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Using the 'color game' to do a PU!

Subject: Colours Game - opinions?
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 00:43:35 GMT

 Hi Guys,

I've just field tested this pattern / game for creating an erotic and
horny state - worked a dream:) I'd be interested to know what you think
of this and how it might be improved.....

I suppose it might work best with the more visually thinking babes.

This is not a 'word for word' pattern by any means, by the way - I just
kind of found myself going into it on the fly.....  here we go..

The PUA "notices" the colour (UK spelling by the way for those who might
feel the urge to correct me) of an object, item of clothing etc.

PUA - "I find these yellow walls (or whatever) quite uplifting;
especially in the winter. Isn't it nice to have some bright colours
around when it's so grey and dark outside?" "Do you think that colours
have an big effect on peoples' moods?".

HB - "Oh, yes, definitely."

PUA - "Hmmm. I was just wondering......I mean....... I was in one of
those New Age shops recently and they were selling lots of different
coloured sunglasses.... with the idea that, if you wanted to feel more
of a certain mood, or to look at the world in a certain way, you would
slip on a pair of sunglasses which would colour everything you looked at
in the desired tone" "Do you think that could work in any way?"

HB - "Well, maybe. I don't know really"

PUA - "Well, for example, my bedroom is a very pale blue colour and I
find this particular blue very restful" "I mean, can you imagine
sleeping very well in a pale blue room?" "Imagine you are really tired,
you know when your eyelids are heavy and you curl up with that fantastic
feeling of at last ... just letting go.... and perhaps?).. sleep'" "Do you have a sense of a
particular colour when you imagine that feeling?" (Make sure she's
imagining being sleepy).

HB - "Oh, maybe blue, or green" (or whatever). (If she doesn't come up
with one then maybe she could be asked to imagine the perfect colour for
a bedroom, but both of the HB subjects I tried got right into it.)

PUA "How about when you feel....really full of great ideas...... like
you have all sorts of inspiration flowing through you.?"

PUA then procedes to get HB to imagine a few other states (feeling very
inspired and spiritual (commenting on her choice of colour in a playful
way)...... bursting with energy ...... feeling very sensual,
relaxed and open (we're getting closer, gentlemen)......and eventually,
 being full of passion and horny), and slowly visualising a colour with
each one.

You get the picture - guiding her into these states,
comparing colours etc etc. I have tried this on two chicks, both of whom
LOVED the game and got right into imagining the states. One of them was
an ex who is of great value as a pivot / social proof (and a friend) so
I was testing the game with her rather than going for the lay and the
other HB, in spite of being pretty shy, blushed madly and was VISIBLY
remembering the joy of being fucked until she screamed with pleasure ;)
(At this point Tony is feeling a bit fucking pleased with himself).
I think this would have definitely resulted in a fuck had I not been
meeting her at lunchtime before going off to work :( (at this point Tony
is disgusted as well as pleased!!)

What do you 'real' PUAs think of this little game? As I said I somehow
went into it on the fly after having the idea while practicing
improvising patterns while driving, using things I saw on the road as
starting points for pattern-talk. So it's pretty new and I, as yet,
claim only to be a humble RAFC. Going to test it some more and post the

Any suggestions or comments?


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