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Here is where I lay HB Afro, using Taro-san's  'Our world' approach!

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Subject: Lay Report! The fly who shagged me! -- HB Afro gets swatted!
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Lay Report! The fly who shagged me! -- HB Afro gets swatted!

Well here it is, the follow up on my outing report about HB 
Afro who played tonsil hockey with me last Thursday. First, 
lets talk a little more about the chick, and then how I was able 
to lay her. First of all, HB Afro is a petite young Japanese girl 
(no she is not a black woman, she is an oriental and just has 
an afro hairstyle), weighing around 85lbs. She is a dancer, 
and I first met her at a party after a parade that she performed 
in in Tokyo. In the parade, she was dressed in a sexy "fly" 
insect costume (body fishnet stocking, big wings, a T-back 
bikini bottom/top, and not much else.very sexy/"hentai" as 
they say here).  Her pic is in Nathan's lounge in the Maniac 
section, or just access it from my page directly. 

Here is the lay report, lets look at what I did right/wrong. I 
tried a bunch of new things again today too, with varying 
results, so we'll look at those too, and how they turned out. 
Constructive comments, as usual, welcome!

Okay, first when I met her at that first party, I spoke with her 
briefly, and just tried to get her basic interests and whether 
she was single or not (she was).  I found out she liked African 
dance, lived at home with her parents, and had no BF (that I 
know of anyways). I talked with her for maybe 15 minutes, 
got the number/email and ejected. She asked for mine, so I 
gave it.

A few days later, I called and got her dad. I said to him it was 
me, and I waited. A few days later, I got an email from her 
saying how the party was fun and blah blah. I try to arrange a 
time we can meet, and she tells me she wants to, but she is 
very busy with OT at work, and is getting back at 10pm each 
night. She sends me an email a few days later, saying `hi'. I 
try again to set up a meeting luck.

I am getting sick of this "blurry" shit, so I wait about a week, 
and then send the following message:

"Hi xxx

So are you going to make time to meet
me, or are you always busy? I am free Sunday afternoon 

That got an answer within 1 hr! We made the last Thursday 
date (that the outing report I wrote is about) and did that date 
like I described there. Now, fast-forward to Saturday (ed-note 
here, this is at the height of the Ryker/RJ flamewar on the 
NG, and Maniac was out snogging a chick and not even 
reading news!; ha!).

First, in the past few reports, it was at this stage in the PU, 
that I would sometimes  fuck up.. the chicks would freeze up, 
and freak out and leave (see Ms. Tubby and Ms. Sparkles 
stories on the website/NG). I did a few things different this 
time, and it worked a lot smoother. This is what I did 

First, on the first date, I did my groundwork. NYC 
(rightfully) criticized me for doing this improperly the other 
times. Ground work means, get her imagination going (using 
David Shades guidelines from his excellent AOL and real 
seductions he posted), get kino, and get serious 
tongue/kissing action BEFORE inviting a chick to my place. 
With HB Afro, I made sure to do all this on Thursday, which 
is something I didn't always do before. From now on, I will 
ALWAYS do my groundwork before bringing a chick over, 
as I realized if I do it this way, the lay is easy when she gets 
to my place, and she doesn't freak out at all, like the times I 
don't do my ground work.

The second thing I did, is again, I didn't make this a supper 
date. That is too much talking, and you cannot kino during 
supper because the chick is across from you, not next to you. I 
decided to meet her at 8pm and take her directly home, after 
she already ate. Also, that costs less as there is no point to 
spend money on a chick until after she sleeps with you 
(another important anti-supplication rule!).

Finally, before meeting the chick at 8pm, I invited Taro-san 
(a PUA I know), over, and we did a debriefing (btw, Taro san 
shagged Cheat-chick's friend this week, see last weeks outing 
report on that outing..I will write that lay report next after 
this one). He had really good advice, and I learned a lot from 
what he said. I will post some of it here, the rest will be in his 
own proper lay report, I will also post today. 

Anyways, he told me that when a chick comes over, the most 
important thing is to set the mood IMMEDIATELY when 
you meet her. That is something else I didn't do at all. I just 
used to meet the chick, and take her to my place, and then try 
to make moves. That is when the freak-outs would happen.

His advice was to, first, when I meet a chick (usually at the 
train station near my house), is to give her a hug 
immediately, with a big warm smile, and try to take her hand 
right there, and hold it the way back. Good advice, I did that, 
and it did make a big difference compared to the past with 
chicks when I met them at the station. She became all smiles 
and glowing instantly, and stayed that way (the whole night ;-
) ). 

Then, Taro-san also said that before a chick comes to my 
place, I should describe the experience as a bit of a she will be entering "my world, and how she 
will be able to feel so good and comfortable to spend the 
evening with me together".speak this a-la David Shade-
speak. I did this too, on the way to the house (Taro says to do 
it on the phone before I meet her, but that will be next time). 
Anyways, that worked well.

Then when I got to the front door, I paused and said you are 
about to enter my world. Her face was glowing. Here I fumble 
a bit. I try to kiss her after my sentence, and she resists. I keep 
smiling, and just continue, we get into the house. I know I got 
to get past this kiss thing (she kissed well on Thrusday. but 
that was Thursday..when you meet a chick again, sometimes, 
you have to "redo" the steps like this sometimes, or there will 
be a freak-out. 

I do notice, she doesn't have a resistance to touching, so I hug 
her on the couch, and open a wine and make glasses to toast 
to a wonderful evening. As we hug, I start to describe the 
wonderful sensations of hugging, and being relaxed and 
feeling secure in our "own world" that we created (again a-la 
David-Shade speak). This seems to be working, and she is 
calming down, and I can touch her more, her face, lips, ears, 
and we are in each others' arms now. That is good. I re-
affirm that she is feeling good, and at ease, and she agrees, its 
nice to feel that way now. I try again, for the kiss, and not 
much success. I continue the hugging and the Shade-speak. 
She mentions a comment about how she is slow.for 
everything. I pick up the hint (it means that I haven't made 
her comfortable yet), and change tacts, and decide to slow 
dance to music in the room with her, hugging and holding, 
getting her to feel me more, and talk more shade-speak. I also 
kid to her, "you know, you have very smooth skin and gentle 
feeling, for a bug (remembering her parade costume). She 
laughs gently, that is a good sign. I pursue this, with a few 
more "bug" jokes.

Then we head back to the couch, and I try again for the kiss. 
Again, resistance, but when I put my fingers on her lips, she 
kisses it. That is a VERY good sign. Meaning, she wants me 
to kiss her, but just something is holding her back. So I try 
the following: I say to her kiddingly "I have a very strange 
favor. I have held a bug, touched a bug and now hugged a 
bug.but I have never really kissed a bug passionately. I'd 
like to try.".. her mouth moves forward, and I leap in.

At that point, she collapses totally, and practically 
instantaneously. I kiss her passionately, move to her ears, 
neck, hands on her breasts gently, leg in her crotch, and she 
starts to go wild within about 60 seconds. Sometimes with 
chicks, it is very sudden like this.. the wall comes down and 
they just break loose, instantaneously! 

I continue kissing, and touching, and pull off the dress, kiss 
her crotch, and am fucking her with absolutely no resistance 
within about 5 minutes after the start of the kiss. It is 
important to give a chick a really good fuck, especially the 
first time, because most chicks say the first fuck is always 
shitty. If you fuck a chick really good, she will take lots of 
shit from you (like other girls and stuff), the rest of the 
reslationship, I find, because she knows that no one will give 
it to her like you can. So I pay attention to this the rest of the 
night and will each time I see her after this.

I fuck her a bunch more times, she goes completely wild, and 
I find out what she likes (I always try all kinds of things the 
first night I fuck a chick, to find out what turns her on), 
because they are still open minded, and its easier to see what 
they like, both for you and them. This chick is very sensitive 
on the nipples, and likes a bit of anal action while being 
fucked and likes it a bit rough sometimes. Cool, I will 
remember that for the next times.

After, I give her a nice massage with oil, then she gives me 
one, I fuck her again, and then turf her out at midnight (last 
train time), because I want to meet Taro san and Mr. Cook (a 
new wingman, see next report) at a Shibuya nightclub to PU 
some new chicks. That goes fairly well too!, and is in the next 
(outing) report.

Analysis: Things I learned. 
1)  GROUNDWORK! Fucking important. NYC was right.
2)  Getting her imagination David Shade's stuff 
    to do this!
3)  Kino/Hug when you first meet her the day she comes over
4)  Continue kino, try different approaches if you hit walls 
    (like happened with the kiss)
5)  Fuck her really good so she is begging for more, and will 
    see you anytime you want to.

So there you go!
Again, constructive comments/opinions positive and negative 
are appreciated!