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[Tom and 'Regular' talk about why chicks like "jerks" and
why it helps to act more like a "jerk" if you want to be 
more successful with women. 

Sound astonishing? Well, it is.. so read on.. and you'll
see why its true.

Then the rest of this site to learn more about being 
the kind of guy that women love (in spite of what they
might tell you)!]

From Wed Oct 13 04:28:56 1999
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Subject: Re: How women fuck over other women
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great post.
I think there's one reason behind all that : Ultimately all women like to be
controlled or 'taken' by someone I should say. So they resist a little, but
they like the feeling of being pushed and when you're nice you don't do
"Jerks" are pushy by nature, so I guess that's why it works.

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Anonymous  wrote in message
> Somehow, most women seem to go after all the wrong
> guys for all the wrongs reasons.
> To completely end the mystery that perhaps many of
> you men in the group may have been wondering about
> for a while, most women absolutely DO go after jerks.
> But to say "jerk" is not a truly accurate description
> of the type of men these women go after. You might just
> say that they go after men who are incredibly self-confident
> with women. But that would not be completely accurate either.
> You could say that they go after the man who is not afraid
> of their pussy (please forgive the blunt language), but that
> too, would not be totally accurate.
> Well the truth is this. Women, more times than not, don't
> even know THEMSELVES what it is they are after. Very
> seldom do the ever stop to sit down and think of what kind
> of guy they would really like to have in their life.
> Their idea is ambiguous at best.
> So it comes down to this. Women just plainly and purely end
> up going after the guy who can make them feel the best.
> Period. The WAYS in which they are made to feel good by
> the guy(s) they ultimately select are irrelevant.
> That's where, and why, they get into trouble.
> In an instant gratification society, they just go after
> what turns them on the most, first. This is where the so-called
> "nice-guy" loses out (which is not an accurate description also).
> The so-called nice guy is generally not a smooth-talker. He does
> not come-on like he has loads and loads of great feelings and
> highs to spare, and generally not extrememly outspoken. From
> women's viewpoint, this is taken in all sorts of erroneous ways
> that it probably shouldn't be taken. But that's life, and the
> legacy of the poor "nice-guy."
> In passing, it should be noted for the record, that not ALL
> women go after the so-called "jerk" types. Do you want to know
> which women do? Only the women you want. So in that light, you
> may as well say "all" of them, right?
> So how does what I have said relate to the subject of this
> post.
> When women continue to fuck-over the guys they really should
> perhaps AT LEAST consider giving more of a chance to, these guys
> eventually, and usually quite quickly, begin to realize what
> kind of men the women they would like to have are going after.
> The result is that one day something just snaps inside of them,
> and they begin to emulate and become like the "jerks" that "most"
> women seem to love so much. In order to become that kind of man
> effectively, it usually has to be taken all the way to the end,
> for the "jerk" mindset would not be truly established if it were
> not. What that amounts to is becoming the "jerk" that smooth
> talks women and turns them on in many ways by showing that they
> have loads and loads of great feelings and highs to spare all for
> the woman. And in the end, after they have been promptly fucked,
> the guy dumps them. Why? Because that is the jerk's, and the women
> who go after jerks, legacy.
> So when women inadvertently, or purposely, create so-called
> "jerks" out of so-called "nice guys", they are just inadvertently
> fucking over other women, their own kind.
> For the curious:
> My experience comes from dealing with women professionally as
> a "nice guy", and as a "jerk" for over 15 years.
> The Long Time Regular