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An awesome cyber pickup script by Nightlight!

From Mon Dec  6 23:49:29 1999
Subject: Re: Kate, what do you think of your boobs?
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 22:39:04 GMT
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  "feeder"  wrote:

> Wow!  Good thing I did those sit-ups this morning.... so, let's test
> skills at "cyberseduction".... describe what you see, and make me
feel warm
> fuzzy feelings.

It's important that your in the right mood for this, so if you aren't
ready to  think about the pleasures of another, you might not want read
this carefully and really try to  feel what I'm talking about.

As you read this, hopefully you  feel warm and comfortable.  You're
wearing a soft sweater that shows your curves but leaves just enough to
the imagination.
I like to start by getting really close, maybe sitting on a sofa.  I
would look at your face, your eyes, the curve of you jaw and the line
of your neck, the fullness of your lips.  I want to pull myself close
to your face so you can feel my breath on your cheak and then on your
neck.  I can faintly smell your perfume.  I wrap my hand gently but
firmly around the nape of your neck.  Your skin is so beautiful and I
wisper into your ear how much it turns me on to look at it and feel it.
Then I begin to kiss your neck very gently.  You let me know you like
it by tilting your head and letting out a long breath.  The excitement
of touching eachother and learning each other for the first time is
making me so turned on.
I can feel you arm under my shoulders, exploring my back muscles and it
makes me feel like  you want me.  We both feel very warm and close, and
you find yourselve almost nervous about how right it feels and how
comfortable you are.  Yet there is still the excitement of the unknown.
Slowly I move your hair out of the way as I kiss the nape of your
neck.  It feels good.  We are both breathing heavier now.  I stop, and
pull my head away to look at how pretty you are again.  I have a big
smile on my face, and it's clear that I am very happy.  I tell you
about how much your eyes make me want you, want to hold you, want to
feel you.  I pull your head to my chest and you tell me  I smell good.
You notice how firmly I pull you torwards me as Kiss you on the lips.
We fit together perfectly and as we share each others lips, our mouths
open more and more.  After a few minutes of sweet surender, playfully
our tongues touch.  Lightly and gingerly.  We are getting to know each
We are pressed closely together and I can feel your breasts firmly
against my body.  In my mind I imagine them naked against my skin.  My
grip on you tighens as I think more and more about it and you can feel
my hand moving and squeezing all over your back and your side.  It's
firm, hard and passionate.  I notice your hands have become more
adventurous as well.  One is still grabing my arm and the is around by
lower back, but your grip and movements are much more powerful.  You
are pulling me on top of you.
As you lean to side we kiss, and I gently lower you to lie down on the
sofa.  You are suprised at how easily I support you as your back comes
to a rest on the cushion.
My right leg crosses over your thigh as our lips press together.  My
kissing has become firmer and I'm kissing you all over, but I always
return to your lips.  Our tongue intertwine and we know exactly what
the other likes and what the other wants.  I am amazed how perfectly we
mesh and I can tell you feel perfectly relaxed with me, as if we were
made specifically for this particular moment.  I kiss your neck and
your cheek.  Our faces feel like they are on fire.  I kiss your ear and
along your jaw.  As you notice how wonderful that feels you become more
and more aroused.  The more aroused you become, the more turned on I
get which makes you even hotter.
I slide down you body and I expose your stomache.  The skin is so soft
and perfect.  I can't help myself from kissing you all over.  I'm
kissing all around your stomache as Your back arches and I throw my
arms underyou as you lift youself further away the sofa with every deep
breath.  I am forfully pulling your body to my mouth.  As I kiss your
stomache more and more I know what you are thinking about.  Your face
is turned to one side.  You cheak is flushed red.
As I look at you, yOur breasts tower between us.  I now have my hands
under your sweater against the skin. My right hand slides up and down
your side while the left one is still wraped around you, pulling you
close to me.  My fingers massage you knowingly.
I have to feel your breasts.  I slide my hand around an hold you
through your bra.  I gently but firmly squeeze and explore.  I gently
touch the exposed skin above your bra.  Then I return to the full of
your breast.  I can feel your hard nipple through the fabric of your
bra.   I run my fingers over the area of breast that is exposed again
and I slide up to kiss you some more.
Together we sit up straight and you pull your sweater over your head.
I unsnap your bra, gently remove it and expose your breasts.  I pull
close to you and I rub where you bra strap had been. I rub on your side
and then you back and you feel the release.  The closeness and
gentleness helps you feel completely relaxed and confident with me.
It's unusual for you to have the man to have so much control, and you
are suprised to find how much you like it.
I kiss all over you naked chest.  Under and around, slowly and gently,
I completly explore your breasts.  Then I circle your right nipple.
The pace pics up as we get more and more turned on.  I have your other
breast in my hand and it's firmness is making me want suck it so much
that I can't decide which one I want to hold more.  I suckle your
nipple and cirle it with my tounge.  My hand is firmly grabing you arm,
and your shoulder.  I wonder what it feels like to have me hold you so
tightly.  Then I suckle harder.  You must be enjoying it but at this
point I'm going so crazy with passion I can barely pay attention to
your heaving and the noises you are making.  I think my passion might
be turning you on as much as anthing else.
I sit up and paractically rip my shirt off.  You smile  at this and
almost giggle.  We stare for split instance at each others bodys.  Me
at your beautiful skin, full breasts and wonderful eyes, you at my
stomache and my chest.  YOur hands run over my stomache feeling the
lines in it as I lower myself onto you so I can feel your breasts
pressed against me.  As we kiss I can feel you pressed against me and
your skin all over me, wrapped around me.  We are pressed hard.  I kiss
you, I kiss your shoulders I kiss your neck and you ears.
I have slid between your legs and We are grinding firmly and smoothly.
I can feel you pelvis come up to meet me.  It started slowly but now
you are thrusting hard against me.  My dick is hard and pressed against
my pants.  It's trapped in there and it knows where it belongs.  Our
kissing is frantic as you grab my waist and pull me down on you hard.
As we get more excited excited, it's clear you are getting more and
more physical.  My kisses are more forceful and you are fully
reciprocating.  Your legs are up and wrapped around my around me, your
ankles crossed between my calves.  Your whole body is in every thrust.
We can barely find time to breath between our kisses.

Well, that's it for now...