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A practice session using the techniques of PU!

Subject: ]Experiment Report! How kinky are YOUR co-workers?!
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 08:03:45 GMT

]Experiment Report! How kinky are YOUR co-workers?!

This report is about finding the deep dark secrets of
your co-workers (not necessarily to fuck them, but as
a good experiment in state transitioning in groups
rather than one-on-one).

Note, for those readers living in repressed countries
still in the sexual dark ages like the Islamic
Republic of Iran, or the United Stated of America,
I do not advice attempting this..trouble with the
legal system, sex harrassment shit, or loss of
your job could result.. For the rest of you living
in countries that have both feet planted firmly in
the 20th century, no problem, lets rock on- here
is the report!

Recently, I have been doing alot of work practicing
state transitioning. Ie. the goal is to take a
chick (or in this case, group of chicks) from the
"idle state" (ie. thinking about office bullshit
and work they have to do), and transition them
to the kinky "lets get crazy and fuck state" as
quickly as possible, and in as few steps as possible
using a process that will be consistantly successful.

Last night, we had one of these (usually) boring
office departmental dinner parties at a stuffy
restaurant in town. BORING!!

So I decided what better place to liven things up
and see what I can get away with using psychological
warfare and a little bit of alcohol in an otherwise
formal group setting.

I get there, and sit at a table with 1 guy, and
5 chicks. For the first 30 minutes, it is boring,
I let everyone talk about boring office shit so
that everyone can arrive, and the food can start.

First I arrange the waiter to bring drinks to the
table (we need it later for one of the games I
am going to do), and get started on that right away.
One of the chicks only drinks tea, but that is OK,
later she really got into it anyways in spite of
being stark sober.

At the table is sitting:
ChinaGuy - he is from China
Mombabe - she is a mom, but wild & crazy, 40s (starts
          by sitting at another table)
HB CaptHook - she had a mild eye infection and is
              wearing an eyepatch this week (starts by
              sitting at another table)
HBStrict - she only drinks tea, but is more action
           than she looks
ScaredChick - she thinks we are all wierd
HBWhoMe? - she looks SO straight, but is the kinkiest
           at the table we find out!
Bichick - we find out she had enjoyed some bi games

Other assorted people sitting farther, who dont
play in the games really..

After that, I start. Here is how I did it. Refer
to the 'Maniac plan' post I made a couple weeks ago
(it is archived in, I will also put
it on my site in Jan. when the next big update
happens) for some of the terminology below. I move
all the chicks (as a group), through all the states
as follows:

[Current State: Idle: chicks talking about office bullshit]
Maniac>Bichick: So what did you do this weekend?
Bichick: Nothing really.. how about you?
Maniac>I went to my dance circle, I like salsa dance
Bichick: oh really? {other chicks starting to listen}
Maniac: Yeah, I went to Brazil this year too, it was so
        much fun, wanna see my pictures?
Bichick & others: 'yes!' (take out my digi-PC, show pictures
        of carnival in Rio, tback bikini babes, the gay parade
        and debauchery in the streets)
Maniac: You know, the culture is SO different, brazilian people
        are SO passionate!
All chicks: oh really?
Maniac: yep, after I left Rio, I went to Sao Paolo, and
        went into this bar and all of the sudden this brazilian
        chick grabbed me and started french kissing me (perform
        SP chick story from ManiacPlan).

[Current State: (A)dmiration & (M)an now achieved from ManiacPlan]
Bichick: Oh, HB Capthook lived in brazil a few years!
Maniac: really? {I go to her table, ask if she wants to see
        some brazil carnival pictures with us.. she runs over
        to our table}
Maniac>all chicks: you know, I respected that SP chick though
       because she was not afraid to take what she wants..
       kind of like Madonna (perform the Madonna story from
Maniac: Perform 'how to communicate to lady at all levels
        and pay attention to her and what she wants' story
        from ManiacPlan, while doing lots of Kino on
        HBCapthook sitting next to me as a demonstration.
        Others are watching and getting jealous..

[Now try to introduce the (S)ex state from ManiacPlan..
the goal here is to do the "questions game, but in a
group setting.. so I decide to do it via a drinking game]
Maniac: {now I try to introduce a drinking game called 'I
       never'}, Hey, do they have any good drinking games in
Chicks: {they suggest some really lame boring shit like
         remembering names of subway stations..boring!!!}
Maniac: Well, I know two games, Chandelliers {I describe this
        game.. but we wont play it, not sexual}, and then
        "I never" {I describe "I never"}.
[Now here, I think I dont have enough rapport yet to start
"I never" (a drinking version of "questions") and get it to
work well (ie. sexually), so first I preform the "Strawberry
fields" game in a group (in next post, and included below)


We play the game: (mombabe hears us laughing, comes
over & kicks Chinaguy out of his chair so she can sit
next to us)

Among the answers to "strawberry fields"
Bichick: "uh, I dont see any fence around the field!"
HB Capthook & mombabe: "as many as I can eat!"
HBStrict: "to the farmer.. uh.. Thank you {and bow}"

We were all laughing and rolling on the floor to the
various chicks answers to this game, with lots of "I cant
believe you?! really?!" reactions among the ladies..

[Current state in ManiacPlan: (S)ex now achieved, now
lets intensify and see what these chicks will say/do.
I am putting LOTS of shoulder/back kino on all the
ladies as the game is playing]

Maniac: OK, time for another game, we will play that
 "I never" game we talked about before. {Maniac explains
 howto play "I never"} [easy.. each person takes a turn,
 say "I never xxx", whoever did "xxx" has to take a drink.
 start light, get game sexual ASAP..]

Maniac: here is the opening question: "I never kissed a
 member of the opposite sex before I was 15 y.o."
{3 girls drink}
Maniac: your turn HBCaptHook
HBCaptHook: uh, I dont understand the game yet, can you do
  the next question Maniac?
Maniac: OK, I never kissed a guy on the first date
{we all drink}
HBCaptHook: OK I get it, my turn "I never had sex with a
 guy on the first date" {notice because of the setup with
 straberry fields here, that the chicks ON THEIR OWN, turned
 the game sexual without me having to do anything! This was
 what I worried about if I were to start the "I never" game
 before straberry fields.. the mood was just not sexual
 enough yet, and the game would have fizzled.. but now..
 no problem!}
{all but 1 chick drinks (HB afraid.. who is looking a bit
 uncomfortable now)}
Mombabe: I never kissed a member of the same sex
{Bichick drinks!.. lots of "oh really?!? and discussion
 ensues, but bichick wont delve into it anymore ;-) }
Bichick: I never had sex with more than 4 people in the
{bichick, HBstrict and HBWhoMe all drink!}
HBAfraid: I never went to california
{we all look at her wierd.. skip to next girl}
HBWhoMe: I never did sex as part of a performance in front
of others
{Maniac, Bichick and HBWhoMe drink.. HBStrict looks envious,
others gasp and are laughing.. rest of our dept, is looking
at us, like why we are having so much fun, and a bit wierdly,
fortunately they cannot hear what we are saying ;-)}
Maniac: I never had sex with someone and didn't know their
 name till the next morning.
{We all drink except HB afraid}
MomBabe: I never used tool, or vibrator during sex
{we all drink}
HBCaptHook: I never had sex with a cat?!
{we all look at her wierd.. no one drinks}
HBCaptHook: but it can happen, I saw it on video once!
{we look at her more strange, and make her drink for watching
the video}
HBAfraid: I cant think of any question
{we skip her, next girl}
Maniac: I never was tied/tied up my partner during sex
{Maniac, HB strict, HBCapthook and HBWhome all drink}

Maniac: I see, so who is "S", and who is "M" {explain to
 a couple clueless chicks which was which}
HBWhoMe and HBStrict are serious S type, Bichick is both.
HBStrict makes a pass at me, and I reply only if you are
serious.. she stares at me long (maybe a future there ;-) )
I shake hands and hug HBWhoMe, who is really into this
thread of questioning.

Mombabe now makes ajoke about why I went to lunch today
with this other chick (not in the game), and not her. I
tell her because she didn't ask me.. girls have to take
what they want, like that SP chick. I ask her if she
likes me, she says yes, and I gesture (and get) a cheek
kiss. I am CERTAIN I could have done a KC, or even one
of those 3way KCs, but I remember that this is an
experiment, and I do have to see all these people on Monday
again at work, so I dont push it.

now adminbabe (the dept head's secy) comes by our table
and asks how many of us are going to the prescheduled
after-party karaoke. Mombabe replies "none of us, we are
all going to a hotel".. HBCapthook adds in "a love hotel..".

[Final state: Dying to fuck: achieved]

Adminbabe looks at us wierd (she missed the whole thing),
and leaves. Mombabe now asks why I have such a harem tonight,
and then Bichick remarks how all the ladies in the office
really really like you Maniac.

I ask 'why?'
bichick says.. you smile, and laugh alot.. but there is
something else.. we all see it, but cant really
describe what it is {maniac opinion.. it is the way
I stare at chicks with the 'fuck me' luck, and all the
shoulder kino..etc, I do, even in the office}.

Supper now is wrapping up, we all have to go, I remark
that this table is fun, and that another night, we should
all meet again for beer and fun.. everyone agrees.

As we are going back, HBCaptHook and mombabe are grabbing
all over me, it was funny.

Some go home, and I split off from the group, as I have
a date with karatebabe at midnight in another part of

Experiment over..

I learned that state transitioning is a very predictable,
reproduceable process, once you learn the tools to do it.
This was just my office staff that is around me, so made
a good subject for the experiment. I also realized, that
in groups, there is a sort of feed back effect, so you
can really accelerate things. It wasnt the alcohol because
HBstrict had nothing to drink, but was well into the
game too.

Because it was a group, I could skip steps "BVG,D,O" in
the ManiacPlan, and reach the last state.. (dying to fuck)
so I likely could have taken any (or all)
of those ladies back for a wild time in the sack (which I
wont do, because I work with them.. but there was nothing
stopping it, thats for sure)..


Constructive Opinions/comments anyone?

Maniac High