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Maniac learns about not taking bullshit from chicks!

Subject: Chick Bullshit Report! Blowing out JulianaBitch!
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 17:10:11 GMT

Chick Bullshit Report! Blowing out JulianaBitch!

This story is about recognizing chick bullshit, and calling her on it
when it happens. In this case, I arranged a meeting with this chick
(a 28YO Roppongi girl). She behaved a lot like HBHotpants (see
fuckup report on my webpage), but thanks to ASF, MrSex and
others I handled it WAY differently this time.

JulianaBitch is very cute, but dumb, and seems to like to play guys
for their money, and wants them to suck up to her. As soon as I
recognized her game (which was pretty soon), she got NOWHERE
with me. She used to be a permanent hangout in a disco called
Juliana's, in Roppongi, in the early 90s at the very end of Japan's
"bubble economy". Let me digress for a moment and talk about
Juliana's.. as it not only was it the icon, but probably the top of
decadance during the top of Japan's 'bubble economy'.., when Japan was
buying everything in fucking site, and was sure that they would
rule the world because they were so "more perfect" than everyone
else.. how things change.. Juliana's was the hot spot of decadant
life in Tokyo, the focus of 'bodycon' (check the web for it guys. Its
shadow still lingers on).. micro minis, and chicks taking off their
skirts and dancing on the pedestals along the sides of the bars in
just their panties and bras.. there are videos on the net of it..
it was truly amazing.. At the hieght of it all, Juliana's was at
the very top of Tokyo's bubble decadant lifestyle..

It is 8 years later, she has lost a bit of that youth (and the
bubble has burst, and Juliana's is gone) , but is still pretty
good never the less.. too bad her attitude hasn't re-adjusted yet, but
I imagine it will soon, as she is not cute enough to be able to pull
off this kind of bullshit..

Here's the story.
Firstly, I show up to the meeting place and no bitch. So I start to go
home, and she calls me and says is it ok if she meets another day
like next weekend. I tell her I am busy, so some other time when
we are less busy. (I think she usually expects guys to rearrange all
their schedules, just because she is cute (which admittedly she is.. a
9 I figure, a 10 if I would have met her at 21YO).

I tell her I am going to 'Akahabara' (a part of Tokyo with lots of
electronics shops and geeks, as I am buying a new Sony Vaio
before going on holidays. If she wants to meet me, she can meet
me there and hang out with me while I buy a PC, because I am not
going to wait for her to take an hour to get to where she was
supposed to before..

She says OK, and eventually shows up. I am in the middle of
getting my PC, so I go get her, and go for coffee with her. She is
absolutely uninteresing, (next question, how do you PU a cute, but
dumb chick) After we talk for a bit, I bring her back to the shop,
where I continue to buy my PC. I finish that (takes like 45
minutes.. she asks if she can go downstairs and see I-mode
cellphone, I say fine, see you later), later she comes back, and I am
about done.

Now the bullshit starts.. she starts telling me about how she likes
guys who treat her first (ie. Buy her lots of shit). I also notice that
eye contact is shit, and she doesn't smile much, and kino is shit.
This chick is not into me at all (which is fine, it happens
sometimes.. but its her fault for fucking up the meeting and not
showing up when she should have, which is why now she wound
up in a computer store in  Akihabara).

I decide to bail, and go home with my new PC, and she starts
complaining about how expensive her subway ticket is to go home.
Now Maniac remembers this bullshit from HB Hotpants (thanks
MrSex for that great followup report), and I do exactly what he
suggested, and I do not buy her her subway ticket (figuring that
anyways, she will blow me out and never see me again anyways).
She remarks 5 TIMES how her ticket is expensive, and I just say
'ganbatte' (go for it).

Then get this, she pulls out a 'Luis Vuitton' purse (around $500)
and buys her ticket. Now she is visibly pissed that she couldn't
play me and get me to supplicate to her and shit. She leaves, I

Now, the bright side of this, is I didn't waste any time (except the
initial time to get to the first meetingplace, but that was on the way
to Akihabara anyways, so no big deal), did not waste any money,
and recognized by body language, that this chick was NOT into
me, and just wanted to play me to supplicate to her, and then she
threw her tittie tantrum when I didn't. At least I could recognize
that, and bail early..

Now, the downside.. there must have been a way to be able to lay
this chick, and that, I didn't figure out in this case. Now granted
you cannot lay them all, but still, it is good to learn from the

Opinions anyone on this? Obviously she fucks (I asked her how
many BFs she had had, and she wouldn't tell me, but I think it was
a lot from what other things she told me). I could not get this chick
to open up at all, no eye contact, no smiling.. nothing, no matter
what I tried.

She said she likes Roppongi, and dancing.. but this could be a very
big supplication opportunity if I go there with her (she will expect
me to pay probably, and then whether I do (or don't) I am sure she
will blow me out, and try to get as much attention from as many
guys as she can.. her way it seems..

What could have been done better? Or was the only rational thing
to do was early detection and bail, which I did..

Opinions anyone?

Maniac High

[addendum.. it was 3 weeks ago I wrote this (couldnt post, deja
was fucked up.. since then I talked to the chick, and she,
without any prompting, 'apologized' for being so 'tired and
acting selfish' last time, and would like to meet me again
and she said she would behave better... imagine that ;-)
We shall see... Maniac]