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Sex parties in the night, Japan's swinger world!

From Sat Apr 29 08:56:57 2000
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Lay Report: Behind Japan's Shadow World..

Lay Report: Behind Japan's Shadow World..

This is the second installment of this week's lay report double 
feature, and is regarding an evening I spent with HB ass (see 
my website archives for info about her) last weekend, 
exploring Tokyo's private party couple sex social nightlife, a 
part of what they call the "shadow world".  This story is a
good "sexual accelerator" as RJ calls them, and 
is the one I told HB vamp, that got her all excited last night so 
I could take her home and fuck her.. 

This is basically what I talked about with HB Vamp, about
that experience..

In Japan (Tokyo at least, but I imagine elsewhere as well), you 
can go to "couple kisa" bars (play on words.. couple, and 
`kisaten' which means "coffee shop" in Japanese), or to 
private parties, which are basically fuck parties. Couple kisa's 
are a bar where you and your GF go to meet other couples, 
talk drink, or go play in the fuckrooms in other parts of the 
bar. They are cheap, around $30 to get in (which is the price 
to get into any bar in Tokyo), and apparently a good way to 
meet other couples..etc.

I wasn't really turned on by this, and neither was HB Ass,... 
we dont care for the commercial type places... rather we were 
more interested in the private party scene.. where there were 
just others interested in having an erotic event, with no 
financial motivations..etc.

 We found a private party to go to through another couple we 
knew, and were curious, so he got us invited (these are all 
invitation only BTW). This story is about that evening...and 
what such scenes are like. 

Here is the story...

You might have heard about it in the romance novels,.. a 
forbidden wild sex party, held in an outrageously expensive 
luxury appartment who's rent is equal to the annual salary of 
most people, with the city view many floors  below you 
outside the windows. 

We meet the other couple we know outside first for drinks, 
and talk about what we expect of the evening. They are nice, a 
white guy, and a very librarian conservative looking sweet J 
chick, early 20s. She doesn't talk much, but he told me before 
she is an animal when she gets going (which I did find out 
later that evening). Him and I "leave to buy a wine bottle to 
bring to the party", the real purpose to let HB ass and Library 
chick to get to know each other a bit better, and get more 
comfortable with each other. 

The time comes, and the party is about to begin. We go to a 
luxury appartment building in Tokyo, and the four of us board 
the elevator to one of the top apartments where the party is to 
be held.

We arrive and are greeted, a gentleman leads us in, there are 3 
guys and 5 girls (3HBs, two averages) in the room. The 
people it turns out are professionals, regular people with an 
adventuristic twist; investment bankers, sales people, office 
ladies, a young 20s something married couple and an English 
teacher, and some college student chicks who are friends of 
the host.

Sade is playing gently on the radio, lights are dim, and candles 
with incense are burning in the rooms,. You look out the 
window, and see the Shinkansen bullet train snaking slowly 
on the tracks below, past the futuristic buildings in the city 
scape outside.  (as an aside, if you ever saw the "digimon" 
cartoon on US TV..the scenes in that cartoon, are actual places 
in Tokyo..the geography, buildings, depicted are almost 
perfectly accurate to as Tokyo is today, and are real places I 
see and go to every day).  

The evening begins, and a few couples show up, as well as 
some single chicks who come for the adventure (single guys 
not allowed BTW). The mood is soft, and everyone is 
chatting, and drinking, and looking at everyone else, 
imagining what each person might be like tonight... The party 
is free, BYOBB (bring your own babe, booze), and we are 
shown around the rooms, where the events will take place 
tonight. HB ass, stops to admire the view outside..

We are shown the showers, HB ass and I go with the couple 
we came with into the shower room together (it is a big 
"room", not a tub per say, lots of room for all of us). I start 
working on his chick, kissing and sucking her tits, and his GF 
is now working on HB ass, getting her more and more excited. 

He slips out of the shower, and comes back with a pair of 
condoms. I put mine on, and start fucking his chick, while he 
is doing HB ass.. Both the ladies are getting pretty excited..

We decide to head to one of the rooms, and take both ladies to 
the big bed, and start doing them there. After a while, we stop, 
and the guy has Librarian chick start to eat out HB ass..she is 
getting more
excited... we sit and watch the lez show for a little while.

The others are still in the other room, drinking, and hear all 
the commotion we are making, and come in, to see the chicks 
getting it. That soon starts other action in one of the other 
rooms. There is an extra chick (came with no BF), so I take 
her, and she joins in the fun with the four of us, and I end up 
fucking her while HB ass is massaging her tits, sucking one, 
while I am sucking the other... She loves that.

The main event starts shortly after in the other room. An area 
is designated in the living room before the big bay window as 
the fuck area. This married young chick (came with her 
husband), starts getting it from one guy, and then from 
another guy after that, and is there screaming and going nuts 
for what seems like an hour.

They finish up, and she is on the couch now, lezzing one of 
the other "extra" chicks, and HB suntan, a J-guy's GF, lies on 
the floor with one of the other guys, and he does her for like 
45 minutes, as she is screaming and squirning all over. 
Everyone else is gathered round in the candlelight, watching 
this event, as newage music now plays in the background 
darkness. He finished, and another gentleman now works on 
her, a white guy. She is yelling, and shaking and comes like 5 
or 6 times, as she is already so hot from the first fuck session 
with the last guy. 

He finishes drilling her, and she lies there spent, for like 10 
minutes.  In the meantime, married chick (an HB..very sexy), 
is eating out HB Suntan chick some more on the couch, as 
apparently she is still hungry for more. She is panting and 
shaking with her legs moving wide, up in the air as married 
chick digs in..

I go to the other room, and sample one of the other chicks for 
a bit, and then return a while later to find HB Ass sitting legs 
spread, across his legs on a chair in the main fuck room, 
getting fingered by one of the white guys,... she is going crazy 
and moaning and shaking.  I sit down between married chick 
and HB suntan on the couch, and am fingering both of them 
while watching HB ass get lead down to the carpet in front of 
all of us gathered round, as she becomes the next main event 
of entertainment for the evening.

This goes on, for better part of the evening, .. at which point, 
we say good evening to everyone, dress up, and head out for 
some time on our own together..

I talk about the experience with HB ass, and her reaction. She 
really enjoyed it, especially that the setting,.. the music, the 
candles, the incense was really well done for women's taste, 
which made her all the more comfortable. She also liked the 
idea, of having an intensely erotic evening with others, while 
being able to share it with me as well, together.  

No one was jealous, and she was surprised somehow, how 
nice the experience was...she wasnt really sure what to expect 
until she got there, and experienced it all firsthand.. Reluctant 
at first to go, now she wants to drag me to the next one she 
finds, as she cant wait to go at it again... I suppose I will relent 

These parties happen in Tokyo, now and again, often in the 
expensive areas of Nishii-Azabu, Hiroo, Ebizu..etc. It is 
surprising what one can find, when you leave the streets, the 
bars, and see...what lies behind the closed doors, of the 
shadow world...

Constructive comments/opinions welcome.

Maniac High