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Lay Report! HB Ass gets her chick (and so does Maniac) - 
special on swinging!

From Sun Feb 13 04:57:35 2000
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Lay Report! HB Ass gets her chick (and so does Maniac) - special on swinging!

Lay Report! HB Ass gets her chick (and so does Maniac) - 
special on swinging!

This lay report is different from most of my others, as tonight 
I talk about one of my GF's,  HB Ass, and our recent efforts 
at swinging (ie. getting other chicks to come play with us 
during sex), and a bit on the ups and downs of this scene.. as 
it is an often asked topic here, but not talked about much in here it is, a real life field report from Tokyo on 
what happened when we tried to get chicks (and swap chicks 
with other couples), ending with a wildly exciting and 
successful evening swapping chicks with another couple. If 
you are looking for regular one on one chick PU, then skip 
this report, this isn't about that at all.. Constructive 
comments/criticisms as usual welcome!
HB Ass (I just put some new pics of her in the Lounge), is 
one of my GF's, and recently has been interested in trying 
some new things. Recently, I set up an evening for her, to get 
gang fucked by a few guys, and afterwards she found it a 
really intense and sexually exciting evening. After that, we 
talked about getting another girl to play with us, and HB ass 
was interested in trying this also, she is not "bi", but was a bit 
curious about it all. It was our first experience at attempting 
anything like this, and we didn't really know anyone in the 
scene, except for one of the guys who gang fucked her that 
one night, who had been in a swing club in the western USA 
a few years back with his GF.

As we didn't know anyone here in to this, we decided to go 
the way of swingclubs/ads to find other interested couples. 
We looked on the Internet, and found swing clubs in Japan, 
but nothing in Tokyo really suitable (HB ass, though 
Japanese,  doesn't like to fuck Japanese guys.chicks are ok 
though). There are no swing clubs (yet) for 
foreigners/Japanese in Tokyo. So we quickly gave up on that, 
and looked at a personal ad newspaper that is popular among 
the English speaking community in Tokyo, and found a few 
ads there. We put in our own ad looking for single chicks results..nothing.. So we moved on to the couple 
swapping chicks ads instead. We answered them, and we 
put in one of our own..saying that we were a straight couple 
(Maniac doesn't do guys), but with my chick a bit "bi 
curious", and were interested in meeting other like couples 
for safe sex..etc".

We made an evening at Starbucks with the first couple, a 
European guy, 30s, and a J-chick, 20s. Always the person 
who answered our reply, in the ads, was the guy. The time 
came to meet the couple, and they didn't show up at first, and 
then showed up 30 minutes late. We met them, and the chick 
looked really friendly and relaxed and game on.but the guy 
had an absolutely terrified look on his face (Maniac guesses 
the chick talked him into this, and he wasn't really game on). 
We said we'll go get a coffee, and come back upstairs in a 
minute. We got the coffee, came back..and they had 
vanished. just like that (and I thought only chicks pulled 
shit like this.guess couples do it too). HB ass was 
disappointed to say the least.. so was I..we drank our coffee by 
ourselves and went home.

We answered another ad, and then arranged to meet that 
couple. Again, a foreign guy, and a J-chick, mid 20s./30s. We 
get a call from the guy at the time, saying they are on their 
way now. Then we get a call saying that his chick is late.. 
(but he didn't want to meet us by himself till she got 
there).we wait more, then we get a call saying his chick has 
turned off her cellphone, and he is sorry, he'll email 
tomorrow. We never hear from them again.HB ass and 
Maniac finish their coffee and go home. HB Ass is crushed. 
I tell her wittingly, that this is what guys always face during 
PU, and its lighten up. Now HB Ass starts to 
understand things from our side of the fence ;-). She had 
never known it was so difficult, with such bullshit to do 
PU.well now she is starting to learn (though this isn't 
strictly PU..actually, ads are easier..)..

After that, we get a reply from yet another couple. They are 
older (mid late 30s), professional couple (one a businessman, 
and the chick a well known national TV personality in Japan) 
and claim to have done this sort of thing before in separate 
relationships before they met each other. This time, I decide 
to meet the guy (himself) just for a drink, to check him out, 
and see that he is serious, so that HB ass doesn't suffer any 
more rejection. So we meet at a bar one day after work, and 
chat about what each chick is looking for..etc. Basically, his 
chick is Bi-curious, and wants wild times, like HB ass does.. I 
tell him our experiences so far with no shows, and he 
promises this won't happen..etc. Sounds good so far..

It turns out that weekend that HB ass and myself had booked 
a room in a hotel (this is where the HB Ass Lounge pics were 
taken), so we told them to just come meet us there (so we dont 
have to waste anymore time). They dont show up..their 
cellphone is off. uh oh.   HB ass at this point is getting 
used to rejection and being blown out stone she 
knows what its like to be on the receiving end of such 
"treatment" from chicks ;-). She gets more sympathetic to the 
guy's point of view during PU, as we talk about it waiting in 
the hotel lobby.. ;-)

We get a message the next day saying that they had a fight 
"about a different topic" on the way down, and that it was not 
a good time to talk at the time, so he couldn't call. But then 
he would really like to try again next weekend..

We agree (oops, an AFC move there, but I figured since its a 
guy, and not a chick, its a bit different situation..anyways, 
they did show up the next time..but...  the day of the meeting, 
the guy starts emailing me the plan he wants to use to "catch" 
his girl, and get her going "go to dinner, then go down to our 
room in the hotel.etc". This sets off a HUGE alarm in my 
head.. UH OH, he didn't tell her EXACTLY what this is 
about! I write back very directly, asking him exactly what he 
did/didn't tell her about the evening's plans, and get a reply 
back saying that she only expects to go to dinner, and that we 
are friends, and are very open minded sexually.

UH OH, Maniac is very doubtful, that this will work. he 
hasn't done his groundwork..and a freakout is inevitable 
here! Anyways, I write it down to "practice" PU, and inform 
HB Ass of the whole situation. She to impossible, 
but lets try.. We meet the couple, they are very nice, the chick 
has a very nice face, quite good body. I notice right away at 
dinner, that this chick LEADS. She is the top, and he is the question about it. I go to work right away on the 
chick, and try to figure out what she is all about (she likes 
deciding, taking command).. thats good, HB might like her. 
I am talking about our experiences at that adult party HB ass 
and I go to some times, and she seems interested. The guy 
(quite handsome, but a total AFC), is not really doing much 
to direct things, and get her horny, so I am doing all the 
work.. this is hard, because she doesn't know what her BF 
has planned, and thinks somehow this is all strange (I 
expected that actually). She also thought it strange, when we 
invited the both of them back to our room and he didn't object 
(she somehow expected him to.I could tell that she knew 
something was up, but that she wasn't quite sure what it was). 
She is a little nervous, but decides to go. In retrospect, before 
going to the room, I should have just took her aside, and told 
her directly, privately, since at least she could have known the 
score, and acted one way or the other, rather than this 
confused state she was in.

Though this is hopeless, I presevere, remembering what Mr. 
Smooth said, to never give up until they actually get up and 
leave (which is what I did). We get to the room, and I decide 
to talk about the nice view, and start getting a bit close to HB 
ass. The guy though isn't clueing in, and is not touching his 
chick at all..this is bad, as I cannot touch her, as this will 
certainly freak her out. This has become a solo show, and I 
am not getting any help..not good. As I touch and play this 
HB ass a bit more, and TV babe's BF is sitting in the chair 
not doing anything, she is getting nervous, and wants to 
leave.. they say thank you, and go.. no surprise there. HB 
ass and I enjoy the evening to ourselves..

Now at this point, (well we actually did after couple #2, but 
now we are sure) we do recognize a pattern here. What is 
happening, is that the other couple's are not communicating 
well or honestly with each other.. The guy (or the chick), 
wants to swing, and has either dragged (unwillingly) the 
other one into it, or in the last case just didn't tell the truth at 
all as to what the evening was about.. this caused last minute 
blowups at the NYC would 
say.groundwork..groundwork. also, you need to have a 
close relationship with your partner for the two of you to 
survive this sort of thing (ie. jealously, when she sees you 
fucking another HB who she thinks is cuter than she 

After this, HB Ass and I change our system, and from then 
we insisted to only meet couples who had done their 
groundwork.. so from then on we asked directly that both 
partners know exactly what this is about, clearly and 
directly..that we will meet for coffee/drinks, and that there 
will be sex afterwards if everyone likes each other, and that 
the chicks will get swapped, and fucked by the guys.. For the 
next ad reply, we did this.. It went better..

The next couple was from out of town, visiting Tokyo. The 
guy was a foreigner living in Osaka, and a J-chick. They 
seem into it, and he tells me the chick knows everything, and 
that they've done it before. Cool. He also sends some mails 
now and then to remind us..that is good. The day comes, and 
he says that another couple will also come join us he thinks at 
the supper. Cool. The time comes, we meet and everyone is 
there.. cool. We then do supper. At that point, I ask who has 
done this before (now see if everyone has been honest with 
their partners). Osaka couple has done it before, so that is 
cool. The chick is pretty, slightly plumpy, but a nice chest. 
The other couple is interesting, the chick is really shy, thin, 
and reserved (a shy very conservative librarian type 
chick.turns out she is an absolute animal when fucking 
though!) , and the guy is a cool European fellow, in their 30s. 
We eat, talk about how Tokyo is really open minded for this 
sort of thing, and how it was harder in Osaka as the foreign 
population there was less..etc.

After supper, Osaka couple guy, says that we should all break 
up into our own couples and discuss with our partners if we 
want to go through with it, now that we have met all the other 

We break up into pairs.. HB ass and I already decided, so no 
problem.. we are game on. Osaka couple and Librarian babe 
couple come back. Osaka couple (who organized the whole 
evening!) back out! (I got a call from the guy the next day, he 
got dumped by his chick..not for this, but because she lived in 
a different city than him, and wanted more of a real 
relationship, before doing such things..seems they had a bit of 
instability there..and this broke it finally). Osaka couple 
leaves. Librarian couple and us are quite surprised at this turn 
of events. We suggest Librarian couple that they might want 
to discuss on their own further if they still want to go with 
just us, as Osaka couple were the ones they were talking to, 
and they only just met us 30 minutes ago). They go off and 
talk for what seems like a long time..

They come back, and say, "they're in". Cool, so we all get in 
a cab, and go back to my house. I talk to the guy on the way, 
about how we will break the ice..etc. I dont even remember 
his chick's name.. The guy is an English teacher, and he's 
been dating the chick for 2 months or so. HB Ass and the 
chick hit it off well on the cab ride home..

The guy and I decide that to break the ice, we will play strip 
jan-ken (a rock-scissors paper game), where the loser strips 
off a clothes item each time they lose. Strip Janken is a 
popular elementary school game ( ..ah..what a country 
Japan!). Me and the guy don't really know janken, so we 
decide to have the chicks teach us. Cool. 

We get home, and go upstairs, to the Tatami mat room, where 
all the futons are already laid out, Japanese style (Tatami 
rooms are great for group fucking it turns out.maybe thats 
why they are so popular in this country ;-)  ). The game starts, 
and a funny thing happens.I had expected librarian chick to 
be really shy (or even back out!), about all of this.but she is 
right game on! Her personality is starting to change from that 
shy little 40kg (around 90 lbs) chick, into something 
different.interesting. the game goes on, and the chicks are 
losing clothes fast.. game goes on and the two chicks lose the 
next round, and must janken between them selves to 
determine the loser., HB ass, and Librarian chick now are 
wearing  only panties and bras, and one of them, is about to 
lose one of them. This is it.the moment of truth. They 
Janken, and Librarian chick loses..  off goes her bra.. her tits 
are showing.. she is wearing just her panties now.very well 
rounded breasts..sweet. Later she loses her panties, and she is 
nude.she is a very sexy HB..I am stunned (and there is even 
more stunning stuff to come later.I'll save it to the end).. 
perfect ass, tits, no fat at all, beautiful soft skin.I cant wait 
to get into her, absolutely delicious! HB Ass smiles..

Now though one chick lost everything, so we make a new rule 
for the game. If naked people lose, their partner gets to make 
up something they have to do. Game goes on, HB Ass now 
also naked. HB ass loses again, so I make her as the rule, to 
go to the guy, and get him she does that..

Next time, I lose, and HB Ass makes me go to librarian chick 
and suck her nipples while fingering her..she starts panting 
and Then HB librarian loses again, and he 
makes her go to HB ass, and get her we get to 
watch the chicks lez for a while..very cool, they are both 
getting quite excited..

After that the guy suggests to stop the game, and just get 
started as librarian chick has to go back by last train as she 
lives with her family. At that point, we separate into separate 
parts of the Tatami room, and librarian chick roars to life! 
The previously shy chick jumps on she and shouts to me to 
fuck her hard! (I was astonished..I didn't expect this at all). 
she is screaming about how she wants it given to her deep 
and right, and how she wants to really get it.. I go after her, 
get her all wet and excited and start drilling awesome 
fuck..she is a wild bitch inside sheeps clothing.. I fuck her 
good..I fuck her hard..

After that it was a little awkward, because each of the guys 
wanted to have both the chicks for some 3P play.. so we just 
took turns letting each guy have both the chicks.. that was 
exciting! As both are HBs and they were excited as much by 
us as by each other! 

Soon last train time comes, and it is time to end the party. We 
all get dressed, and walk them back towards the station. I talk 
with the guy, and here is where I get some shocking news.. 
his chick is actually 36 (fuck.asian never know 
their age.shit she looks like 27!, with the body of a 19 
YO!)..and not only that, she is a married (to a J-guy) mom, 
with kids in junior high school! Been married 15 years.. Can 
you fucking believe that! She is this petite innocent shy 
looking wifey thing, stay at home mom and all that..but 
inside, is a wild fuck monster, doing the swing party scene 
with her secret boyfriend behind her husbands back. fuck 
that is so wild! Goes to show you never know what a chick is 
REALLY like until you give her a good fuck. I bet her 
hubby and friends don't have a CLUE what wierd shit this 
bitch is into.!

And then there is the other thing.this chick is 36.and will 
give ANY 19YO a fucking serious run for her money in 
sexiness, appearance. no fat, no wrinkles..perfect tits and 
ass in a 40kg package, with lots of experience to turn it all 
into an awesome evening of wild screaming fucking.. 
Incredible. too bad the women back home aren't usually 
like that (me and the guy both remark the same thing on the 
way to the station..36YO (heck even 29YO western chicks 
this hot and sexy?.fuck.forget it!). Probably if you've 
never been you Asia, you have no clue what I am talking 
about, but if you have been, maybe you understand.. I also 
wonder if even even bothers to fuck her husband anymore.. 
Personally, I doubt it.. poor sop.

Then the funny thing is, after we are back at the station, she 
is her meek and shy self again, very polite, very quiet. it is 
like she turns it on, and then off again..

Well there you go..constructive comments, suggestions and 
opinions welcome; as usual.!

Maniac High