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PU Game: The House!

From: Brian 
Subject: New Routine: The House
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 20:45:53 GMT

I recently learned a new routine similar to the "4 Questions", "The
Cube", "strawberry fields" etc.  A chick at work taught this to me, and
I've used it twice with other chicks that I've flirted with.  It's a
good way to move into eliciting her values and doing more intense
question games, and it's also very simple.  I call it "The House":

Tell the chick to imagine herself standing inside a house.  As she is
standing there, 5 things are taking place which demand her immediate

1. A baby is crying.
2. The phone is ringing.
3. Somebody is knocking on the door.
4. Water is running in a sink.
5. Clothes are hanging outside to dry and it's starting to rain.

Ask the chick to tell you in which order she would take care of each of
these problems.  Once she tells you this, explain to her that her
answers represent her priorities in life, since each problem has a
specific meaning:

1. The baby represents her family.
2. The phone represents her love life.
3. The knocking on the door represents her friends.
4. The water represents money.
5. The clothes represents her career.

Is this stuff real?  Damned if I know, but every chick I've used it on
is impressed, and even if it isn't right, most chicks seem to want to
believe that it is real.  Have fun!

brianr75 AT yahoo DOT com