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Maniac learns about dealing with cold chicks!

Subject: Fuckup Report! Maniac learns how to deal with cold chicks! ]
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 07:31:32 GMT

Fuckup Report! Maniac learns how to deal with cold chicks! ]

Tonight's chick is HockeyBabe, (she loves NHLHockey)
and how I failed to lay her (this time). It was a very
useful evening, as this, combined with the PsychicBabe2
report from the previous night, taught me how to deal with
cold chicks, and get them hot/excited to fuck.

I met hockeybabe at a party about 1 month ago, and got her
to my place after we both got rather drunk (it wasnt an
intentional PU, or I wouldnt have drank, but things just
turned out that way. I failed to lay her then too, lots
of playing/petting/sucking tits, but she was REALLY resistant
to a fuck. I didn't push it with her too much once I saw
that she really didnt want this).

I met her again at another party, which ended (just before last
train on a weeknight, so fuck not possible) with a big tonguedown
again, and lots of feeling up.

She asked me to see a movie (I was too busy with Psychicbabe,
so I hadnt asked her out on a straight Izakaya casual evening
like I do with all my targets (fuckup #1), so I went to the movie.

I was extremely tired (was with Psychicbabe night before till too
fucking late, and then had to go to work the next morning). I
noticed if I am very sleepy, I cannot get my emotional/passion
story routines working at all.. just nothing came to my head
except that I want to go to sleep. That was fuckup #2. Get a
good rest before d-day to lay a chick.

Another thing I did (also out of tiredness I think) was send her
a "thinking of you" e-Xmas card. In retrospect, this was totally
AFC. Never treat a chick special, or let her think that she has
captured you until AFTER you have fucked is ok to let
her think she CAN capture you (with glances to her and a smile,
etc) though, until AFTER the fuck happens. This fuckup, in her
eyes, probably reduced her impression of me massively. Fuckup #3.

Now, fast forward to last night.

In short what happened (using my new left brain(logic), right brain
(passion/sex) paradigm), is that I TOTALLY FAILED to activate her
right brain. I failed to tell her any emotional/passion stories,
stories about her thoughts about me, questions to race her passion,
.etc.. I failed to do ANYTHING to get her imagination running (I was
just thinking of going to sleep). I talked about work, the office,
what is happening over holidays, her friends and left brain logical
bullshit. Probably safe to say, my 'right side emotional/passion brain'
was also totally shut down, due to the tiredness. I am sure I came
across as a TOTAL AFC.

[I realize that preachers, PUAs, cults, hit the right brain.. its
illogical, no reason, but can be lead with words to the left side,
that can then get translated to the 'emotional lanuage ' of the right
side, and then activate/elicit that emotion to be played/expressed...
failed here]. Fuckup #4.

I did clue in slightly, and during beer before the movie, she mentionned
that she was happy to be tall, and win long jump, against guys in
highschool when she was younger. I ask if she wanted to be a guy rather
than girl somehow she says maybe (goal, see if she is bisexual)
i ask who she wants to be 'on top',. the guy, or girl.. she says she
wants guy to lead, she wants guy to be stornger than her. This is
good, something is happening now. But I cannot pursue it now, I am
just so tired, and stall out, cannot remember ANYTHING from ManiacPlan.

She was cold, but let me do kino (but I got no reverse Kino). She
even refused to let me take her hand (she rejected it in a soso way,
not cold, but not fun either.. with a joke, like "I can do myself").

At the beer, she only wanted a tiny bit of beer (not to sleep in movie
she says.. but really, I think probably she just felt not comfortable)

We see the movie. It is now only 8pm. I say lets get a bite/another
beer. She rejects. We start to walk back to the station.

Now, I know this chick is (was?) into me so at this point, I should
have brought out the big guns and called her bullshit, and put the
relationship on the line (again, too tired, just wasnt thinking
anything), like I did with psychicBabe the night before.

I should have asked her/clarified if she was interested in me (I am
pretty sure I would have gotten some sort of yes, or at the very
least an LJBF). Then I could say what I expect in a relationship, and
that I dont need friends, and basically blow HER out if she doesn't
shape up (I found even if a chick wants to LJBF you, if you blow her
out first, now her esteem is at risk, and this will (temporarily at
least), get her interested in you again.

Then I could have established that she follow me and my orders, if she
is to see me again. Be very strict, and stern, like with psychicbabe
the night before. Rather, I afc'd out.. right to the end with whimp
kiss move..bad. (fuckup #4)

I should have DIRECTLY attacked as below and crush her bullshit,
then go for kiss move. (the attack might also turn on right brain
(kick start it) by the sheer emotion of it)

A correct approach, would have been at beer (or on the train on the
way to the beer/movie place):
-get her on the topic of talking about me/her (rather than work, or
jokes, or other shit). 
'are you interested in me' -or- 'how do you feel when you re around
me (use this as opner before above).

If this is going ok, then say why do you like me/interest me (this will
get right brain feelings going, and activated)

If not getting anywhere, then attack DIRECTLY
 -after rejecteion from chick (LJBF).. say I thought so too, and then
blow  her out first.
 -when she is surprised about it, tell her she wasnt doing her job as a lady,
  and I expect certain things from a lady when I see her, and she hasnt been 
 measuring up to MY standards
 -relationship is like baseball
    -guy leads (pitches), girl bats, after 3 pitches.. you are out!
 -expect each date more to happen, and if not, then teh relationship is
  not likely to succeed
 -and tell her she was not doing her part
 -so I will find another girl who knows how to play/react properly.

basically, rule is that when a chick rejects something (and it is not
first date/first time.. ) and ESPECIALLY if she did it with you already
before.. then RAISE the STAKES.. that if she doesnt SHAPE UP now, then
this will be the last time you see her, and you will get another girl,
because you need her less than she needs you (like psychicbabe2, where I did it
correctly the night before, and got the lay)..

At that point, I could have gone of call bullshit mode, and back to the
emotion stories and sexy stuff till I got her back that night for the fuck, or
rather, if we were close to the love hotels at that point, just take her back
right then while her brain is still confused from the above.

A plan like that, would have worked. Next time, I get a 'cold chick'
like this, I will apply it & report.

Next time!

Constructive comments/criticisms welcome!

Maniac High