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Jonnyjewel talks about his dancefloor pickup strategy!

From Sun Oct  8 02:37:20 2000
Subject: Re: Club PU tips Anyone?
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 02:51:01 GMT

toecutter has a lot of good advice I would just like to add a few tips.  The
dance floor is my saving grace for sex.  With out it I might still be a
virgin. Well maybe not.  It sounds like you are doing well at clubs and you
are close to turning the corner and learning how to get the dance floor PU. 
First off, toecutter is right it is a numbers game 100%. I will tell you how
I work a floor.  First off you are there to dance a have a good time, so look
like it.  Smile like you just won a million dollars and let yourself go.  Ok
your relaxed, now it's time to hunt.  What you are looking for a group of
girls together or one by herself. The one by her self is easy just dance up
to her with a open gesture and motion that you would like to dance if she
doesn't she in most cases will look away.  Ok, these groups of women 4 or
more usually have have a certain make up.  There is the hot one, the ugly
one, the not as fashionable one, and the not as hot as the hot one.  The "not
as hot as the hot one" is your target.	This girl is competing with the hot
girl and most of the time will love you for your advance.  Just step up
behind her and smile and rub your peck on her shoulder once gently.  DO NOT
TOUCH ANY PART OF HER BODY WITH YOURS.	Girls love a guys with balls, I mean
it.  She will look behind at you then look back at her friends for approval. 
Stay clam.  She will now do one of three things, back into you, step forward,
or nothing.  If she steps forward, turn right around its over, look some
where else.  If she does nothing try again, be careful she might be a bitch. 
If she gets mad it is her fault, you just wanted to see if she'd like to
dance she could have been courtious and moved away or said no.	But this one
backed into you.  Your chances of a but grind from just about any girl are
about 50%  Just ease into her and have a good time. After about three songs
of hard griding it is time to get go for broke.  Spin her around and grind
away, but she might not want to do a front grind.  If she doesn't, at the end
of the song thank her get, her name, and move on.  This can come in handy
later like a street or parking lot PU.	But you got the fount grind.  VERY
IMPORTANT!!!  If you are grinding with a girl it is your main goal to protect
her, try as hard as you can to keep other people from bumping into her.  Put
out an arm or move both of you so you are the one getting bumped.  I love the
look on girls faces when you do this, they eat it up.  After another two
songs it is time for the kiss.	Start by getting lots of eye contact, if she
not looking at you sorry no kiss for you.  But she is, start touching her
face with yours, forhead to forehead nose to nose.  Go in a couple of times
for a kiss but turn away at the last second.  And then go for it!  But DON'T
shove your tonge down her througt.  Take it easy big boy.  Do this a few
times and then stop, unless she keeps it going.  When I get this far I
usually stick with the chick untill one of us has to go.  At that point thank
her for the night and say something like, "I would like see you again."  Even
if you didn't get the kiss still # close.  If she gives you a number one
thing girls love is if you memorize it, untill she is out of sight and then
right it down, it makes you look smart. I don't ever try to pull a girls off
the dance floor, Why!  Why do you need to? Your grinding, maybe kissing what
more do you want!  She is attracted to you why mess it up by talking.  You
can run all that SS stuff if you get a date.  This brings up another point.
Unless she want to don't talk.	I ususally ask her name and where she's from.
 I leave it at that.  Yes, lost of times these girls have asshole boy friends
so they give you a fake numbers, or just they get scared. The only time you
will get a girl back to your place for the one nighter is if she wants to,
follow her lead. Other points to know for the dance floor PU is that that it
looks good for you to be seen dancing with a lots of women you might start by
dancing with a friend to get you started.  Yes, it is very competitive. So
wear your best club clothes, you might want to invest a little bit of money
in clothes just for clubing. Never ask for a dance, they always say no for
some reason.  Just so you know the girls that come up to you and dance lots
of times are the girls with asshole boy friends but still # close just in
case.  I usually make one to two passes on the dance floor per hour.  One
thing to look for is girls that you have seen dancing with different guys. 
If I don't get a dance I get off the dance floor. You look like a looser if
you are dancing around trying to get girls to dance with you. One mistake I
have made is even if she is liking the fact that your hands are all over her
body, don't move her hand to your dick.  Most importantly, you have never
wasted you time grinding with a good looking girl.