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Greg's experience in using effemenate voices in PU.

Subject: The effeminant voice
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 20:27:02 GMT

I'll tell ya,  I've been noticing something and putting it into much
practice these days.  It has taken me to some differant realms.  About 6
months ago I read an article in playboy by a guy who spent alot of his
time acting gay and nailing some of the most elite models and actresses
in NYC.  He went pretty much through his life story and how he fit in
with the gays and lived in the gay community and banged chicks left and
right.  Woman who hung with this crowd (Gay fashion designers,
hairstylists... ect..) never suspected he wasn't gay and would hang
around him because they felt he was safe.  Also he was into hairstyling,
art, fashion, make up... ect... ect...  He could talk for hours with
woman about clothes, make up... ect...  I thought; ok this is cool
stuff.  He did over 2,000 lays living this lifestyle.


I get to run around with who I consider the most successful player in my
area.  He's fucking outragiously successful at getting about any kind of
sexual deal going at any time.  The thing is, his voice is so effemate I
can't believe it.  He talks like a girl.  He dont look like one.  In
fact he's very macho looking but still... He's like talking to a chick
and he sounds like a girl.  Even when talks to me he sounds like a girl.
I almost thought he was gay.  He'd talk about his relationships,
girlfriends, clothes... ect...  just like a chick.  It made me sick
because on the outside he looks manly enough but his tonality is so
differant from his looks.

Next I get Rick H's Masters and methods CDs.  His voice is very feminine
as well and he just talks, talks, talks... like a girl on and on...
This guy has banged over a 1,000 chicks and is famous for landing a
5-some.  Still you listen to him talk and he gets excited about his
sarges like a school girl!  Rosses voice too would go into the girl talk
mode at times.

Also on the BHSC brother orion who is outragiously successful uses very
effemate tonality.  Sometimes he almost sounds like a girl talking girl
talk to his girlfriend but the differance is he uses seductive
patterning and it's obvious he is being seductive.  What is seductive
about his tonality is it has the gentleness of a woman.  He uses very
feminine and very gentle soft tonality.  It's amasing and hard to
describe but woman eat it up!!  I will admit though major Mark and for
the most part Ross use pretty deep male tonality though I often hear
Ross laspe into almost girlish tonality at times.  but I'll bet they all
can hold thier own being just one of the girls.

Here's another point.  Most woman's attitude about picking up chicks is
this:  If you ask a girl how to pick up a chick most of them will tell
you it's the easiest thing to do.  For example:  My girlfriend picks up
chicks and has NO problem doing so.  It's so easy it fucking kills me!
She sits with the chick, does light kino, has a girl talk, gets sexual,
off they go to bed with me tagging along.  IT's so damn easy for her.
She asks me why do I have to work at it so hard.  She seriously can't
understand why I read ASF or am learning SS.  If you watch her - it
really is so easy.  That's her perspective.  I've watched other woman.
It's the same thing.  She can talk to girls freely and naturally.  She
knows all the nuances, all the phrases and has talked about sex with
woman since she was a teenager.  She knows how to talk about clothes,
hair, relationshps all in the correct manner and timing.  She even knows
the right small talk.  The thing is when she wants to bed a woman she
usually is into the stage of setting up the lay within 15 minutes.  IT's
damn fast and damn easy for her.

Also woman on this newsgroup often give advice.  They think their advise
is solid gold.  In fact the mind set is they KNOW it is solid gold.  Oh
yes it would be solid gold for a woman trying to pick up another woman.
Piss poor advice for guys who don't know all the nuances of female to
female interaction.  You woman on here who advise don't realise the
enormous gendervantage you hold.  Yes if an AFC could step inside your
skin he would indeed have EASY success but most of us big dumb guys we
have a learning curve to over come being so WAY differant from woman in
not only apperance but also in, tonality, values, cultural programming
ect...  Often the advise would be better understood if you woman would
just tell us guys to:  Be a woman!


Here's the practical application and what I think.

All this stuff has added up and I must say the last three months my
sarge stradegy is changing drastically.  I frequently - ACT GAY, ACT
EFFEMATE,  talk about clothes, make up, boys and be one of the girls.  I
practice these skills and woman keep coming back for more.  I have not
experianced this much popularity with woman before.  I have in the past
always been like a shark swimming around and devouring some unsupecting
duck.  Now I am trying to relate to woman on a whole differant level.

I'm making this type of behavior around woman more natural.  It is
powerful, it works and I what I love most is I'm not doing the old games
that I used to use on woman that left them feeling dirty, degraded and
used.  It works!  I can get with girls and just talk and relate about
female interests.  Sometimes they make me a trusted male confident.  I
mean they don't ignore I'm a male but they over look it because I'm

I'm curious to what mysteries mode of talking is,  I know NYC gets in on
"chick talk" and I love how he has shared about it.  Any you guys out
there in on the chick talk?

Honestly myself I would say I've always been able to talk to chicks and
do the chick talk thing.  I do have a fairly effenate voice at times and
often am like a camelian with woman or with ethinic groups mirroring
inflection and posture.  Still I have never went as far as I have the
last couple months.  I am purposely going out and being either GAY or
FEMINIE.  I've said too any times lately to chicks;  "Do you think my
boobies are going flat?" "Oh honey what do you use on your skin?  You
look so lovely.".... ect...."

GREG just ONE of the girls
Seduction is so simple and yet we make it so complicated.

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