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Dante PU's and lays a Brazilian babe!

From Thu Nov  2 10:00:05 2000
From: "Dante" 
Subject: Field Report: Dante Loses Virginity
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:17:51 -0400

You know, I've actually been reading this newsgroup for quite a while but
this will be my first post.  I started working on PU a few months ago with
my buddy/wingman, little_grasshopper; you might have read about me in his
field reports.  There are probably many others like me out there -- reading
your advice and reports, but not yet ready to contribute -- believe me, we
appreciate it.  This is not a "How To" report by any means, just a
description of what happened.  I loved reading field reports as a newbie,
and this will be my first of many reports ;) and I hope someone out there
learns something or gets inspired by it.  Any tips, criticism, comments,
etc. are greatly appreciated.

FIRST CONTACT - Monday, October 9th (Columbus Day)
I'm at this Au Bon Pain near my school (in Boston), I see this girl from
behind, she's getting napkins or something, and somehow I can't help but
check out her body.  She's wearing these black spandex-type pants, and it
shows off her assets ;) quite well.  Man, what a body!  So I go and order my
food, and I go sit a couple chairs from her at the window, which is sort of
a bar-style counter.  I notice she has all these sugar packs, so I ask her
if I can have one (I really needed one for my tea).  She says of course.
Then I notice she's looking at a map of boston curiously, so I ask her,
"What are you looking for?  Maybe I can help you find it :)"  Anyways, we
started talking how she's from Brazil, doing a 1 month residency at Mass
General Hospital in plastic surgery.  She's only going to be here for
another 2 weeks.  I was not really in my game that day, or trying, I was
just being myself and friendly.  No real kino, some very basic patterning.
But we ended up talking for about an hour, even though she finished her food
earlier.  I told her I had to finish my soup and then go get laundry (true)
and got the number where she's staying.  She went through a lot of trouble
to find it, which was a good sign.  I'd rate her face as a 7.5 (she doesn't
wear any makeup though), and her body as a 10 -- she fits my personal
preferences perfectly.

OTHER OPTIONS - Wednesday, October 11th
I recently #closed two girls (8 and 5.5) -- I was on top of my game that
day, joked with them for 10 minutes, and they were both really into me.  I
was thinking of going for a threesome with them.  I also had this Vietnamese
girl at my school ready to lay, but I lost attraction for her so I slowly
stopped hanging out with her.  Little_grasshopper and I go PU a lot, and
we've had a lot of success in clubs.  He tongues down like 3 girls every
weekend :)  I got my first tonguedown a couple weeks ago, and I think we
will start doing F-closes pretty soon there.

I CALL DREAM GIRL - Thursday, October 19th
I lost the number for the two girls, too bad but no big deal.  I think it's
too late to call Brazilian girl, but my wing pushes me to call her just to
see what happens (if he didn't, I would have never laid this girl!).  She
was really enthusiastic on the phone, I told her she can join me for a tour
on tuesday, but she said they don't have it at night.  I made sure to tell
her that its like $20, so she doesn't get any ideas :)  So I tell her how
I'm really busy, but she has tommorow off, so I make plans to meet her for a
"little bit" to take a tour at 4 the next day.

SEDUCTION - Friday, October 20th
I meet her at the mall, near the duck tour office, but they had just sold
out.  I tell her I'll go talk to them and see if we can work something out.
But they can't do anything so I tell her I'll take her on a little walking
tour instead.  We are both a little hungry, so I take her to eat at Marche
(a neat/different restaurant, you serve yourself, but great food).  We both
have salad, she pays for her stuff of course.  She is very frosty at this
point, showing no romantic interest.  She recoils slightly from kino.  Then
we go to this really nice park nearby, and take a few pictures.  This is how
I started heavy kino, by putting my arm around her during the pictures.  We
enter this halloween store, and start playing with a bunch of the costumes
there.  She has no halloween in her country, so I mini-pattern about playing
roles.  I keep the kino going, helping her try out stuff, even jewelry.  She
tries some funky golden hand beads, and notice she had really neat ring-set,
so I ask her whats the story about it.

Whenever we wanted to cross a street, I would very authoritatively block the
incoming traffic with my palm out and we would cross.  I think she loved
this :)

Then we go to tower records a little, talk about carnival music from Rio,
and I pattern her a little on the party atmosphere, how people just savor
the moment, etc.  We grab some ice cream from Newbury Street nearby (she
said she loves ice cream at some point but I hadnt memorized the BJ pattern)
and I take her to a beautiful bridge/view of boston, where the sun is
(coincidentally ;) setting.  More kino, lots of talking, more pictures, more
mini-patterning.  e.g. "I met an old friend today, a psychology professor..
you know how when you meet someone you haven't seen in a while, you just
want to spend more time with that person... anyways, he showed me a neat
trick, the four magic questions, ..." and I do the 4 magic questions on her.
We finish the bridge, and cross back on the other side.  She has one picture
left on camera, so I mention the roof of my building has a great view.  No
enthusiasm to go there and she never reciprocated kino or did anything
romantic yet.  It's a little discouraging, but I really like this girl, so I

On the way to a beautiful park, we talk about her language (portugese) and
she starts translating things for me, like a game.  Car, street, hair, eyes,
lips, kiss, touch.  Then I ask her to say something sexy to me in portugese.
She can't think of anything, and neither can I.  But it makes her wonder, I
guess ;)  We get to the park, beautiful water, view, and reflection of
painted windows from old church.  Secluded place.  We talk more, somehow I
ask her about her first kiss.  It sucked for her.  Doh!  So I asked her
first time she's ever kissed anyone and really liked it and she told me a
story.  Then it was a silent moment, we looked at eachother, and she sort of
went forward for the kiss, and we ended up making out for a while.  She
never even did kino on me before, but here we were making out.  Some people
pass by, and then we sort of stop and just smile at eachother.  I say let's
go to the roof of my building (to take the last picture) and we walk french
style (arm-in-arm).  She wanted some gum, so we stopped at Store 24.  She
then went to another part of the store, I think she wanted me to buy condoms
here!  But I already had some at home so I just bought gum and we left.  I
started talking to her about drinks, as I wanted to know what to serve her
on the roof, and she told me she likes beer but never tried lite beer

So we go to the packet store.  Turns out she thought lite beer was less
calories, when she found out it was just less strong, she didnt want it.  I
had good beer already at my place.  So we go there cause she needs to use
the bathroom too.  I don't put any moves here, because I promised we were
going to the roof.  I think this made her trust me a lot more.  So we took a
couple beers with us.  We talk for a long time up there.  BS tests like "My
girlfriends tell me about how they meet a guy at a party and they you know,
get with the guy, and then he never calls them or anything" and how terrible
that is.  So I agree with her and tell her that I'm a virgin.  She's really
surprised and says she wouldn't have thought.  I tell her how I have a lot
of girls that are friends, but I've never really been so attracted to
someone -- I guess I just wasn't ready. (it's true)  Somehow we talk about
her close friends and how she's known them forever.  I tell her the same
about mine, and how sometimes you sort of feel that connection with someone,
its like a click, etc...  More talk.  She lights a cig and I tell her I want
to try smoking, I never really smoked before.  So she shows me how, and we
talk how its so important to try new things while you can, or you might
regret it, etc.  How roller coasters are scary, but you know you're really
safe and have a good time, etc.  I compliment her on how she has a great
handle on life.  More talk, I tell her how beautiful she is, then we make
out for a while on the roof.

Some other couple comes to a nearby roof, doh!  I tell her how its kind of
cold here and we go back to my place.  She uses my bathroom again and then
asks if she can sit on my bed (I don't really have much furniture).  I sit
next to her, but we just talk a while. I wanted to take it slow.  Then I
tell her how beautiful she is, and we start making out.  Eventually, we
"lean over" and are making out lying down.  I took it VERY slowly from this
point on.  An hour+ of foreplay.  When the phone rang, I disconnected it!  I
think she liked this (esp. since she knew I was supposed to go out with
friends later).  A few times she says things like "I can't believe I'm doing
this", "I can't believe I'm here on a first date", etc.  So I say stuff like
"you're having a good time, aren't you?" and she says yes -- this seems to
be a good counter.  She was sort of the innocent type, hadn't had sex in 2
years.  At some point she says she thinks she was fat.  OH MY GOD!  This
girl has the most amazing body, and she's complaining about being fat.  I
tried to control my shock and just complimented her.  I think I messed up
here!   Told her I love you... - I was like sh!t, did I just say that?  so I
tried to save it  "the way you look I mean, I wouldn't change anything."
And I kiss her tummy.  And then we do all sorts of wonderful things together
for the next couple hours and her talking was more like "whatever, you do,
don't stop" ;) -- the sex was great, though she wouldn't go for anything
oral either way (she was like "no, please don't make me do that, I tried
that once and hated it"... I tried to convince her, but didn't want to push
her, so I left it at that).

This is where I also messed up, but maybe I'm overanalyzing.  When we
cuddled/talked after sex, she closed her eyes and I told her not to fall
asleep on me, just jokingly.  I think she took this the wrong way.  I think
she wanted to spend the night.  She had said that she needs to get up early
tommorow, how she needed to go home.  I  think she said this before I said
not to fall asleep on me, but not sure.  I was no longer acting in control,
I was sort of supplicating to her at this point (after all, we were already
intimate, so I thought this was ok).  I was a lot more into her after we had
sex, and I ended up walking her to the train station (being gentleman),
showing her how to get home, etc.  We made out at the train station before
she left on a good note.

I tried to call her 3 times the next day, but just answering machine for the
place she staying.  I should have left a message!  I leave a message on
Sunday, and then talk to her that night.  She didn't sound that enthusiastic
about getting together again.  She's supposed to call me today, I really
hope she does, I am falling for this girl!  But she's going back to brazil
next weekend, so we both knew it was a short term thing.  I think I
smothered her with too much affection/interest after we had sex and she
doesn't want to get too close since she's leaving soon.  At first I was so
happy that this happened -- it's sort of the perfect first time fantasy, but
now I'm so depressed that I might not be able to see her again.  It's really
tearing me up inside and I feel like throwing up.  Is this normal?  I'm
starting to think that I don't have what it takes to be a player.  I am
falling in love way too easily.  How do you guys deal with this?