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5 words to save your skin before the BF comes along!

From: Mrsex4uNYC

>> Hey guys help me out here.  I've gone through the basic SS course and
>> I've tried the coffee shops only to find fat middle age housewives
>> buying gift certificates for their fat sisters.  I've tried grocery
>> stores only to get in a scuffle when the husband comes back from across
>> the store with a six pack (she looked single, so much for the 3 second
>> rule).

hahaha this shit is fucking hilarious!  :)

>You got into a scruffle because of SS? I am interested to find out if
>else in this NG has had similar confrontations, kicked some ass, or get
>their head pounded in because of SS (ie. picking up a chick).
>I mean, I don't give a fuck if the chick has a boyfriend or whatever
>touch married women though) anymore, but I'm sure that the other guy does
>mind. This thread isn't really about SS, but is something that I think is
>interesting. I mean, I've seen guys fight over girls and all some someone
>here must have interesting stories.
>NYC? Nathan?



I told you guys a long time ago to use ONE fucking line to save your ass MUCH


learn it.  practice it.  use it!  hehehe :)