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Handling chicks who WANT to be abused!

Subject: ]Debriefing HBGeek! Maniac learns about self-hating chicks!
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:39:21 GMT

]Debriefing HBGeek! Maniac learns about self-hating chicks!

Tonight I did a phone debrief of HBGeek (she is the lady
I immediately booted out of the house last night for being
icy and cold). Some thoughts about it after the debrief, and
regarding some of the user posts on ASF after the initial

HBGeek was a chick who had no problem with kino and kissing
(even last night), provided it stayed non sexual (I should
have tested sexual kino the first night in the bar, oops
didnt). As soon as I went for tits, ass, cunt, even gently
or slowly, she reacted really bad. Finally I stopped the
video and asked her what was going on, and she said she
just wanted to be friends and not be intimate (she was
really direct about it).

After that, I booted her out of the house ("you are very
uncomfortable here I can tell, and I dont want people
to be uncomfortable in my home, we should go now. . ") and
I booted her out in 5 minutes.

Today I called her, and did a 45 minute phone debrief.
I learned alot about how to detect this kind of chick, and
how to deal with this type the next time to successfully
lay them.

The key to the debrief I learned, in conjunction with
something she said the last date. She said that she didn't
'love myself'. Now, why is this important?

Well, fast forward to the debrief tonight, and I started
to ask her about her last boyfriend (a playboy type of
guy is sounds like), and me. He didn't treat her well,
but she was interested in him, so she fucked him and
became his GF (one of them I guess). This happened on
date 2 with him.

Then I asked her what was different about me. She said
the problem was that nothing was wrong with me, in fact,
that I was absolutely perfect, so that she didn't deserve
such a good guy as me. (my hunch is that she was being
honest about saying this, by her tonality). Well, that is
good, I conveyed that I was a good guy and desireable.

Where I fucked up, was that I didn't realize that this
chick hates herself, and thus (like HB blitz) wants to
punish her self for this by throwing her self to shit
guys, and denying herself the 'good' ones when they come.

As a result of this, I have added into the Maniac plan,
a new part in 'D' (deeper), to see if the girl loves
her self, or what her self opinion is. If she hates her
self, then a less caring, more aggressive approach is
needed (the "treat like shit caveman fuck approach")
to fuck such a sort of chick like this because the key
now is that she wants to use you as a form of self
punishment, so you have to be that type of guy for her.
From that step on, the plan get changed/shortened to
pay attention to her less, and treat her like the
piece of she wants to be and thinks she is.

In short, that was why she fucked the playboy the last
time around (she even said so when I presented the
facts this way). Then he dumped her, and she was really
looking for a new guy to 'punish' her more and abuse
her more. I was too 'perfect' and ideal, so looked
to her like I couldn't do the job.. which is why I
failed with this chick. Initially though, I got past
the first date because of the Screambabe invasion.
That made me look like a playboy, and was in
fact, exactly what she was looking for. Just I didnt
sustain that image after that, which is why I lost
out with this particular chick.

Excellent.. I will recognize this and act appropriately
the next time if it ever happens again. BTW, I also
notice that this "self hate" trait is far more common
in beautiful chicks (HB Blitz, HB Geek), than 'normal'
ones. Important with these beauties especially, to be
on the lookout for it.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Honest opinions please.
Constructive comments/opinions welcome!

Maniac High

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