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Learning what to do when a chick is really not into you!

[Maniac note: in addition to the 3 no's another 
tack is to use ALOT of force talk, basically
to convince the chick that she is not
worthy as a woman if she doesn't get with the
program, and that she will be blown out as punishment
if she doesn't]

Subject: ]HB Geek teaches Maniac the 3 no's rule!
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 12:20:33 GMT

]HB Geek teaches Maniac the 3 no's rule!

Today I had HB geek over at my place. Although I didnt
get a freak out, she was very frigid, so once I realized
what was going on, and that I was making no/negative
progress, I immediately ejected her for being uncooperative,
and frigid to any approach I was making. Fuck
she was cold! I was half expecting this though because
she had been over here once before, and did the same
thing. Following NYC's advice, I gave her one more chance,
and then instant vaporization if she doesnt get with
the program after I explain the program to her (which I
did the last time she was here, and it (mistakenly) seemed
she was clear about).

After that I thought what I could do better in such a

Then I came up with the '3 no's rule'.

When a chick is freezing up (and is looking like freak-out
material), one thing I found can work is to stop all
physical contact, and start story telling, and qualifying
her feelings. Stories about romance, security, and all
that, with normal '1st date' start level kino.
Do not stop with stories and qualifying until
she has responded strong negatives to your qualification
questions at least 3 times (without any intervening progress
at all).

If that happens, then she becomes a candidate for immediate
ejection from your place for being defective. Before ejecting
HBGeek tonight, I should have at least attempted this. I tried
a bit, but in retrospect, it was a weak effort.. (though
my hunch is that still it wouldnt have worked.. but it might
have, and then I might have been able to lay her).

On the other hand, a worse thing would have been to endure
the whole video and her frigidness. Doing that would have gotten
me an 'F' score. Better was immediate ejection, which is OK
but not the whole effort above, so that rates a 'C'. I feel I
could have gotten an 'A' (lay) or 'B' (good try though no lay)
score, if I had done the above with her. The j-nanpa videos also
do it this way if the chicks freeze up when arriving at
the guys place they wear her down by talking and stories of
good feelings and all that shit, and then go for it. That seems
to work some of the time, though admittedly, this is damage
control territory.

So now I learned a new way to deal with this situation
even if I didn't lay HB geek, so at least it was an educational

Constructive comments/opinions welcome!

Maniac High

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