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The waterfall game, and 4 questions game!

From: "Nice Guy" 
Subject: Re: The Four Magic Questions
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 16:13:31 -0800

Another question I got from my cousin in the US (which was in A 'Marie
Claire' magazine consequently!) askes about imagining a waterfall. The woman
is supposed to picture a waterfall in her head and describe it using three
words. These descriptions describe how the woman feels sex should be. I've
heard the response 'refreshing, powerful and beautiful' from my ex gf which
was definitely correct!!

Have fun using them!!

JMR  wrote in message
> OK, I have gone through the archive and searched about what the four magic
> questions are.  Now, I have  some questions about the answers:
> 1) You're in white room, how do you feel?
>      This is supposed to tell me what her feelings are about death,
> So, if she were to say "peaceful", then I would assume that she is at
> with the concept of death?  Am I reading this right?
> 2) Favorite color..why/how feel?
>      OK, this is supposed to tell me about her self image, right?  But
> colors tell me what about her self-image?  Or is it just the way that the
> makes her feel that tells me about her self-image?  For instance, if she
> that her favorite color was red, and it made her feel excited, I would
> that her self-image is very confident and energetic, correct?
> 3) Favoriate animal..why/how feel?
>      So this is supposed to show their friends' perception of them, right?
> if she said a dog, and it was because it was loyal and friendly, that
> mean that her friends consider her to be loyal and friendly, right?
> 4) On you feel/what you do?
>      This is supposed to tell me her feelings on sex and passion?
> if she were to say "take a long walk", what the heck does that tell me
> her feelings on sex and passion?  Does it tell me that she's romantic,
> peaceful, and submissive, or that she just wants to take a walk rather
> have sex?  :)
> Any thoughts, ideas, and/or insights, will be greatly appreciated.
> Later,
> ~~JMR
> "On the outside, I was an honest man, straight as an arrow...  I had to
come to
> prison to become a crook." -- Tim Robbins, "The Shawshank Redemption"