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More reason for a 'statement of intent', chicks also want to
cut the bullshit!

Subject: Being obvious you are open to (but not necc. want) sex!
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 17:03:52 GMT

Being obvious you are open to (but not necc. want) sex!

Sometimes chicks also are interested in easy sex. (yes, we
already know that). Here is an example though. .

I was debriefing karatebabe, and asking her why she decided
to have sex with me that time she came over to my place.

She said that I had made it obvious that I was looking for
sex, and she hadnt had sex for a long while. She didn't want
all the bullshit that comes before a guy having sex (dates
and shit), because to her (get this!) she says that if a
guy doesn't make it obvious he wants to fuck her, then she
thinks he isnt interested in sex at all (in other words,
chick logic, she is thinking that guys think the same way
girls do, which of course we know is not true!).

This is probably crucial in bar PUs.. (which I am
currently working on, and making a framework for)
make it look like you are offering sex, but not necc.
just want that only (or if you do, already qualify
that that is only what the girl wants (sex w/o dating bullshit
first). .ie, it is a favor for the RIGHT girl, if she measures

And that is today's wisdom from karatebabe!

Constructive comments/opinions welcome!

Maniac High