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Maniac uses a power opener to meet and tongue down a chick!

Subject: Maniac meets HBOrderMe! Bar PU
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 05:00:36 GMT

Maniac meets HBOrderMe! Bar PU

This is an interesting bar PU. .
used it to not lay the chick, but to get higher rapport
with the other guys around.

It is bo-nen-kai (end of year party) season in Japan.
After the party (boring, in a big hotel ballroom)
we go to the ni-ji-kai (after party) in a bar/disco
in Roppongi with a bunch of my coworkers (mostly guys,
and some ladies).

One AFC guy is really into this HB. He is making every
AFC mistake in the book (saying she is pretty, sucking
up to her..blah). Progress is really slow.

Me and all the guys are watching. He gets frustrated and
leaves for a bit. I move in on the chick (she is wearing
a high cut black dress, and fishnet stockings... very cute).

My opener is the strawberry game.. I just go up to her,
and say 'imagine you are in a field, and you see a strawberry
field ahead of you, with a fence around.. how high is the
fence'. She goes right into it.

Then I do the interpretation (see strawberry game post
for the game and interpretation) for her. I ask her what
she thinks (she said 1m high fence, 50 strawberries, sorry
to the farmer). She disagrees the interpretation. Then I
ask her what is your idea guy like (brad pitt). Then I say
besides his looks why you like him. Reply: he is really

Then I ask, what do you want most in a guy's character.
She says, 'I want him to lead, to decide for me what to do.'
Good.. Maniac keeps that in mind for what comes next. .

AFC guy comes back, and I let him have his chick back for
a while. He is doing more regular AFC stuff, though he
has at least initiated kino.. very good. He does this for
like 20 minutes, but isn't really breaking through.

He gets frustrated, goes. I tell the guys 'watch this',
and go up to the chick, and say I am going now, give me a
kiss. I get a cheek kiss.

I look straight into her eyes, and tell her 'thats not
good enough, look into my eyes.. what do you see.. now
give me a real kiss..' a long tonguedown with sexual kino
ensues.. Everyone else sees what I just did, after spending
not even a total of 5 minutes talking with this chick
from before.

I leave the chick, and go back to the guys.. 'that is how
it is supposed to be done'. Respect of me from my guy co-workers
now goes up 10x from whatever it was before, and was visibly
different in the office the next day.

AFC co-worker comes back and tells me how so much he is
in love with this girl (I guess he knew her from before as
a friend or co-worker or something..not sure.. I had never
met her before though). As a result, I defer to him, and let
him get AFC'd out.

I go back to the other guys, and just say, I could take her
(she lives really close actually, so I could just say I
live far and can I crash at her place.. I am sure the answer
would have been yes) whenever I want. They say 'why dont you'?

I reply, well, AFC guy is really into her, and he is a coworker
of mine who I respect, so I dont want to take his chick away
from him. There are lots of chicks to fuck, and this one means
nothing to me at all, but she is important to him, so best to
leave it at that.

I go on to say that all I wanted to know is that I COULD take her
home if I want (and I might next week or something, I got her
number) and now I know that, so it is enough for me, I dont
need more.

Respect from co-workers now goes up another 10x for this, because
I and they KNOW that this is true after what they just saw. .

He continues to AFC for a long while, and I get tired and go
home. Next day I hear that she blew him out almost as soon as I

Now this was cool, because the goal wasn't really to lay the
chick (which I still might if I decide to see her again), but to
increase stature with co-workers, which can help in other ways
in my regular life.

Now one thing to note, is that I cannot do this every time (heck
not even close.. this is like the 3rd or 4th time it has ever happened
so directly like this). I was
really lucky, because of what she said to my 'what you like in
guy question', it was just so EASY to know what this chick
expected me to do, and it was really easy to stage it to happen
in front of all the other guys once I clued in on this.

I WISH I could do it everytime, but life isnt really like that ;-)
Mr. SMooth can do it though!

Constructive comments and opinions welcome!
Maniac High