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Report by Maniac High; 

Subject: Outing report: Ms. Black Hotpants; golddigger evasion; and 
anti supplication evasive action..detonation!! 
Date: 1999/05/30 
Author: maniac_high  

Outing report: Ms. Black Hotpants; golddigger evasion; and anti
supplication..then detonation!..a dating disaster (for her! ;-) ) 
Hi all;
Today? outing is with Miss HB  Hotpants,22 Y.O, (one of the chicks 
from 15 phone numbers and 4 kiss closes), who (to my surprise), 
*did* show up for her date, to my surprise. This didnít go as well as 
Ms. Kinky on Friday (who I laid), but there are many lessons to be 
learned from this, so it is valuable too, and I will post this disaster as 
is for learning experience. I want your constructive comments on this 
Okay, HB hotpants was a  golddigger chick it turns out. I did blow 
her out half way through the date as a reuslt (was very funny; see 
below!), but still the advice I am looking here, is how to do quick 
detection and early removal of such chicks (in hind site, there were a 
few clues, but this could be done better I think), to minimize the loss 
of time/effort money, or to get her to respect you in a different way 
at first so she doesn? even try shit like this (I can say though, from 
what I can tell, I was the first guy I think to not supplicate and blow 
her out like this..more on that later s I said, this story, though not a 
lay, is an awesome learning opporutinty in its own way .
First, the summary (and then the story, from start to end). The chick, 
was an HB, very cute. We had We decided, we would 
then go to supper, and then go drinking after.  But she (w/o saying at 
first) decided to bring a friend to dinner, and expected me to pay 
(supplicate to her) for her and her friend? dinner. At that moment, 
everything went blew up (when I refused to supplicate), and told 
them to fuck off, and I went home right after dinner. (Her friend was 
in shock actually s I gave hotpants HB a big chewing out and a fuck 
off if she thought I was such an easy guy who would supplicate to 
her overt acts of selfishness oy was she wrong, and I gave them both 
and evening they will not forget for a long time .
Okay, the story from start to end, like the last time, opinions guys 
please, and strategies for next time There were some clues to her 
behavior, which I didnít pick up, that I should have, we?l analyze 
these too.
Allright, the beginning, I met Hotpants chick in a bar with Mr. 
Smooth last weekend. Read the details of "15 phone numbers and 4 
kiss closes" for how I got her, and what happened that day. Okay, 
now one detail I forgot, which turns out is important. At one night in 
the bar, when we were holding each other..etc, she wanted a pizza, so 
she got up and waited for me, and we went to the other end to get 
Pizza for everyone. We ordered it, and when the pizza came, she 
didnít gesture anything about paying money. I hadn? thought about 
it, as it was for everyone anyways, so I paid it and we went down. 
She also asked for a drink, but we had lots of tickets on the table 
from the admission, so that was fine, it didnít really cost anything.
Okay, fast forward to this afternoon. We meet; she said that she 
wanted to see a movie, but I could choose, so we saw the flick, and I 
bought her ticket (is this okay guys? Seems reasonable I think).
There was an hour before the movie, so we had some time. She said 
in the meantime, she wanted to go shopping (I say fine). We head to 
a dept store, and she starts looking at chick stuff (uh oh, supplication 
evasive action needed), so after she buys somthing, I tell her I need a 
guys necklace, and I want to get that. She says fine, and says that she 
will follow me. From then, till the movie, we now shop for my stuff. 
That is good, now I am leading her again.
As we walk around, I start my repetroire of questions, to start to get 
her talking about passion and guy stuff.  It is very hard, when I ask 
her her favorite actor, she say no one particular. I ask her her favorite 
clubs, she says everywhere I like. It was like this, for most things I 
asked, so I couldn? get an anchor in, or get anything
started. She did respond okay to me touching her now and then 
though with no resistance.
Before the film starts, she asks me what I am doing this evening, and 
I say I haven? made particular plans yet. She tells me she has an 
appointment with her chick friend, and would I like to join then (this 
was strange, I posted a thread a while ago, about what to do when 
chicks brings their friends uninvited, but there was no real
conclusion, except not to supplicate and be the nice guy who pays for 
everything for her and her friends, as in such a situation there is zero 
chance to lay the chick, chicks dont lay guys who supplicate). 
But this was different (it seemed), she said she already had the 
appointment, (why she booked an appointment the same day as a 
date I dunno, though I guess now I do ;-) ), and was asking me to 
join them. So I said fine, I will join the both of them.
We watch the movie, it was okay. The film ends, and she goes to the 
bathroom (without asking, just she goes  notice this is strange). Then 
we head out, and she fails my arm holding a-la french promenade 
test (she lightly rejects it). My experience here is that this is a very 
tiny intrusion, and chicks who reject this, I never get to lay. This is 
very bad, and I get concerned.
We get to the bus to go from Shibuya (where the film was), to 
Roppongi, where she said she was meeting her friend. She gets on 
the bus, and here is my first fuckup which I notice (maybe?). She 
gets on the bus and waits for me to pay the busfare. So I did 
(bad..ouch hough at first glance I figure I shouldn? think about 
paying bus fare, it is only $1.50 anyways, but the gesture (and that it 
was too cheap for her, should have clued me in). OKAY; MOMENT 
OF TRUTH #1 ow would you guys have handled this (remember, 
you are on a bus, in  front of the driver, and folks behind you in line, 
so scene making here is not really possible. Only thing I could think 
of is tell her, she has to pay to ride the bus (at which point, it 
probably is best I just get off the bus, since the date is dead 
anyways .
Now, before, you jump on me for supplicating, the reason I did this, 
is cuz a couple months ago, another chick did the exact same thing, 
and I did lay her that night anyways o I figured that maybe it was 
okay since its only $1.50, and it got me laid once anyways.. So this is 
no so clear cut, like the arm-ala french promenade test.
Okay, so we ride the bus. Now an amusing thing happens. A guy 
calls her on her phone, who I guess tried to get into her panties a few 
weeks ago, but failed. She tells him he was rude (guess, he walked 
her home, andthen didnít want to leave after she insisted), and wont 
give up. I gesture to her to give me the phone, so I take it, and say 
"Hello; and the guy says hello; and I say, sorry; she? taken!";; that 
was funny. 
Otherwise, conversation is good, she says that she was out 
everynight this week, and it was fun (she was wearing a super micro 
mini BTW, today, and I have to say it was very nice), and drank a 
lot.. She did hand shaking, and stuff; it was good.
We get to Roppongi, where we meet her friend, and Hotpants HB 
asks me where I would like to go eat (this was odd I thought), so I 
pick an italian place I like nearby. We go there, she picks up her 
friend on the way. Her friend is cute, nice, but more shy. Seems like 
a nice girl.
We have a nice supper and talk, I do my palm reading pattern, and 
that works well, get some hand holding and all that. Then, something
happens, which tells me what? going to come next (that this date is 
done, and they are about to be blown out nd I was write).
We were joking about her drinking nights, and I joked lightly, that 
she goes meeting guys, and has them buy her drinks. She said yes, in 
a smirky kind of way. Now I was expecting trouble, because, this 
means that she probably was expecting me to buy her and her friend 
(who I didnít invite) supper. I get ready for the blowup and how to 
handle it. She notices my face change, and asks me is something 
wrong. I snap out of it after a moment, and get normal, and running 
the patterns, and stuff again, and things are normal (hey, I might just 
be wrong, and everything will be I stay positive, but prepare 
for the worst).
Supper finishes, and now the blowup happens. The bill comes, and I 
tell everyone how much they owe (actually, my intention was to tell 
everyone how much they owe, and then when my chick HB Hotpants 
took her money out, I would quietly gesture that she (but not her 
friend) didnít have to pay (why should I pay for her friend? I didnít 
invite her!).
But, then they tried to tell me they had no money (I figure that HB 
hotpants, told her friend that I would be paying for everything). At 
this point, I knew it was blown and didnít care anymore; I asked 
them again that they have to pay their share; and the guy was 
waiting. They said they didnít have any money.
Now I paid the bill (not to supplicate to the chicks; as I blew them 
out instantly and in their faces once we got outside, boy were they 
embarrassed  but it is a restaurant I frequent often, my reputation is 
important there and I didnít want to make such a scene in front of the 
staff and patrons, as I do wish to return again, and be treated well as I 
always am, when I go there with someone else.).
We got out the door, and I let her have it totally. Her friend was at 
first confused, and then horrified as I explained what her friend at 
just done. I told her that I wasn? an easy guy, and wasn? going to 
supplicate to her like this, just because she tramps around in a mini, 
and although the friend seemed like a nice person, I wasn? going to 
be expected to be the bank, and pay for her and all of her friends
I went on to tell her, that I paid the bill only for respect of the 
restaurant as I go often, and that she did an bad, selfish thing, and 
that I was going home, and they can go do whatever they want 
without me; that I wouldn? stand for this sort of thing, and I have 
enough esteem to just say no. I told her, I have no problem to pay for 
a date when I take a girl out, but I have a big problem if she expects 
to bring all her uninvited friends and have me pay for them too
HB hotpants (who probably is used to supplication, and never had 
this happen before), was shocked, and her friend was horrified at 
what she saw happened, and my massive mood change from inside.
I told her (and her friend heard); that I was a good, guy, and always 
treated a woman well when I was with them, but  I would not let 
myself be taken advatange of, and if she thought so, then she was too 
cheap a girl for me, and she could go find someone else to be her 
bank account cuz it sure wasn? going to be me. I also said that she 
might think she is so cute that she thinks she can make a guy 
supplicate to her all night and pay for everything for her and her 
friends, but with me it wasn? so, and she wasn? that cute that she 
could pull that with me, and even if she was, I was a not an easy guy, 
I don? supplicate like the other guys she meets, and it wouldn? work 
with me.
Her friend just stood there in shock as I chewed out HB hotpants on 
the street in front of the restaurant; probably never having seen such 
a demonstration of anti supplication in her life (and the respect I 
showed for the restaurant, but not to HB hotpants after her deed). 
Her friend probably never saw a guy tell HB Hotpants off like this,
thinking she was so cute no guy would ever dare Well I had no 
problem doing so.
Then I said bye; turned around; and left..

Okay, a couple things, first;; guys, look, the reason she was 
expecting this, is because probably every other guy she ever went out 
with, when faced with this situation; supplicated to HB Hotpants 
because she is cute. But look!; once you lose he will 
never fuck you ever.. And when you do this (let a chick try and 
steamroll you this way..even if she is a 10), you will lose all your 
money, your time, AND SHE WILL NEVER FUCK YOU! I know 
this, and that is why I instantly cut her out, and cut her down, once 
she tried this. We never went to the second bar, (which she probably 
expected me to pay for too, for her and her friend(s?) ), so just I got 
straight out of there after I finished chewing her out, and 
embarassing her in front of everyone and her friend in the street in 
front of the restaurant. 

The lessons here..

HB hotpants was (genuinely I think), expecting that I would let 
myself get taken advanatage of, like every other guy, and she was 
going to show how great a guy I was to all her friends, and how she 
could get me to supplicate for her and do her beck and call because 
she is so cute Heck, maybe she even thinks this is (egads!) acceptable 
behavior, just because so many guys supplicate to her that she got 
used to it! So, lesson..supplication is bad..BAD, don? do this. You 
ruin it for yourself, and the next guys after that, cuz she gets used to 
all the supplication, and not having to fuck for it..

Anyways, back to the story well, I tell you, now her friends 
*KNOW* how great a guy I am, cuz I stood up to her, right in her 
face, in front of her friends..and told her off, and why, and that she 
was too cheap for me, and I had no respect for her at all; anymore  
am miles above her in rank now, and if her friend ever sees me 
again, boy  will she respect me (I am pretty sure HBís  friend was not 
in on this game, just the unknowning victim HB Hotpants misguided 
showoff attempt; judging from her confusion, and reaction once I 
explained it)..just she wanted to show me off. .so now anyways, her 
friend knows that I *AM* a great guy, respect a girl, but I dont take 
shit and I don? supplicate, and I will respect the restaurant, if not 
them! So in the end, I wonít. Okay, now, time to learn from 
this..your opinions guys..realitically, what are some tests, I can put 
on a chick to find this out very early on; with a very high accuracy, 
before I waste an afternoon, and do the movie thing/supper. (I know 
there were some signs, above; but as I said, they were not clear cut, 
and I did shag chicks in similar situations (except for the supper 
thing  never ever shagged a chick who by surprise decided she 
wanted to bring a friend to supper).

Ideas, opinions. Constructive comments on how I can do this better 
next time (no flames please), and other ways of detection/detterance.
Finally, my major fuckup, is that somehow, I should have let her 
known early on, and subtlly, that I don? supplicate, and not to even 
try such a stunt with me. I want her to know very early on, that she is
meeting me because she potentially wants to fuck me (or is willing 
to), and that there is no possibility whatsoever that I will supplicate 
to her like all the other guys do..

How do I do this guys?

What could I have done (early on), to have her respect me (before 
the dinner blow up), and not think about even trying a stunt like she
tried o that I could have shagged her after all (I mean hey, she
*does* shag guys sometimes).

(so weekend tally 1 fuck; 1 blowup okay I guess )

Opinions guys?  (oh. Remember, .this is a learning experience, and
since there was not a lay at the end, I already know there were
fuckups o lets be constructive on the comments/criticisms ..
okay et?r rip!

Maniac High

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