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Using Innuendo in PU!

Subject: Re: Flirtation briskly crushed
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 01:47:31 GMT

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  Bill  wrote:
> Greg, I don't wish to sound totally clueless, but could you tell us
how you
> get to such a high degree of explicitness in a phone call intended to
> hook-up with someone you just met?
> Clearly, a guy has to set a sexual frame to the phone call he makes,
> steer it in that general direction, or she, but how do you find out
what she
> likes to such a level of detail?

God I gotta go but I'll put a few details in.  I used to have a
girlfriend many years ago who was an excellant flirt and great with
inuendo.  I modeled her and added to it over the many years.  What I do
is TESTS.  I test the waters.  Just off the top of my head here's some

Me:  Hi, its' me.
HER:  Oh hi!
ME:  Your not doing somehting right now are you?
HER:  wha?
ME:  You know... DOIN... SOMETHING?

At this point she'll either say she doesnt have her vibrator out right
now which is cool... or she'll be shocked and resist or... she wont
have a clue.  No matter what all my tests are meant as jokes.  I prob
the waters.  Test her out.  See if she is a sexual woman.  If not...
NEXT!!!  Typically I screen em on first meeting.  I'll only get the
number if I know she is my type.

Either way I save time.  I don't waste my time on woman who aren't
sexually adventurous.  In fact tonight a friend of mine was over.  Last
Saturday she had a guy over from 9 to 11 AM  then one from 1 to 4...
then a nother from 7 to 11...  hehehehe...  Not all woman are like my
friend but this is the type of woman I prefer and to all you guys who
will judge their character for sleeping around.... GEESH!!!!  Most of
the frigid gals are so boring.  I like gals who are FUN!  (Second blow
job today!)  wow!!!  I'm having a good day and I havent even gone out
sarging yet!!!

Gotta go... off to sarge... WOOO HOOO!!!
greg the gonna have fun one

> wrote:
> ......
> > Ok so not only the movie got started but so did you.  What was your
> > mindset?  Was it:  I'm gonna do this stuff to her and it'll make her
> > horny or... I know what she wants and I'll give it to her.  You
> > your shooting in the dark here.  From your phone calls and
> > you should have gotten a clue on what to do here.  My phone calls I
> > usually find out if she likes oral, anal... ect...  I'm not kidding.
> > Obviously you just decided to guess at what to do and it didnt work.
> >
> ......

Seduction is so simple and yet we make it so complicated.