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Handling chicks who want to feel "controlled"!

From Wed Dec 29 08:55:18 1999
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Chick Report! Detecting and controlling women who want to be controlled!
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 12:52:26 GMT

Chick Report! Detecting and controlling women who 
want to be controlled!

This is not strictly a PU report like my others. I have 
found that many chicks like to be controlled, and that 
this is a very intense and pleasurable feeling for many 
women. I am going to talk about that in this report, 
using recent experiences I have had with HB Afro, 
HB Ass and Ms. Kinky (see lay reports on my site for 
more info about these particular women..).  If you are 
looking for just how to PU a chick, then this report is 
not for you.. But if you are wondering how to totally 
get into a chick's head, and make her feel intense 
feelings like no one else has ever made her..then read 

Warning, this is not your ordinary outing report. Its 
long, and there is all sorts of shit on psychology, 
control, SM and other stuff like that in here that gets 
chicks's rocks off. Constructive comments and 
opinions on these stories are welcome! 

First an overview. Most of the chicks I fuck know I 
fuck other chicks. They also have told me that they 
continue to see me because no guy has ever been able 
to make them feel as good as the way I can make 
them feel, and that no guy has ever been able to get 
in,  and control their bodies.., and their minds,.. like I 
do, and make them feel so good and ecxtasy while it 
is happening .that somehow I have a special talent 
for this.. 

I don't know if its true, but thats what I have been 
told..  So I will talk about what I do, how and why, 
and will ask for your opinions on what might be 
happening and why the chicks might like this so 

First, some things about myself.  I like sex, and PU. 
But also I like more than that. I like to not only fuck a 
chick, but I am fascinated about how to get into a 
woman's mind, and manipulate all of her emotions 
absolutely.exctasy, fear, excitement, pain, control, 
both physically and emotionally. in such a way, that 
I can control the experience for the woman, so that it 
is very intense feeling psychologically as well as 
physically, and extremely pleasureable. 

-The women:
Actually, the chicks you meet in bars with the short 
skirts and sexy heels, are NOT into this sort of thing 
usually.they are a very much what you see is what 
you get. She is often not so bright, likes a simple
straight fuck, and then goes home, or goes shopping 
for more skirts or something. You cannot do mind 
games with dumb say stuff, but nothing 
happens inside her head.. I don't go out long with 
dumb chicks..even if they are hot and sexy.. I fuck 
them till I get bored, and then breakup with them, or 
LJBF them.. as after the physical fuck, there is 
nothing more you can do really.

Rather, I found that the chicks that are most into this 
sort of thing, tend to be highly intelligent, and on the 
outside at least, rather conservative looking. They 
may be very physically attractice, but they wear long 
skirts, thick the "librarians" of the 
world. So what I tend to do, is PU the librarians, 
and then take them shopping for sexy clothes, and 
corrupt them more and more as they go out with me.. 
They also are really good fucks, and also like the 
mind fucks too.

-HB ass has her fun.. how I find out she likes agony 
and humiliation (and use that to give her the
best fuck she ever had)

This all started with HB ass (see other report posted 
today).  We decided one day to see an erotic movie. 
There is a famous film in Japan called "Topaz" (it is 
also available in the USA, its called "Tokyo 
Decadence", and is artsie, but erotic (ie. A real 
film..with a story/plot/cinimatography, but with 
fucking.dont think they make this sort of thing in 
hollywood). The story is about bubble era (1980s, 
Japan was buying the whole world..)  decadence in 
Tokyo, and in particular, about an SM (sado-
massochistic) call girl (she is "M".the slave) and her 
life during that time period. 

HB ass and I choose this film. There is a scene about 
20 minutes in the film, where one of  these rich 
Japanese industrialist guys has the girl come to his 
penthouse appartment on the 40 `th floor of  his
appartment in Tokyo. He has her wear a t-back and 
stockings and a sexy top and heels. He greases her 
hair with gel, and then decides to humiliate the chick 
by making her stand in the window of his appartment, 
seeing all the traffic and people walking far below. 
She is embarrased, but he makes her do it. Then he 
tells her to dance, and slowly strip off her clothes, and 
t-back, like "all of those horny office ladies at work 
always dying for a fuck". She is bad at it, and he 
makes her practice the striptease in the window over 
and over, he massages her cunt, and tells her to 
imagine how she is such a horny fuck slut and that 
she really wants to get it.. he makes her do this in the 
window until night falls. She is all in a sweat at this 
and is really excited.

After that, the guy brings up his wife, who is also into 
this scene. The wife (an HB), comes up, and the guy 
starts fucking the wife in front of the slave chick, who 
now is tied with a vibrator in her cunt running. He 
tells the slave chick that after the window, she is 
probably dying for a fuck now, but he wont fuck her, 
rather she has to watch him fuck the wife, and she has 
to settle for the vibrator. He makes the slave chick 
bend over, and push her ass against the wall, so the 
vibe goes in deeper, while she is looking at the guy 
fuck his wife..  The slave chick is in agony as she 
wants to be fucked so bad, and is being stimulated so 
much by the window strip, the vibe, and seeing the 
couple fuck, but she cant.

HB ass saw this scene, and it made her nuts. It was 
the most erotic thing she ever saw she said. (Actually, 
this is an excellent film for this scene alone, it is 
cinametographically very well done, and not "porn 
film" like in any way at all.absolutely highly 
recommended if you want to see if a chick is into this 
sort of thing.., and dont like trashy porn tapes. Also 
check out "Shitsu-raku-en (Lost Wonderland), 
another film of the same type.not porn, but a real 
movie with lots of real sex.tastefully done that a 
woman would like it..also available in the US I think).

So I realized, that HB ass likes to be controlled, I 
thought this was interesting. I got her a vibe, tied her 
hands together, and started playing with her with it, 
turning it on, and then off just before she would come, 
and then turning it back on again. I realized, that by 
doing this, I could control her mind, by controlling 
her body, and denying and giving her pleasure as I 
wanted.. So then I decided to play a mind game with 
this. On the picture in Nathan's old lounge, she is 
wearing a really short spandex mini. It is REALLY 
short, and REALLY tight. But at the time, HB ass 
was a conservative librarian, she wouldn't dare wear 
that in public.

So, while I was doing the vibe game with her, I would 
stop the vibe, just before she came, and then tell her if 
she wanted to come, she'd have to wear the super 
mini to the disco some night. She whimpered and 
whined "no I cant..embarrassed..blah blah", so I turn 
on the vibe, wait till she is about to come, and then 
stop it, and ask again.then tell her how she is 
feeling so horny now (she says "yes"), and how she 
really would like to come (she says "yes"). I start the 
vibe again, wait till she is just about to, and then stop 
it, and tell her again the request (to wear the super 
mini out one night). This happens a few more times, 
and finally she agrees, and I make her say "I promise 
to wear the super mini out one night when you 
decide". Then I start the vibe and tell her it will be 
embarraseing. She says "yes, it will be". I ask her if 
she will enjoy it, she says "yes". I up the vibe, and let 
her come. Then I untie her and fuck her.

They call that in "SM", a "scene" (kind of like a 
movie scene). I always debrief a chick after a "scene" 
to see what she liked, and didn't like, because during 
the scene, she is living out her imagination, so you 
cant listen really to what they say literally, you have 
to watch real carefully, to make sure the chick is 
actually enjoying the "scene" and enjoying the 
emotions and sensations she is feeling.. So I always 
debrief after. 

HB ass said that she really enjoyed it. She liked not 
being able to move, she liked wearing only the T-
back, and having avibe in her, and the way I tortured 
her by preventing her from coming. She said the 
decision to wear the skirt was really hard, and agony, 
and that somehow also made it pleasureable in an 
extremely intense way. Somehow it was much better 
than just being fucked by a regular guy she said, 
because she felt agony, being controlled, and 
powerless, and humilated (by thinking of having to 
wear the skirt, and having to tell me how she is such a 
horny bitch and she really wants to fuck and be 
embarrassed to wear the skirt), like her mind was 
being fucked and not just her body.

That was my first real SM experience.. I liked it too, 
the way I could control her like that, absolutely, and 
make her agree to something that had I just asked her 
at the dinner table during supper (about the skirt), I 
would have just gotten a "no, are you out of your 
mind!, and then maybe an argument). . 

Anyways, the weekend came, and it was time for HB 
ass to fulfill her promise and wear the super mini 
out. FUCK it was short. Her but cheeks almost hung 
out of it! But man was she sweet in it. EVERYONE 
looked at her in the street (I made her wear open 
crotch fishnet, and a black t-back, and black high 
heels and a tight black top). Fortunately, all the 
highschool kids dress the same way just for fun, so I 
wasnt worried about her getting in trouble or 
anything. She felt embarrassed, some how humiliated. 
It was a fun evening, and dancing, and always she 
was very self conscious people trying to look up her 
ass as she went up the stairs and stuff.

BUT,.she LOVED IT! She said it made her feel 
really erotic, and really like a woman. But had I not 
made her do it (the way I made her do it, with the 
vibe), she never would have agreed, and it wouldn't 
have been fun the way it was fun like that. Again, she 
said it was the feeling in her mind of being controlled, 
and powerless, that made it so exciting. Sex that night 
was really good.

I did this several times (using vibe torture to make her 
agree to things). There is a very large fetish ball that 
happens in Tokyo every month,, she wanted to go, so 
I made her wear a costume to it that was very 
revealing. (I will try to put it on Nathan's page), sexy, 
but somehow elegant. Again, she felt controlled, and 
sexy, and like an object.which she said she really 

Finally, another time, I made her do the scene in the 
movie, in a hotel room in one of the Tokyo hotel 
towers., the striptease in the window. She was 
reluctant to go in the window, but then I did more 
"vibe torture", and as she went each step of the way, I 
ran the vibe a little more, making her take off more 
and more in the window, standing on a table, with 
Tokyo below. She got really hot and excited, saying it 
was humilating, but she felt totally controlled, used, 
and somehow, that was so pleasureable, that people 
might see her, and that she had no choice, as she 
wanted to come so badly, with the vibe running in 
her, and that was such a wonderful experience.

Later I made her do other stuff, like troll around the 
city in the super mini with no panties (now that is 
risky), and that really scared her, but also she really 
got off on it after the fact.and she wanted to do it 

Now she is into swing parties and getting fucked by a 
bunch of guys at once (and I didn't even have to ask 
her was HER idea). and she was just a 
conservative librarian looking chick when I met her.

I found out from this whole experience, that (some) 
chicks really like to be controlled in their mind, and 
their bodies, and want to give it all to you.if you can 
use all that, and make her feel crazy in her mind, she 
will do almost anything you ask.. And she says I am 
the best BF she ever had, because only I know how to 
really control her, and get into her mind in every 
way..    Strange.

-Ms. Kinky. how I found out she likes pain, and 
how I use that to give her the best fuck she ever had..

With HB ass, when I humilated her, or gave her vibe 
torture, she went into extasy. I tried to spank her 
once, but no reaction at all. That doesn't drive HB 

Ms Kinky it turns out, is the opposite. She is a very 
bright, pretty girl. See the lay report on my sight for 
how I found out the very first night she was kinky 
(basically, I fucked her while holding her hands down 
over her head, and she faked a struggle, and went into 
total extasy. 

Coming off the HB ass experience, I tried the vibe 
torture thing with her to see the results.. there were no 
results. she didn't react at all to it. Then I lightly 
pinned her hands up against the wall, and spanked 
her bottom, and she totally went into state. It was like 
night and day, but it was obvious what turned her on, 
(and not).  I realized each chick is different. HB ass 
likes humiliation and agony, but Ms. Kinky likes 
physical abuse. She likes to be spanked, get her 
breasts and nipples slapped, grabbed, and pinched, 
hot wax, being whipped.all of it.

She is funny too, because her limits are very definate. 
Inside the limits, she will go all the way and totally 
nuts, but if you cross over to something she may not 
like, she will totally and instantly lose state. You have 
to watch it carefully. As an example, the first night I 
fucked her, I raised her skirt while walking at night,
she liked the humilation.. but then I wanted to go to 
the park at night and play in the woods, and she 
totally freaked out in the wrong way, and lost state. It 
was because she was afraid of her safety (actually, it is 
safe..but she didn't feel safe in her own way). So I had 
to watch out for that. She totally lost state if she 
wasn't comfortable with the environment she was 
"playing" in. But if the environment is "ok" for her, 
she will move much fast than HB ass does in the 

For example, I also took her to that fetish party, the 
first time, and I ordered her to just take off her 
(librarian) skirt she wore from the office and spend 
the rest of the evening in her tback only. She did so 
immediately with no resistance. Basically, she decided 
she felt safe in the environment, so she gave her body 
to me totally to do whatever I wanted with and she 
would just do it and take whatever humilation or 
feeling (physical or psyhological) that the scene gave 
her, because I was the boss, and she was my slut, and 
she had no choice in the matter. That was her game, 
and that was the way she liked it played. I had 
absolute control, so I used it because I knew, that deep 
down, that is what SHE wanted me to do.

If I was an AFC, I wouldnt have recognized that she 
was giving herself to me to do what I want with her, 
and I would have asked her to do something. That 
would have totally ruined her game, as now she had a 
CHOICE, and was not able to play being "controlled". 
Probably if I was like that, she would have dumped 
me after the first fuck.

Actually, I realize now, (see the original lay report), 
that all that resistance and BS she gave the first night, 
was just to see if I would control her, since that is 
what she really wanted, and that is what she was 
testing for. If when she said she doesnt want to fuck 
the first night, I said "OK" and sent her home, I 
would have never seen her again.. But I stayed on her, 
and got She was "taken", and could play her 
game of being "used", and "controlled", so I was "in", 
and then our relationship began.

I also did the hotel window thing with her. She got 
into it right away, and liked the humilation aspect of 
it. I made her do it in the day, which I didn't make 
HB ass do. At first she didnt want to (fake resistance, 
fear), but it was weird, I put clothespins on her 
nipples, and whipped her ass a bit, and then she 
jumped right in the window, and did the sexiest strip 
tease I ever saw. She was panting and sweating, and 
DYING for a fuck right there to whoever might have 
giving it to her. She felt (physically) safe, and went 
TOTALLY into it! She started saying all by herself, 
"I am your  slave, you control me completely, for 
whatever you want, I am yours to use".. I was actually 
surprised when I heard this.but I saw her mind was 
now totally into the world I took her into. while she 
was standing in that window nude, the pins on her 
nipples eating at her, and her ass getting slapped.for was heaven..

She told me after that no guy ever did this with her, 
and could enter hew mind like I did..same as HB 
ass, different physical gateways to the inside,..but the 
same result. And she said, that is why she sees me, 
even though I see other chicks.. she is also a trulely 
wild fuck when she gets going.

-HB Afro.the exhibitionist

I havent been seeing HB afro as long as the others 
(see lay report on my site). She is a dancer, and is 
very hot and sexy. Dancers are often exhibitionist and 
she was no exception. I quickly found out this was 
her thing (was easy. hey you like that really short 
skirt.. Her :  YES!, I want to wear it!). 

She is a tough case, because, in some ways, her limits 
are beyond my own. She will wear a super tight skirt, 
and let it rise up so her ass hangs out. I got a 
problem with that (I just want the girl to be afraid her 
butt will hang out, and then be embarressed and pull 
the skirt down). HB Afro wont do that, she wants 
everyone to see her ass. Not minding that you can get 
in trouble for this, I had to find other ways to get her 
off, without causing (me) any trouble. At least though 
I knew what she liked.

I tried vibe torture (no reaction), and spanking (no 
reaction)..exhibitionism is definitely her thing.. 

So, I decided to pay the ultimate exhibitionism game 
with her. I remember in highschool, once, we 
played a joke on a kid. We got into his locker, and 
took all his books and put them in another locker.
Then in his own locker, we put a note, with a riddle, 
and a guide to get to another (empty) locker in the 
school. In that locker, there was another note/riddle, 
and a guide to the next locker after that.after about 
10 lockers and 10 riddles, the last locker had the 
guide to the locker where his books really were..

So I decided to make an adult version of this same 
game, and make this chick play it in Shinjuku station 
(a very very large complex train station in central 
Tokyo). I got some various very sexy costumes (but 
still wearable in public places), and set up a "riddle 
maze" with the coin-operated lockers in the train 

I gave her a portable phone, and told her to call my 
portable if she got lost, I gave her the first locker key, 
and the first riddle card, and a digital camera (to take 
pictures of herself to prove to me she was doing each 
step of the game and wearing each item at each place 
as the notes said). She also had to call me at each step 
so I could wander by, and see how she looked (she 
had to ignore me though..part of the rules).

The first step, she had to wear a super mini. She did, 
and she walked around the station letting the bottom
half of her ass hang out (after I told her to watch it 
didn't start to go up)..but she liked it that way, so
thats what she did. The next locker, the note said she 
had to get somebody in the station to sign her leg with 
a marker up near her ass (embarrassment). Then she 
had to go to the next locker at the other end of the 
station wearing that, and change into the next 
costume at the locker (slip one over the other and take 
off the under, without showing anything). The next 
was a partially see through mini dress..boy was it 
sexy. You could just see the outline of the tback 
through it. Very sexy on her (she is a tiny 38kg chick 
HB). Then the next locker, another super mini, and 
this time no panties (she had to leave the panties in 
the locker, and I would come by later with the key and 
make sure they were there), and then she had to have 
somebody sign the other leg up near her ass 
(embarssing, super panties).and on next
locker, till she finished the game.

Her thoughts at the end. She LOVED IT! She said 
her favorite part was getting her legs just below her 
ass signed by strangers in the station (she said it was a 
college initiation game she was them), as 
it was so scary and humilating, and exciting. This was 
the way into this chicks mind.

After that, I took her to a love-hotel (funky hotels in 
Japan intended just for fucking, with bladerunner-
deco room/building designed and neon..very cool). 
We were on the 2 `nd floor in love hotel district in 
Shinjuku, and I made her strip naked in the window 
(lights out). The sidewalk was right below, her heart 
went pitter patter pitter patter as if anyone walked by, 
they WOULD see her, so it was risky for her.. She 
loved it though, and said she was so scared, but so 
excited!, and she went all the way, and then after that, 
it was awesome fucking all night.

Another night with HB afro, we went to a big park at 
night in central Tokyo. There are homeless people all 
over in the woods, but they are harmless (this is 
Japan). SO we went into the woods, and I made her 
strip down to her t-back. shadows in the distance 
would look at her, and she was embarressed, she 
knew she was being looked at. I made her strip down 
to her t-back, and fondled her, and made her crazy. 
Then I took her around in the woods just with her T-
back, and then strip all the way. Then I told her to go 
to a place nearby (like atree) and then comeback. 
There were collegeguys skateboarding in another part 
of the park, we saw, and I had her walk torward them 
in the trees topless, and her skirt up. She was afraid, 
and said she couldn't do it, but I made her. Each time 
she stopped too early, I told her then she had to go 
even closer now, because she didnt follow me 
instructions the first time. SO she did. 

After that, she told me how it was so exciting, and 
embarrassing if someone turned around, and would 
have seen her.but it made her so horny! Then we 
walked home after she got her top back, and pulled 
her skirt down.

For fun, I took her panties away though, and made 
her walk home in the micro mini (the one that she 
hung her asscheeks out in in the train station), in the 
dark. I made her bend over (for the view), and it 
would raise her skirt way up, and told her, she had to 
get to the next block before she could pull it down. All 
the hair was hanging out front and back. Sometimes, 
she got too embarressed, and pulled it down before 
she got there, so I just made her do it again at the next 
block after that, until she would follow my 
instructions exactly.

When we got home, and fucked intensly, I debriefed 
the scene with her, and asker her how she felt during 
it all. She said the times she felt really embarressed 
and didn't follow my instructions (ie. Pulled the skirt 
down too early, or stopped going closer to the 
skateboaders), but I made her do it again even more 
as "punishment", were her favorite parts. She said she 
liked getting in "trouble", and then having to face the 
"consequences" of something even more 


I am curious, how much of this applies to foreign 
chicks? The reason I ask, is because I know that 
humiliation, public embarrassment and control run 
deep down in the fiber of the Japanese consciousness. 
On late night TV in fact, such games are often shown 
(thats where I got some of the ideas actually). Fuji-TV 
has an SM show at 1am each week, and there are 
many game shows where chicks that lose have to  
strip off a piece of clothes each time they lose the 
round, or something like that. Strip rock-scissors-
paper is a common game too, on TV (broadcast 
networks BTW, not cable), and on school 
playgrounds, in cartoon magazines..etc. Its weird, 
because, here, all of this is totally mainstream, in 
magazines ("Lets SM guide!"), on TV, and in 
commercials.. Maybe thats why it works that way 
here.not sure..

So, there you go.opinions guys.ladies?? 
What is your opinion on the phenomena I have run 
into with these chicks.. and what makes them
like such treatment, the total mind+body fuck?

Maniac High