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RJ's Jerk Destroyer Pattern

[Note, this wont work with self abusive chicks who
hang with jerks as ways of 'punishing' themselves.
Might work with 'normal' chicks though.]

From: speedyseducer@aol.comkillspam (JMR)
Date: 15 Dec 2000 05:39:19 GMT
Subject: Jerk Destroyer Pattern

I was asked by someone (can't remember who, and I've already deleted the
message) to post the "Jerk Destroyer" pattern from Ross' Basic Home Study
Course.  With Ross' permission, here is the ever-wonderful "Jerk Destroyer"
pattern, quoted from the "Secrets Of Speed Seduction Home Study Course
Workbook" (pg. 67):


Posted with permission of Ross Jeffries
Copyright 2000, Ross Jeffries
All Rights Reserved


It's an unfortunate reality of existence that many women are attracted to what
can only be called assholes:  guys who are closed, distant, and self-absorbed.

This pattern works by tying in to the woman's ultimate fantasy of being with a
man who's strong, but also open emotionally.  It totally blows her fuses and
makes any jerk she's with now seem totally unimportant.  You should use it only
after you determine that she's indeed the jerk-loving type.

You:  You know, if you ever meet a guy who's strong, who knows how to hang on
his own strength, and knows how to call you on your bullshit, yet at the same
time open himself to you completely, and totally give of himself, it'll be the
most mind-blowing experience of your life.  I think it'll be like a diamond
bullet...  a diamond bullet shot right into your soul, that just spreads
through your whole soul and RE-ALIVENS and AWAKENS you to pleasures and
feelings you haven't even dared to dream about.  Can you FEEL THAT...  would be
just a mind-blowing experience.

And I'll tell you something...  I don't know what thoughts you've had of me or
what thoughts you've dared to let yourself have of me, but when I'm with a
woman like that, and they start to PERCEIVE ALL THESE THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, it's
like wow...  What a difference in the way they think, you know?


That was transcribed exactly from the workbook, so it doesn't mention the
anchors (Can you FEEL THAT) or the self-points (ever meet a guy who's strong...

I'm just glad that I type over 100 words per minute with good accuracy.  *grin*
 Anyway, enjoy, and best of luck to you!


"On the outside, I was an honest man, straight as an arrow...  I had to come to
prison to become a crook." -- Tim Robbins, "The Shawshank Redemption"