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PU from 'Eyes Wide Shut' !

Subject: Eyes wide Shut's Marriage Blaster PU!
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 17:22:33 GMT

Eyes wide Shut's Marriage Blaster PU!

Below is a short clipping of the text from the
pickup scene from "Eyes Wide Shut"..  it
had some very good scenes (the PU below, the fuckparty
at the end), but otherwise, a pretty shitty

This PU is good, because it is totally believable, and
contains an excellent "sorry I am married" blaster which
would work in real life PU.

This PU, or a similar one could be constructed along
the same framework and be effective. I found the routine
to be excellent, and very 'silver tongued'. It is very
good and worth renting the movie just to see this scene,
the tonality and body language of the guy is also excellent.
Watch it, and see.

The scene is at the beginning of the film,
an evening private party in a rich guys
house. A guy (married?) goes up to the chick (married,
but her husband is away with other people right now), at
the drinks/punch bowl table, and does the following:

guy: [takes her wine glass and drinks from it at table]
her: I think that's my glass
guy: oh, .. I am absolutely certain of it
guy [finishes her glass]
guy: my name is xxxx (cant spell it).. I am hungarian
her: my name is alice.. I am american
guy: delighted to meet you alex
guy: did you ever read the latin poet ovid. on the art of
her: didnt he wind up all by himself crying his eyes out in
 someplace with a very bad climate
guy: but he also had a good time first... a very good time
guy: are you here with anyone tonight?
her: with my husband
guy: oh how sad.. but I am sure he is the sort of man who
 wouldnt mind if we ...danced

[now dancing]

guy: what do you do alice
her: well, at the moment I am looking for a job
guy/her:.... [fluff about finding a job]

guy: dont you think one of the charms of marraige is that
 it makes deception a necessity for both parties
her: laugh
guy: may I ask why a beautiful woman, who can have any man
 in this room, wants to be... married?
her: why wouldnt you?
guy: is it as bad as that?
her: as good as that!


guy: you know why women used to get married, dont you?
her: why dont you tell me?
guy: it was the only way they could lose their virginity.. and
 be free to do what they wanted..with other men... the ones
 they really wanted
her: fascinating..




The structure of this I think is excellent. The poet opener
(Ovid?) is also excellent to break state.. beats "so is this
your first time here?" shit openers ;-). And I think the
marriage blaster at the end of the PU is fucking excellent
(not that I am married, but if I were...). Would work for
'you have a GF' too I figure..!

Comments/opinions anyone?

Maniac High