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Fitting your approach to the type of chick.
Rush talks about RJ chicks (relationship) -vs- Mr. Smooth (fuck) chicks!

From Fri Apr  7 04:55:59 2000
From: (Rush274)
Subject: A letter to Maniac High

This is a letter I wrote to Maniac High a couple of weeks agothat he asked me
to post here.  It's in its entirity.

Hi Maniac,
	I love your website; it has given me quite a few great pointers, but there's
one thing I want to elaborate on.  Basically, I've found that where you usually
get into trouble is when you pick up a girl Mr. Smooth style, and then switch
to a lovey-dovey romantic style on the date itself.  I've found that there are
two kinds of chicks, the Mr. Smooth type, and the Ross Jeffries seduction type.
 I'm not saying they don't cross over in many places, but whenever you pick up
a girl with that aggressive, "my shit don't stink", Mr. Smooth method, it's a
good idea to stick in that mode on the date.  
	For example, watch Raging Bull and notice how Robert DeNiro gets Cathy
Moriarty to fuck him.  It looks unreal on film, but it works like that in real
life.  What this means is that on the date, Speed Seduction goes out the
window.  The hardcore Alpha male does not talk about passions in life, what
their first kiss was like, while looking deep into the girl's eyes, and holding
her hand or giving her a massage.  Granted, the SS method works on most chicks,
but usually not the kind you meet in Clubs.  Remember when you were in high
school or college;  there was that guy who was always banging come fine-ass
chick; he was usually a football player, or other aggressive type.  He had no
idea about Ross Jeffries, but he could score like the best SS'er.  There is no
blueprint map like SS for this, so it takes a lot of practice to get it down.
Basically, you need to be very blunt, say some really wild and crazy shit, put
her in a few awkward positions, and I garauntee she will get wrapped up in the
game.  The most important this is that you give off that ultra-confident
attitude, and she will follow you anywhere.  You don't have to ask for
anything, nor word anything in one of those funny, setting up
challenges/structuring oppurtunities sort of way.  You just tell her bluntly
what to do.  
	Think about all those times you've tried to get a girl's number subtley, and
then just brought out your pen and paper and said "give me your number".  I'm
not saying you should do this with all girls, most won't go for it, but the
super-fine, outgoing, and uninhibited types of girls you meet at clubs will. 
This kind of girl really wants a guy that she will respect, and follow.  Trust
me, she has already been out the hundreds of guys, and has already met guys
that pull off SS, whether or not they knew what they were doing.    
	So, it's better to have two approaches in your repetoir:  SS style, and an
ultra-confident style.  You will have far more success when you master both,
and learn when and where to use them.  
	Oh yeah, one more thing.  I just wanted to comment on Ms. Sparkles.  You did
many of the right things...I mean, laying on the SS like that usually will get
the chick, despite the fact that you did make a few minor mistakes that have
already been pointed out.  Just remember that when a girl is truly in love with
her boyfriend, and he  provides her with everything she wants in a guy, there
is absolutely nothing you can say or do that will change her mind about him. 
That is, of course, if she's not just telling herself that, but really has that
truly deep feeling for him that totally captures her imagination.