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Awesome thoughts about guy thinking -vs- girl thinking!

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Subject: Re: Chicks expecting a fuck?  re: mrsex4unyc, zipjack
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>I am a bit curious as to more the dynamics that are going
>on inside a chick's head in such situations, which is why I brought
>it up..

that's the point of THIS WHOLE SHIT maniac.

there ARE NO DYNAMICS to a woman's head.

a woman follows her emotions.

you CREATE her emotions and she will naturally DESIRE to act on them (or 
haveYOU act on her)

you can not THINK that their minds work analytically like ours do.  it's 
a TOTALLY different process.

she stands in front of the tv when the football game is on.  we think 

you don't bring her flowers.  she doesn't think "this guy needs to go 
out and get me some flowers" she thinks "HE DOSEN'T LOVE ME ANY MORE... 

see?  it doesn't make any sense because SHE gets an EMOTION from actions 
and words, then she acts on that, whereas WE act on the facts of the 

that's why she can't tell you about processes.  some things you did made 
her naturally feel like being kissed then feel like being felt up then 
feel like being fucked.  she never LOGICALLY assumed that you were going 
to do it, but when you did it, she liked it and was confortable enough 
with you NOT to stop you.

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Subject: Re: Advice ends and time for kiss
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>> when I feel like feeling you up... you get felt up
>> when I feel like kissing you, you kiss me back
>> when I want head you suck my dick... venus, does that make sense to
>Do you give this to the chick in these words?

HAHAHAHA nope!  :)

too mechanical.  too many FACTS... chicks can't process facts... they 
need emotions...

what you do is QUOTE them stories about girls that denied you and got 
canned immediately... mid-date or whatever... they get the picture so that when 
it's time for some action, they know to start packing their fucking bags if 
they don't get with you... they KNOW there is no way that you are going to 
waste any more time with them instead of being with a sexy chick...

I must say though I am mulling over outfoxer's comments and intend on 
replying to them when I get a clear fix on what I think.  his stance totally 
contradicts mine on this issue and I can't see right now which one is the best for 

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From: (Zipjack)
Subject: Re: be prepared to walk
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On Wed, 15 Dec 1999 02:34:25 -0700, Jake Thomson

. A woman would be happy being friends
>with a mannequin if it had an engaging personality and met
>her emotional needs. And then, if and only if, they like the
>personality, they might switch that object into a sexual
>being and perceive it as he truly is.

Yes, its scary to percieve men as sexual beings unless thtere's no
connection. This explains why assholes get women easily....its not
>Most heterosexual men can't or won't do that. We perceive
>women as sexual beings first and may or may not get around
>to noticing and engaging their personality. 

It is incredible to me that its taken me so long to truly realize

We get our
>primary emotional payoff from sex and a secondary payoff
>from companionship. We need sex to validate us and allow us
>to experience loving feelings. Women are wired in the
>opposite fashion. They need loving feelings to validate them
>and allow them to experience sex.

Well, we are paranoid in general about sex because many many men trash
and dehamanize women who have sex with the,. if you guys really enjoy
sex try being cool to the women who sex you.

 Neither way, by itself is
>good, and both can be degrading, exploitative and

....another thing I never realized....WOW!
I never thought a guy could consider himself "used" in this way and I
had no idea it was so degrading. I don't think most women realize
this, and its a good thing because we'd never talk to any of you

>IMO, the reason the guys turn off and give you the cold
>shoulder is because you're negating their humanity. They
>eventually realize that they're just objects with a
>personality to be exploited for entertainment purposes, and
>they, rightfully, get a bit miffed about it.

If a woman is faithful to one man is she negating the humanity of all
other men she meets thereafter? I don't think so.
Anyway, the attitude above describes the way women feel about sex.

 They're putting
>out and meeting your emotional needs without getting the
>emotional payoff that's meaningful to them.  Let me ask you
>Kate, how long and how hard would you work for somebody who
>refused to pay you for your time and effort in a currency
>that had meaning to you?

Not long. The thing is, there needs to be some middle ground.
You guys have to understand that sex WREAKS HAVOC on a woman's brain
and body. I don't think its the same high calibur experience for men
and they can forget more easily. Asking a woman to take significant
emotional risks just to have sex with you first off is alot more than
you may realize.


From: "Vincent Runza" 
Subject: Re: sponsibility
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 13:26:34 -0500
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Dear Alex,
I'm glad I un-killfiled Kate - check this out:

"You guys have to understand that sex WREAKS HAVOC on a woman's brain
and body. I don't think its the same high calibur experience for men
and they can forget more easily. Asking a woman to take significant
emotional risks just to have sex with you first off is alot more than
you may realize.



"You guys talk about chick logic all the time. Its really all about
women's total denial that they are going to be involved in a sexual
situation at all. Basically, if a woman faces up to the physical
mental and social implications of having sex she'll end up hiding in
her room for 30 years, so she denies it and then "it just kind of
Now, i for one, never took this approach, but for vigilance I paid in
paranoia. its just not as easy for women. Its never "just sex"."

Got it?

> For some reason I was thinking a woman in her 30s wouldn't
> be afraid to let herself take the responsibility for having
> sex, but I guess they're not all like that, especially when
> it comes to first-night sex.
> Alex