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Using David Shade's talking techniques to tongue down a chick!

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Subject: Outing Report! HB Afro gets her bottom felt up and plays tonsil hockey!
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Outing Report! HB Afro gets her bottom felt up and plays tonsil hockey!

Maniac practices Transitions, and GROUNDWORK!

Here is the story about 
tonight's new chick! (thats what you always gotta do..go out 
there, and practice, no matter what shit may be happening!), 
always PU, always Pu! that is the only way to get better! Tonight, 
I learned lots of new shit by trying new stuff. Again, constructive
opinions welcome!

Lets look at it now!

Allright, tonight was an evening with HB Afro, a lovely young 
Japanese Asian lady with a cool afro hairstyle who likes African Music. 
She is petite and a babe!  

Tonights goal, was to apply some of the transition phrases to 
get a conversation from boring fluff to passionate/sexy stuff
and do a passionate kiss close. That is the objective. 
To do that, I studied David Shades AOL Chat scripts he posted 
here some time back, extensively.

I met her at a parade I was at. I got her number, and then she 
went "blurry" (couldnt reach her). Then I left her a message 
like I wrote to "Mike" today on the NG, basically saying that I 
won't wait around for ever, and how she can imagine that nice 
time we would have together, and how this could be the start of 
it. That got a reply within 1 hr! (yep, it works!).

I tried some new stuff when I met her. First I came 5 minutes 
late. Just I wanted to see what would happen, as I often come 
early, which some say might / might not be supplication. When 
I saw her, she was looking the other way, all over for me, and 
then her face lit up totally when she saw me. That was cool. 
Better to show up after, and have her waiting for you, rather 
than the other way around. I will try this with the next chick 

Also, Mystery said this week that when he meets a new chick, 
he doesn't go out on a regular date, but rather takes her to 
something he was going to do anyways. So I decided to skip 
the regular supper routine, and meet her at 8:30, at a bar I often 
go to (it is the same place I took Ms. Kinky to actually, and has 
nice small streets around for a walk, I plan to use 
it..). So it was more a "you get my interest and attention from 
my regular life" attitude rather than a "try to impress her with 
supper" and all that other shit. That also worked really well.

Also to in a bar, you can sit next to each other, and get kino 
easily (which I did..below), where at a restaurant when you are 
facing each other its impossible. Lesson from this, no more 
restaurants for chicks until after you fuck them..

Also, I made her pay her own drinks too (why should I pay, she 
didn't do anything for me yet?!).  That went fine, and she 
didn't seem bothered at all. That was cool too.

The goal tonight was to apply some basic phrases from David 
Shades `aolchat1' from his post, which is on my website. In 
particular, there is a part at the beginning, where he is talking 
fluff talk to the chick, and she does an AWESOME transition 
to a deeper level (ie. Passion/sex talk rather than boring regular 
shit), using something like the following phrases. "I like 
married (which I replaced with Japanese)  women, because 
they want to celebrate being a woman".. "and I think they are 
very sensual" . "I think they are excellent lovers because they 
know how to savour that special intimacy.

Now, this seems easy, but if you are like me, you are not used 
to talking like this naturally. Seriously, I studied David's stuff 
for like 5 or 6 hours earlier this week, seeing exactly how he 
did this, before trying it tonight.

Well, needless to say, it worked, I just threw in those phrases, 
and could make the switch over to the deeper level with the 
chick (I should have done this with Ms. Tubby and Sparkles 
too, now I realize WHERE I fumbled), and got the sex/passion 
talk going. Anyways, I don't dwell on, but rather I LEARN 
from my fuckups, so I did it right tonight with this chick.

After the transition, I talked about African music, and how it 
could bring out the passion in her, and make her feel more 
sensous, and passionate the way a woman could feel. I thought 
the lines were weird and I would get caught out, but I was 
shocked that she took it in totally, and started going into trance. 
It was really cool. (that is why I believe David when he says 
what happens in his was happening to me too 
tonight with this chick). Then I held her hand (just I took it, 
gently), and asked her to think, how her body felt, when that 
music was going through her, and I described how it made her 
juices and passions flow. That was cool, I could see her space 
out with the images. At this point I am getting more kino, as I 
talk, got both hands, and getting reactions, very good, and she 
is leaning more inwards.  I ask her about how it makes her 
body feel, and how she feels about her body. I do the favorite 
body part routine like with smooth, and have her stand up. She 
tells me she likes her ass. I tell her oh really, it is very round 
isn't it, and I rub it gently as I talk. I tell her it feels good 
doesn't it, and she says yes, it does, she can feel that.

After that we joke a bit, and I go off to the bathroom and 
return, and joke about how a nice handsome man has sat next 
to her, (I take her hand), and what she will do. She says she 
doesn't know.. so I kiss her hand, and introduce myself 
(jokingly), and then tell her in Europe, they do `bec', kiss on 
the cheek, and a hug. I demonstrate, she likes it, and we do it a 
few more times. I talk about how that also gets her passions 
flowing inside as well. We are in the bar, so we can't really 
French, its not a disco like where I got cheat chick last week. 

So I take her outside for a short walk, and take her hand. We 
walk a very short bit, stop in front of a display store window, 
and start the tonsil hockey. No problem. It is last train time, and 
we both got to work the next day, so we decide that she will 
come over on Sunday afternoon to make supper with me, and 
watch a film (cost $0). We kiss again, hug, kino, kino..she goes 
home, I go home.

Okay, now the debriefing.

First,  this evening was good, because in the past, I wouldn't 
get this far with a chick first before inviting her home. As NYC 
would say (fuck, where is NYC anyways these days?), I didn't 
do my groundwork, and that is why the chick freaked out when 
she got to my place. So this fixes that in those cases with those 
types of chicks (which this one was). She knows *exactly* 
what to expect on Sunday, because we were all over each other 
tonight and I made sure she knows what I WANT. So now, she 
knows to expect a FUCK as well as supper when she comes 
over, or she can cancel and not waste my time if she doesn't 
want that fuck.

So there you go. Evenings goals: try Shade's material, Kino 
and tongue down the new chick.accomplished!

Constructive Comments and opinions welcome everyone, as 


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