Maniac High's Glossary List

This is the glossary of terms you will find on this 
( website in the 
posts/archives/sections as well as on the newsgroup..

AFC = "Another Frustrated Chump" (ie. a guy who is not a pickup 
      artist, doesn't understand how women really work, or how
      to handle them, so as a result, doesn't get laid very 
      often). Often called a "nice guy" which is really the 
      same as an AFC.

ASF = USENET newsgroup Alt.Seduction.Fast.

HB = "Hot Babe"

Hentai = A Japanese word with no real English equivalent. 
         Somewhere between "erotic", "kinky", "sexy". Ie.
         straight missionary style sex is not hentai, but
         looking at a girl's ass in super mini shorts is.
         Basically, means something slightly abnormal, or
         sexy/kinky/erotic, but in a not necessarily a bad

Kino = Physical contact; ie. kissing, touching, squeezing her ass,
       hugging, holding hands, rubbing her tits, ..etc..etc

Layguide = Tony's Layguide. Another guide on PU'ing women, like
       this one. It is mirrored at:

LJBF = "Lets Just Be Friends". A very typical blowout that a chick
       does to a guy when he wants to be his girlfriend but
       she rejects it. Usually happens to AFC's who don't know
       how to do a proper pickup and seduction.

LTR =  Long Term Relationship

MLTR = Multiple Long Term Relationships (having more than one
       girlfriend at the same time, in several concurrent 
       steady relationships)

Nanpa = A term for going out to hunt chicks (originates from Japan, 
        where they make videos of how to do this...)

Nice Guy = see AFC explanation above

NG  = "Newsgroup" (ie.

NLP = "Neuro Linguistic Programming". A psychology term originated
      by two psychologists in the 1960s (Bandler and Grinder) in the
      book "Trance-formations  ISBN 0-911226-23-0". Briefly, NLP is a 
      way to subconsciously put people into trance or encourage them to do 
      things that you want them to do (ie. quit smoking, eat less, let you 
      fuck them..etc).

Pivot = a chick that you take to a bar to in order to pick up 
        other chicks. Use chicks who won't lay you but still 
        want to see you, for this purpose. Basically, this works 
        because most chicks will find you more attractive and 
        get jealous when you are already with a chick than when 
        you are not.

PU = Pick Up (ie. a pick up a girl in a bar/club)

PUA = Pick Up Artist

Ross Jeffries = See "SS" term below.

Sarging = Ross Jeffries term for hunting chicks. Means the same thing
          as "Nanpa" above. Apparently, "Sarge" is the name of Ross's

SOI = Statement of Intent. A statement during a pickup to make it clear
      in an appropriate way that you are sexually interested in the chick
      and intend to make good on that intent

SS = "Speed Seduction". A term for application of NLP Patterns and theory 
     used by Ross Jeffries for a course he sells over the internet on 
     picking up chicks and fucking them. 

Wing/Wingman = A guy friend that goes with you to PU/nanpa chicks.