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Earlobe Kino!

From Tue Mar 28 06:43:25 2000
From: "Scott Phillips" 
Subject: Pilate Reports - Ear lobe kino

A private party. 2 HBs in the mix. The first, a 9, is 25 but looks in her
late teens: big clear eyes, like liquid moonlight :)  We have common
interests regarding diet and stuff and are genuinely interested in each
other it seems, but she gets bailed up by some other guy for the rest of the
evening preventing even a number close.

The second I'd met before. Easily 8.5 or better. Very cute South Aussie
accent. Bottle blonde. Smart. She and her friend come with me and my mates
to the pub to see a band, which finishes as we arrive and the next one is
really hardcore death metal. It is very loud. Her lips touch my ear as we
talk occasionally which quite turns me on. We end up sitting in a booth next
to each other. Perfect. She mentions the fact that we have to talk so close
and I tell her it is fine because her touching my ear with her mouth really
turns me on, then say:
"Can you just bite my ear a bit?"
"Do you mean like stick my tongue in your ear?"
"No, just my ear lobe. I really like it."
So, she does. My insides invert and curl with the feeling and I can feel a
woody in the making. Then I say "okay" and do the same to her. She is
obviously melting. I stop, look her in the eyes, then slowly kiss her on the
mouth. She responds hungrily. From there on out it is bulk hand kino and
lots of kissing. We both have to cool it down. I mention that it would be
good to be somewhere where we do not have to exercise so much self control.

I end up driving her and her friend home (friend first of course) and
spending some more time at her place kissing and hugging her before going
home. She has a few present issues that I could not work around, but we plan
to. I said she could give me a ring and eventually she asked if I'd given
her my number already.  I hadn't.  So I did.  She knows where my house is
because she recognised my car and I'd already explained exactly.

The point of this post is really the kino.  ASF, I take my hat off to you.
This is rocking my world at present.



From Tue Mar 28 06:44:37 2000
From: "Pilate" 
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Subject: Re: Pilate Reports - Ear lobe kino

Craig  wrote in message
> You just gave me a fuckin sweet idea...Everyone knows girls get
> turned on by guys kissing their ears, so I think a great way to
> initiate kino would be to do to her what she did to you!
> "Accidently" brush your lips up against her ear while your
> talking to her.  I love it...your a fuckin genius!

Really?  And I didn't even know it.

The point is that it really only works well in loud environments.  I guess
you could be telling her a secret, but you'd have to make it convincing.

The other thing to note is that it seemed to work well because I made it a
topic of conversation, so that I could tease her with the idea a little.  As
you are turning the idea around, if she pulls away you could ask her "What
is it?  Am I turning you on?"  Yes = great, go for the lobes.  No = "okay,
does this turn you on?" and go for the lobes.

Some chicks actually don't get off by their ear lobes as such, but will
become apoplectic when having their neck kissed just below the ear.  So ask
her.  "Are you more of a neck girl?"