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When lots of guys are around 1 girl, you must disarm guys!

From: "Stepleader" 
Subject: Re: She has nice/great body and/or face -- but what about her?
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:02:45 GMT

great pep talk and I love your posts ... but ...

the situ called for a disarming of the guys.  Here is how.  Approach the
group but pay NO attention to the girl.  Begin the chat with the guys and
make them interested in your story telling.  MALE BONDING comradery.  Turn
you back to HER so she feels out of place.  What you have done is removed
all the attention from her (stolen it).  You are now the center of
attention.  A couple NEGS her way challenges her.  All the other guys were
on her - all but one.  YOU.

Just so you know, this is mystery methods groupset theory and Ive done this
successfully a great # of times.

from this vantage point you may now take her  by the hand and say to the
others, "is it alright if I steal your friend away for a bit?"  they will
say yes and you take her out of earshot.  Id love you to see me work a set
like that.  its brilliant.  and PRACTICAL.

Svengali  wrote in article
> Gentlemen, you're looking for the whole package, not *just* the
> packaging.  And if all you're focusing on is the packaging, she damn
> well knows it and is in control of you --period!
> You must, repeat, you must be prepared to walk at all times, no matter
> how much you would like to be on/in that body and face.
> Remember, you are screening *her* to see if *she* is good enough for
> you, not the other way around.  And the only way you're going to find
> out if she is good enough for *you* is to learn as much as you can
> about the person that is within that female form.
> Am I saying you must be screening every beauty for a long term
> relationship?  Hell no!  It can be for however long *you* want.  But
> the moment she sees, and it won't take her long, that you are screening
> *her* to see whether or not she is good enough for *you*, is the moment
> the tables get turned and she understands that she has to make herself
> look good in *your* eyes.
> Now contrast this with all the other guys who are trying to make
> *themselves* look good in her eyes, so they can get on/in her.
> To illustrate what I am saying, picture this: we're in a manhattan bar,
> and there is this gorgeous looking woman, with the greatest face you've
> seen, talking to a few guys.  One happens to be our own great NYC with
> his magnificient weight-lifting body and his "I'm great" attitude; 
> another is Riker with his patterns, a third is Greg19 with his band of
> ways, and so on.  So basically what you would have is a bunch of guys
> trying to find and give this woman what she wants, so as to get on/in
> her.
> Then there's Svengali, with his Carey Grant looks and ways, who sees
> the woman, walks right up into the group and says "excuse me guys, I
> just wanted to ask the lady where she got, and whose idea it was to get
> those earrings that seems to make her skin sparkle and her eyes glow,
> and then I'll leave." [Turning to her] "So please tell me, where did
> you get, and what made you decide [Svengali's hand goes out to the
> earrings, and in the process, lightly touches the lady's neck] to get
> these earrings that seems to make your skin sparkle and your eyes
> glow?"  {She tells me.}  "Thank you."  "Bye guys, I'm going back over
> there [pointing, so the lady knows where I will be]."
> Look what just occurred: (1) I showed I wasn't afraid of a damn thing. 
> (2) I disarmed my opponents.  (3) I made her feel good.  (4) I showed
> her I wasn't about to hang around and try and get her.  {Of course to
> firmly establish that point, I would engage another woman in
> conversation, and have her positioned in a way that the first woman
> would see her with me, which would have her wondering what kind of nice
> things was I saying to her, that she wasn't getting.}.
> Who do you think the woman is likely to be focused on and thinking
> about: all the guys who are there, still trying to get to her, or the
> guy who said what he wanted, made her feel good/great, left, and is now
> focused on someone else?  {I removed one of her feel good sources, so
> even though the others are there, with theirs, she like nearly everyone
> of us, is focused on the one that's been lost, not the ones that are
> present.}
> Show your interest in her, but also show that you *are* walking the
> moment *she's* not exactly like you want.
> Now I'll play devil's advocate and say that my little "walk away"
> didn't work.  Do you think I care?  Hell no, and I'll tell you why: the
> one who chases to gets, will always have to chase to have.  So whoever
> would win with the woman, would have to keep providing whatever they
> did to keep her interested.  I, on the other hand, only need to use a
> little charm and then walk away to have her wanting me.
> I ask you, who do you think has an easier time of it?
> -- 
> If you don't know in the first twenty minutes whether or not you're going
> have sex with the woman you just met, and whether or not you even want
> you're not a seductionist.
>   'o o'
> Svengali