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David Shade writes about Closing the deal!

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the Coca Monkey wrote:

> this reminds me that i want to post and ask about closing
> patterns
> so gentlemen, i've mentioned before that i've got the intro down
> like a king of ... well ... intro's
> but closing the deal is another program entirely
> who's got advice in this market?
> (links to the appropriate web-pages, and deja news search terms
> accepted with gratitude :)

Coca Monkey:
Ross tells us: "NEVER ASK A WOMAN FOR ANYTHING (a date, a phone
number.).  Instead: 1. Structure opportunities 2. Offer challenges 3.
Elicit/evoke processes"

So here is what you say: "So, what steps would we have to take, to make
sure we can continue this another time?"  If she still says nothing then
say: "It's too bad we'll probably never get a chance to talk again,
unless we recognize we both really want to."  (Long pause.)  If she has
not coughed up the phone number by then, there is no point in asking for
it.  You could try: "I'd ask you for your number but too often women
give their number but don't stand behind their offer to talk again
later."  If she does not give the number, she is admitting that she
cannot stand behind it.  If she does give the number, she must stand
behind it.

There have been numerous posts in here describing the importance of her
offering up the phone number instead of you asking for it.

Never ever give her your number only.  Some people have reported luck in
exchanging numbers, but I have found that it has a negative affect.

See also Ross' Jan/Feb newsletter at his site.  He also has an idea for
answering machine messages to leave in order to get her to call you
back.  Some people have had great success with it.  I have not.  I went
back to the old method of not leaving messages, but calling them until I
do catch them at home.  Bart Baggett also suggests this.

When you do get her on the phone, make the date and then get the hell
off the damn phone.  Do NOT stay on the phone.  It is the kiss of
death.  Invite her to meet you for coffee, not to pick her up to take
her to dinner.

So, you are the king of intros?  What are some of your intros?

David Shade