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Re: Mystery: delusional chicks & sympathy lies! 
Date: 11/12/2000 
Author: maniac_high  

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Re: Mystery: delusional chicks & sympathy lies!
Mystery wrote in another post this week regarding lying
to chicks, about how not to underestimate how delusional
a chick is willing to become in order to keep her 'happy'
view of the world.
He is absolutely right. And this explains how seeming
'jerk' can get away with what seems like such ridiculous
Case in point, is where I recently did a fuckup, and then
recovered with Karatebabe (see lay report, my page). This
is the chick that would go around my place after sex
cleaning up her own hairs so that "the other chicks"
wouldnt find out about her.
Well, one day we are going for coffee, and she asks me
if I had been seeing another chick at the time I started
dating her. Figuring (incorrectly) from her behavior,
that this chick knew totally what the score already was,
I said I had been (wrong answer!).
She freaked out and went balistic at me. Shit about "how
I make her fool, go behind her back..and other shit".
In retrospect it was clear though.. she got upset, because
something she merely 'suspected' (even though it was fucking
obvious as shit, as other chicks stuff was all over the
fucking house), now became something 'confirmed', and that
shattered her entire world..
I then smartened up and realized what I had just done,
and recovered by saying that I dumped her after I first
started dating you (Karatebabe), a few weeks later.
After that, she settled down (even though every week
there was different chick stuff all over the house
after that!). She asked me about it, and I said no,
there are no chicks..
She said she accepted that, and that her 'nightmare'
now was over, and everything was fine again.
Later she found some makeup and chick stuff in the
bathroom cabinet (another chick must have slipped
it there for someone else to find it), so I had
to think fast on my feet for that one...
So I told her that I have a real dark secret and
she might be very disappointed in me (now she is
expecting to hear something about a chick)..
Then (remembering she likes gays and stuff) I tell
her that I like to make believe to dress like a girl
(lots of J-guys do it actually, so I know it is not
so far fetched here), and I have guy friends that do it
with me, and sorry I didnt tell you earlier.. (of
course this is TOTALLY false.. Maniac is not even
remotely gay, nor a crossdresser or any of that shit)...
however.. she ACCEPTED that story, and was relieved
(in spite of the fact that I was almost cracking up
when I said it, since I was SURE she would call me
on my bullshit... but she didnt)!
Fuck!, the totally ridiculous things you have to
tell a chick...  AND! they accept it (as they
try to internalize it and believe it at least at
some level so that their happy delusional world
doesn't come crashing to bits)..
Strange, isnt it..!
Maniac High