picked up on the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil, who 
was lonely because she went all the way to Brazil to meet a 
guy, but when she got there, he had already got another girl. 
She actually lives in Tokyo, like I do, and we kept in touch by 
email during the rest of her trip (maybe 2 or 3 mails 

I met her by chance on a shopping street in a Japanese area of 
Sao Paolo, and we started talking/hit it off there. Now of 
course, that wasnt entirely by chance, because I did spot her 
out easily. See, Sao Paolo is a dangerous city, like NYC, or 
places like that. So people avoid eye contact, and walk fast 
where they are going (which is what makes street PU's really 
hard in places like NYC). 

Tokyo on the otherhand, is 
absolutely safe. No poor people really in Japan, no recent 
immigrants (no immigrants at all actually),. Tokyo has the 
safety and cleanliness of the Magic Kingdom at Disney, 
which makes chicks very approachable, even at night.. they 
will make eye contact, and will talk to you.

Well, that was the thing with this chick. I was in Sao Paolo, 
and grew up in the USA, (so felt quite familiar with the way 
S.P. is), and all the cold eyes/gestures that you get in US 
cities. But this chick was walking slowly, looking all over, 
and didnt speed up to get away when she heard my footsteps 
behind her like Americans will do in a US city. it was just 
obvious that she wasnt Brazilian Asian immigrant, but really 
a J-chick from Japan. 

I followed her for a block, and then got 
ahead of her so she could see me talk Japanese to one of the 
immigrant Asian old guys in that Asian section of S.P. She 
noticeably slowed down to see me talk to him, and then after 
he couldnt understand my Japanese (his was worse than 

I continued, and saw her giggle slightly (never see that 
in a US city ever, but in Tokyo all the time. actually, I think 
the safety problem in US urban areas is what makes street PU 
so hard there, everyone is scared shitless of getting shot or 
stabbed, which really ruins the PU atmosphere).

So I make the opener to her, ah! You are Japanese are you? 
And we start talking, where you are from (Tokyo..)..blah 
blah. I tell her I am looking for Shiatsu massage place, and if 
she knows. She doesnt, but offers to help me look, as she has 
no plans today. We spend some time looking, but cant find 
anything open, so then I tell her I am thirsty, lets go get a 
coke at one of the cafes, she says yes, and we go sit down.

I ask her why she is here, and she tells me her sad story about 
the guy. She also says she is a graphics designer, and I tell 
her about my work a bit, just so she knows I am not a freak. I 
ask her where she has been in S.P., and what to see, since I 
never been here before. I ask her phone number and email, 
and get it, as I worry she will blow off after we finish the 
soda. I get it.

Then she asks me what I am going to do next, and I say walk 
to see the market/shopping area, and some cathedrals in S.P. 
She is obviously lonely (after hearing her story), so I ask her 
to come with me to look around, and I end up spending the 
whole day with her till my flight at 9pm back down (it was 
my last day, had it not been, I WOULD have laid her right 
that night, as she was obviously fragile, and hurt by the whole 
experience with the other guy).

We spend the afternoon looking at shops, churches, and the 
tourist thing in SP. After supper, I take her hand, and we are 
walking around in the evening, to the bus station the other 
end of town. We talk about how it is hard to get good 
relationships and find the "right guy",, blah blah. I get a 
cheek kiss at the end (gesture to kiss my cheek) at the bus 
station, and I tell her to keep in touch, and I leave. Kino 
sucked because I didnt know good places to take her in S.P. 
that I could sit next to her. save that for Tokyo I figured, as 
that was my home turf and I knew all the places there.

She got back, and sent me a message, so I asked to meet her, 
she said yes. Here I fucked up a bit, and met her in the 
afternoon (I fixed this with the Nursebabe, in the next lay 
report). This was a bit of a problem, because I dont have a 
good working system yet for afternoon dates to get them 
home right away to fuck. 

So we walked around shopping 
areas in Tokyo a bit, had coffee, and talked. I knew her "hot 
buttons" were "difficulty in relationships", "what she wants", 
and feeling "rejected". I decided that I was going to play all 
this on her feelings of rejection, and get her to fuck me that 

I also played on the "fate", how we met the other side of 
the world, purely by chance, at a street intersection in Sao 
Paolo (which of course wasnt entirely true, as I played that a 
little bit to have it turn out how it did). Turns out she also 
really likes gay guys, because they are "safe" around girls and 
have nice muscles (Maniac is not gay, but I do use this later 
by talking about how gay people is a different but interesting 
culture, and very expressive to fashion and style, expecially 
ladies clothes..etc, and if she likes sexy clothes..etc (yes)).

Karatebabe is a bright and logical chick, so I play on this. She 
tells me what she is looking for in a guy (good feelings, but 
otherwise not sure), and still feels she doesn't understand 
men. Excellent, because now Maniac will give her HIS 

I pulled a lot of stuff from this NG, and was VERY 
cutting (since she was already afraid, and rejected feeling, I 
knew she would be open to radical ideas). I told her that in 
relationships, the girl has to sometimes take the lead when 
she wants something (not true, but I want this to be as easy as 
possible for me), and that the guy will not always "state" what 
he wants (though in this case I will). 

I also told her that in relationships, lots of girls like to jerk 
guys around, and that guys often blow chicks out when they 
do this (might as well pour it on I figure!). She told me that 
the S.P. guy said he really wanted to see her, but wouldnt 
touch her ..etc. from her description, it sounds like S.P. guy 
was a classical AFC, and afraid to make any moves, which is 
why it fucked up. 

I told her how relationships are a team 
sport, and how communications happens at all levels (ie. did 
YOU touch him?. of course no..), eye contact, touching, 
tonality, and not just words.. I told her also how me as a guy, 
I expect a chick to take the chance when she is given one, and 
not jerk the guy around too much, or I move to the next chick. 

During this whole talk, I really poured on the kino, shoulder, 
legs, each time I said something to her, I touched her 
someplace. I could do this, because the coffeeshop I took her 
to has small round tables, so you can sit right next to the 
chick. Going to places that you sit in front of the chick (ie. 
cant kino), are useless, in fact harmful, as it ruins the mood, 
as you cant touch her now for the next 30..45 minutes..blech! 
Always go to places you can kino the chick!

Coffee finished, and we go walk some more around the shops. 
It gets dark, and I ask her to my place to watch a video. She 
says ok [she told me after that usually she would say NO to 
such a request, but she said yes because of what I told her at 
coffee, and what I expected with chicks, and what the 
consequences were (the chick getting blown out for life) if a 
chick rejected a chance I gave her].

We get "Fifth Element". I chose fifth element, because it is an 
SF movie, with lots of sexy costumes, and a couple of the 
characters in it are sort of gay looking (it is a french 
production I believe), which I knew she would like from our 
talk ahead of time at the coffee shop.

We watch the movie, and we are talking at the same time, 
remarking the sexy costumes, and ignoring the plot. We are 
talking about relationships and how they are difficult again. 
We talk about some stuff (I got from this NG), I say, "did you 
know that womens romance novels outsell men's porn mags like 
5:1 in the USA?.. I think it is because basically romance is 
women's pornography. .. I mean chicks say that porn mags 
are dirty and all that..but its not, chicks do the same thing 
with their romance books. see, in a relationship, the first 
thing important for a chick is romance/warm feelings, and 
after that comes sex. Well, for the man, the same things are 
important, but in a different order, first is sex, and then 
romance/warm feelings".

Then she asks me, well what if you met a girl who was a 
virgin, and wanted to save her self for marriage? I replied, 
that I would try to fuck her, and if I got nowhere, I would 
instantly dump her for another chick because she was being 
selfish! Karatebabe was aghast, and dropped her mouth "why 
you think so?". 

I told her that virginchick wants to have 
everything, but give nothing.she wants a relationship, nice 
dinners and evening walks, but doesnt want to give sex to the 
guy. She is USING HIM for attention. That is the SAME 
THING as when a guy pulls a chick out of a bar, fucks her 
and dumps her the next morning, just using her for sex. 
There is NO DIFFERENCE! Karatebabe thought about for a 
little while, then agreed, that as weird as it sounded, actually 
what I said made sense, and I was right.

Then I tell her a bit a story about a chick I dated (while I was 
still an AFC). 

That chick was 20, and I took her to a restaurant for dinner 
(so of course kino was impossible, but I was stupid then ;-) ). 
And also, when we went for a walk, she wouldnt ever let me 
take her arm like french promenade style (which I dont do 
anymore BTW, as if kino was good in the bar, you can go 
right to holding hands directly). And then she would write 
back how she had such a wonderful time with me, and want 
to go out again to another restaurant. And of course, she did 
the same thing (resisting all kino attempts). And of course 
since I was an AFC then, I accepted it again, and went out a 
THIRD time with her..same thing. 

Then I smartened up, 
(slightly), and the next time she asked me to go out (she even 
had circled all the restaurants she wanted to go to on a piece 
of paper, can you believe that!), I sent her a reply back saying 
"Why should I go out with arent interested in me at 
all! Just you want to get taken to restaurants and get 
everything paid for!". 

She replied how she was "so shocked 
by my statements, and how she'd never been treated that way 
and she just wanted to have nice evenings and romance". I 
replied back "Well you shouldn't have been surprised, you 
just want to use me for attention, but didnt want to give ME 
anything, or pay ANY attention to what I WANT at all!, so 
why are you surprised?". 2 months later I got a note from her 
asking me out, but by then I had discovered ASF, and was on 
to much better chicks already. She missed her chance..

We talked about that relating to her lost love in S.P., and told 
her that basically, she missed her chance, by resisting, and 
not making moves, when the chance was there.opportunity 
lost.. I could tell I was getting into karatebabe, and things 
were happening inside her head.

I start getting really kino with karatebabe now, get her top 
off, but she is starting to annoyingly really resist. I tell her 
"see, at the beginning, a little resistance is ok, but if you do it 
throughout, a guy will think you dont like him, and then blow 
you out! She said she is not resisting me though.. I say yes 
you are, you keep pushing me away, (really strongly too, she 
is into karate, and is a strong woman), so the message you 
give the guy is that you dont want him.. that is why guys 
always reject you and you end up alone with sad stories! 

We play some more, and resistance is a little less now, but she 
says that her parents expect her back home, so she has to go.. 
I tell her, see, there is another thing you did, you went out 
with a guy, you are 30 Y.O., but you didnt set rules with your 
folks yet that you can go out, and come back the next 
day..etc.. That is also why you have trouble. Basically, my 
whole strategy is to play on her being inadequate if she 
doesnt fuck and doesn't let me have my way with her.

I dress her up, and escort her back to the station, hand 
holding and a goodbye kiss.

The next day, I get an email from her saying that I was really 
direct in what I said, and somehow very strict, but it was very 
clear what I expected and it made sense, and that she was 
going to make some changes, and that she wanted to see me 
again. I book the following Friday for her, 8pm, to show her 
an Izakaya (drinking bar) near my house [from here on,  this 
is a similar routine to what I do with nursebabe the following 
night..actually, I wrote that report before this one, so there is 
more detail in that one about what comes next re: my plan].

I think my plan for what the themes for the short izakaya stop 
will be. It will be to talk about the HB afro blowout story (I 
will say it happened to my friend, and how some girls are not nice 
girls at all, as my friend is a really sweet guy, and how he got 
taken advantage. Then I will talk a little more about 
relationships being difficult, pour on the kino, and then get 
her to my place to fuck her).

I arrive at the station a few minutes late (so I can hug/kiss 
her), its easier to do when she is waiting for you rather than 
the other way around, get a hug/hand holding, but she is 
embarrased to kiss in such a public place. Like nursebabe the 
next day, she arrives with a small backpack, so I know she is 
intending to spend the night and fuck. I take her to the 
Izakaya, and pour on the kino. 

I tell the HB afro story, and she is really sympathetic, I get 
kino going really well, and talk how it is so pitiful, such a 
thing, and how it is easy for a girl to get a BF in 10 minutes 
in a bar, but for a good guy like him, it can take months. A 
couple times our talk drifts into the wrong way (talking about 
karate, and stuff like that that is not kino/romantic), so I 
rebring up that HB afro story. "oh, just it really bothers me 
that someone can treat someone else like that..blah blah". I 
tell her how I spent the day studying Japanese (get a kiss 
cheek out of it for my good work), we finish drinks and I 
extract her. I pay (maybe I shouldn't have), but anyways, I 
know I will fuck her tonight, so I dont really care about it.

She goes out of the bar, and like nursebabe the next day, 
immediately starts walking to my house direction without 
asking. I dont even have to ask/say anything. I take her hand, 
and we go. I kiss her once along the way, but she is really 
embarrased, so I wait till we get home for the next one.

We get there,lights are bright, pop music album on the radio 
[all this the same as nursebabe report, read it for all the 
details on why I did things this way].  

I gesture her to the couch downstairs, we start kissing, and I 
massage her tits and hugging/petting, and NO RESISTANCE 
AT ALL (a big switch from last time. I can tell she was 
serious when she said she would change her thinking the next 
time she saw me). I ask her "do you like me" (see nursebabe 
story for why I do this), she says yes, and I say "ok" and take 
her upstairs and fuck her silly right to the next morning (I 
just take off her clothes (no resistance), finger/kiss/massage 
her all over, and then start drilling her). She is a very good 
fuck, and very passionate lover. wonderful!

She tells me the next day, maybe it is better to be an easy 
chick, and have fun like this. I tell her maybe it is. I want to 
see her again (a good fuck she was!), she says she wants to 
also, and I lead her out in the morning, and take the 
afternoon off before nursebabe arrives at 8pm that night, 
where the whole routine starts again.

Constructive comments/opinions welcome as usual!

Maniac High