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PU'ing in a college alcohol and party setting!

From Wed Apr 26 08:43:56 2000
From: (Rush274)
Subject: College-Aged Drunken Debauchery
Lines: 73

   Wow...I just got slammed by everyone on here with that cockblock story.  I'm
begining to think you guys have a limited idea of how to lay chicks.  There are
more ways than the method on asf.  Of course I also use a lot of Maniac's and
Tony's theories...they're great, and I've laid tons of chicks that way.  But, I
also do something that no-one has talked about on here.  I mean, if you're
getting laid, what method you use is really not relevent, as long as you do get
laid.  It's like this...I know tons of girls at school here...and yes...I get
drunk and crazy with a whole lot of girls at some of these parties.  Don't get
me wrong...I use Maniac's, Tony's, and Ross' stuff a when I meet
super hot chicks in normal situations, or normal little get togethers.  But,
what some of you guys don't understand, is that there are a lot of girls who
just love to party and get crazy with guys that can sweep them off their
feet...literally.  Yeah...I love to party...and I swing around all kinds of
girls at these things.  I often come home with one of them.  Usually, we know
eachother some way or another, but never slept together or even kissed before. 
   You just start meeting girls at the different sororities, dorms, co-ops, not
to mention all the girls that live form kind of a web linking
hundreds of cute girls.  You don't have the time to seduce and fuck all of
them, so you only go for the nines and tens(which are pretty rare in Berkeley),
but you'll see the other cuties around...some of which will be a willing
partner you'll get crazy with at a party.  
  I've been with three chicks who live in the same house as me this semester
out of the 14 that live here...all drunken one nighters, and they were so much
fun.  One was a nine, and two eights(not included Bernie, yet).  There were two
other times that I totally didn't remember anything from the night before and
woke up naked looking at the back of a girl's head.  I thought that was super
cool.  Both times I was like "Whoa...I fucked so and so last wild".
 I mean, when you're in a large university you meet a whole lot of girls
everywhere, and you see them at parties all the time.  A whole lot of girls
want to get drunk and crazy, just like guys do.  You just have to be decent
looking, wild, crazy, and fun(this is where the booze helps you get with the
drunk chicks, because you'll need to be extra outgoing to even get their
attention)...and it helps that you be the alpha male at the party.  
   I still don't understand why a lot of guys on here don't like drunk
chicks...they are the funnest of all.  They'll do things they're too afraid of
when they're sober...such as act crazy and wild, they'll screw in the bathroom,
let you feel them up in front of a hundred people while tonguing them down,
they hook up with you when you never would otherwise(such as nailing a cute
little stoner chick in a mini-skirt, when you are the most clean cut guy in the
world)hell...once, I even frenched three drunk girls(all friends) one after the
other.  So, if you don't like my wild frat boy method...fine.  It's your loss
that you're not open to different methods of nailing women.  I'm not the only
guy at this school that nails chicks like crazy doing this kind of
should see some of these crazy fratboys.  Granted, 95% of fratboys are loser
AFC's, but there are a few that nail chicks left and right without even having
a clue about Ross Jeffries or Maniac High.  They do it just by being
ultra-confident and wild with women.  It doesn't even necessarily have to be at
a party, either.  
   The only thing is that you have to be very really means no with
a super drunk matter what...if there is a little too much
resistence, back don't want legal problems.  I've had resistence
happen two times...and I wasn't about to push it, so I stopped, and walked them
   I'm not putting down you guys that don't like to party, but I do like to
party, and I lay chicks that way just as well as going through the whole
seduction checkoff list...I always have a super great time, and I bring home
chicks from crazy nights all the time.  I'll be more specific with how I do
this in my next post.  I just got back from class and I have a little time to
kill before I go to work. the way...I decided to make Bernie a little project, since I was
slammed so bad...I couldn't live it down if I didn't fuck her soon.  I'll fill
you people in with the story when it happens.  I also really want to piss off
Julie some more.  I love the contemptuous look that feminist gives me when she
sees me coming and going with different girls.