From the archives at Maniac High's Seduction Website:

De-shying practice by Svengali!

From: Svengali 
Subject: Svengali issues a group challenge based upon his last post
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 17:38:26 -0800

Here's my challenge to everyone who is (a) afraid of meeting women,
and/or (b) not getting any women, or (c) not getting enough women.

This simple little challenge will (a) eliminate your fear of women, (b)
show you that you don't have to play any tricks to get and have them.


Tomorrow, or Saturday, or Sunday, groom and dress yourself real nice. 
I'm *not* asking anyone to put on any suits, or ties, or jackets
(unless that is your comfortable style), but rather dress in your own
comfortable, natural way, wearing clean and at least reasonably pressed
clothes.  Then drive to the nearest shopping mall/center and walk
around looking and damn near everything.  As you're doing so, say "hi"
and give a smile to every woman who passes you by, and who is next to
you, and who is in front of you, or whatever.  The smile doesn't have
to be this big cheesy grin, but whatever is your normal, comfortable
way of smiling.  {Any kind of smile shows you're not depressed, nor
someone to be afraid of.}

Doing *nothing* else but giving a simple smile and "hi" to everyone,
you come back here on Monday and tell me that not *one* woman stopped
dead in her tracks to say some things to you after you did nothing more
then smile and say "hi".

A simple smile and "hello" to everyone.  Cost nothing, takes no time,
won't hurt anyone.  Yet I'll bet most of you will *rationalize* out
some reason(s) why you can't do this, and/or it's not good, and/or all
kinds of other things, and then come back here looking for that magical
pill advice, that will bring you all the women you want.

Guess what?

I just gave you the "magical pill" advice.  If you can't or won't say
"hi" to everyone with a smile (so they quickly see they have nothing to
be afraid of), NOTHING Ross Jeffries gives you, Maniac gives you, NYC
gives you, Mystery gives you, I give you, or whoever, will work.

Now get out there and prove me wrong.  I dare you!

If you don't know in the first twenty minutes whether or not you're going to
have sex with the woman you just met, and whether or not you even want to,
you're not a seductionist.

  'o o'