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From Sun Feb 13 00:46:55 2000
From: "John C. Ryan, Jr." 
Subject: Being prepared never hurts...
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 23:09:12 -0500

Sometimes, all it takes is a little pre-planning. 

I occasionally think up odd bits and pieces that may be used for
possible future occurrences when encountering specific situations. As an
example, I'll now describe a chance encounter with what I call a
"Feminus Georgius." (A local woman with the disorder commonly recognized
by men in the Southeastern United States as "Scarlett O'Hara Syndrome.") 

I was in the local Taco Bell, getting a quick lunch, when I noticed an
HB (about 12.75 on the Ryan Babe-O-Meter)and her UG (about a 5) wing in
line ahead of me. The HB (Scarlett) kept eyeing me, as if I were a
particularly interesting rodent, while making comments to her wing, who
would giggle nervously, and sneak glances at me. I sensed confrontation,
and stood impassively, waiting for an opening. (Sometimes you *do* have
to wait for it.) 

Presently, HB Scarlett turned to her friend, grabbed her arm, and in a
stage whisper directed at me, said to the UG, " This is the type of guy
you should practice safe sex with." The UG laughed openly at this, and
furtively glanced at me, as if to gauge the depth of the wound that was
inflicted on my ego.

I smiled pleasantly, grabbed the elbow of HB Scarlett with my right
hand, and with my left, I reached into my pocket and withdrew my wallet.
I stood there for a moment, and released her elbow, and said, "Why yes,
I do practice safe sex. Want to practice?" With that, I opened my
wallet, extracted one of those gold-foil-wrapped circular condoms,
pressed it into her hand, and said, "Be careful what you wish for, you
just might get it."

Her mouth fell open, and her friend laughed. (At her!) She stammered
something that was an attempt to be indignant, and then visibly
deflated. I said, "Care to join me for lunch?" (With a smirk of
satisfaction on my face, no less.) We ate; I fluff-talked them both for
a while, and asked HB Scarlett for her number. She tried the "Give me
yours instead" gambit, to which I used the tried-and-true "I don't give
my number to women. They usually give it to the next guy, or go home and
add it to their trophy pile." response. After a further moment of
confusion on her part, she asked for my eMail address. I decided to be
magnanimous in victory, and capitulated. After obtaining her eMail
address, I gave her mine. I offered dinner, she accepted, and she said
she'd eMail later to confirm. 

Later that evening, while I was on the mIRC channel, she eMailed me
asking for directions to my home. I made reply to her and after an
exchange of messages, she came over. After dinner, several bouts of
mil-spec lovemaking, and breakfast the next morning, we parted company.
During the night, she explained her actions of earlier in the day. She
and her UG friend, (who is a lesbian, no less) frequently make a game of
"who can embarrass a man", under the oddest of circumstances. She told
me that it was the first time she'd ever met her match. 

The moral of this story is, that I had pre-planned the condom opener,
for use in bar-scenarios. It proves, (to me at least) that filing away a
pre-planned scenario for use on a moment's notice isn't always a bad

Live and learn.



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